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Badlands characters ✓ 107 ´ ❮Reading❯ ➳ Badlands ➬ Author Richard Montanari – In each soul a secret Philadelphia homicide detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano's first assignment from the Cold Case files is the brutal murder of a young runaway The lifeless body of Caitlin In each soul a secret PIn each soul a secret Philadelphia homicide detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano's first assignment from the Cold Case files is the brutal murder of a young runaway The lifeless body of Caitlin O'Riordan was found carefully posed in a glass display case in the desolate Philadelphia Badlands but as Byrne and Balzano rapidly discover she was just the first pa. An excellent police procedural involving sleight of hand magic and games The setting is familiar to me so that was fun The killer is the son of a magician who lives in an old mansion where he maintains a passion for puzzles and murder All of the clues point to a puzzle maniac An expert in disguise he preys on runaway girls whom he lures into the hidden passageways of the old house where he fails to understand why they don’t appreciate his ministrations before he kills sacrifices really them as part of his Seven WondersDetectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balazano are competent and what begins as the investigation of a cold case turns into a very hot one indeed The gradual uncovering of geographical clues and fitting them together into a tangram was clever The partners work well together even with their own demons and it was refreshing to have partners of the opposite sex who didn’t feel it necessary to tangle in the sheets Not that I have anything against that it’s just hard to make it realistic and solve crimes at the same time It was also fun to recognize Philadelphia landmarks where I went to school The first nine tenths of the book were really uite good but much like chess where the endgame is usually the most difficult the denouement left me slightly unsatisfied and felt rushed Everything is tied together too neatly and unnecessarily in the last few pagesNevertheless I stayed up too late to finish this bookWhether I give 3 or 4 stars to a book I like often depends on what time of day it is if I have papers to grade if the sun is shining the outside temperature if I've just eaten etc so let's consider this 3567498 stars which I will round up to four

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G the 'performance' of a lifetimeAs runaways vanish Byrne and Balzano come to realize that the homicidal mastermind plans to complete seven depraved tricks in his dark and dangerous magic act With Balzano increasingly obsessed by a case that haunts her and Byrne struggling with a loss of his own the stakes are mounting But this is one game they can't afford to lo. Fourth book in the series because I wanted a fast and easy read There are another four books in the series but this is probably the last one for me They are all pretty much the same if you exchange the shtick of serial killer This one has a fetish for magic tricks There isn't much explanation for his psychopathy the interactions between the two detectives is laconic and the string of coincidences is laughable I'm just not enjoying the brain dead fun as much as I should Part of it is that it is difficult to turn off my critical brain even with the lighter fare which feels less like a Caesar salad and like low hanging fruit I even thought of a better ending which the author might have gone with but it was executed better in the Prestige or Koontz's Whispers At any rate I don't want to bag on a book that gave me a nice reprieve from a string of kind of depressing books but I will have to endeavor to find a better balance that entertains yet provokes thought

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BadlandsWn in the killer's twisted game A mysterious phone call leads them on a scavenger hunt for a second victim This time a young girl has been dismembered her body parts left in three boxes in the basement of a deserted house More clues lead to other victims and as the body count rises it becomes clear that there is a serial killer on the loose hell bent on completin. I like Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano In fact I think that of all the old cliché male senior in rank and age and female sexy and feisty cop teams these are the best Add to that Richard Montanari's gruesome writing and I'm in heaven in reading termsThe duo are working cold cases and are assigned to the case of a girl sitting on a chair dead in a drinks can fridge the sought that you buy your can of coke from in the local newsagent's The weird weirder part is there is no water on the premises and the cause of death was drowningAs often is the case with this author's books you know who the killer is right up front and here with have the son of a magician who is preying on young runaway girls He sets puzzles for the police to solve after initially calling them to confess to the murderA series of twists one early twist is superb and had me saying out loud Wow I never saw that coming follows as the killer is dubbed The Collector by the media The puzzles continue and the body count rises all to the target of the seven magical stages The race is onMy one gripe with the story is tangram puzzle the murders are based upon and the cops pretty uickly identify this as the key and way they will solve the case Personally I don't think anyone would have thought of this in a million years and because of this it's really a 4½ star book for me that I've rounded up because hey I love this pairDefinitely buy it and read it I'm sure that like me you'll love it