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Free read ç Nocturne Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❮Download❯ ➾ Nocturne Author Syrie James – When Nicole Whitcomb’s car runs off a Colorado mountain road during a blinding snowstorm she is saved from death by a handsome fascinating and enigmatic Undly meaningful experience that is destined to change their lives forever However as the sexual tension between them builds the clues mount up When Nicole learns her host’s terrifying secret there is nowhere for her to run but into the blizzard raging outside and Michael may be the only one who can save her li. When Nicole Walker runs off the road in a blinding snowstorm after attending a friend’s wedding at a Colorado ski resort she wakes up to find herself stranded at the remote mountain house of a handsome enigmatic stranger She lives and works in a fast paced high tech world; he is cultured and modern yet lives a uiet life in self imposed exile They are both powerfully attracted to each other but there are things about him that mystify her and fill her with apprehension—and Nicole can’t shake the feeling that he really doesn’t want her there She soon discovers that he’s a famous reclusive author renowned for his highly detailed and authentic historical fiction and fiercely protective of his privacy No wonder he was so reluctant to take her in Nicole thinks But he hides a far darker secret As the sexual tension between them builds the clues mount up When Nicole realizes that her host is an ages old vampire who thirsts for her blood there’s nowhere for her to run but the blizzard raging outside and he’s the only one who can save her life By now there is no turning back; they have both fallen deeply in love and share several passionate days together while waiting out the storm—a deep meaningful and dangerously seductive experience that will change them both foreverMy thoughtsI loved it Not your typical vampire story I know there were a lot of mixed reviews with this one but this is not your typical story with a girl that falls in love with a vampire I guess why I liked it so much it was different Nicole being stranded and off the road during a snow storm is spotted and taken to shelter by a total stranger which saved her life Not knowing where she is or with how she learns that her savior is a recluse of a man who keeps to himself and away from the limelightButsince her savior is very private about his life she doesn't know that he was a doctor in a previous life He is a vampire who writes books about his previous life during the war turning fact into fiction that was based on his life spinning them into tales that end up on the best sellers list Even though he has little contact with his guest which peaks Nicole's interest But gradually he begins inter grading himself with her and is enjoying it even though he knows that it is dangerous and he might give himself awayBesides writing he has a passion for craving things out of wood and writing and horses etc not your typical vampire he is full of surprises Before long a budding romance forms and you fall in love with a man you admired always wanted to meet what could a girl ask for But when you think there is going to be a happy ever after you might want to think againhummmmm what a surprise ending

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RehensionWho is Michael Tyler Why does he live alone in such a secluded spot and guard his private life so carefully What secret or secrets is he hiding With her own secrets and a past she is running from Michael understands Nicole better than anyone she has ever known Soon they are falling deeply in love a profo. I don't even know where to start with this one Let me just warn you in advance it's going to get pretty vehement I'll try to keep it coherentOkay so Michael rescues an injured Nicole from her car which veered off the road during a snowstorm Almost the first thing he notices about her despite the situation despite the blood gushing from her temple and all over her face is how beautiful she is duh This is a romance novel after all Later while trying to save her from hypothermia her perfect nudity distracts him she does have perfectly proportioned legs after all Is this really something that crosses someone's mind even a vampire's mind when a life is in danger Sheesh learn to control your hormones a little you 260 year old vampire To be fair the first thing Nicole notices about Michael is his looks he is uniuely masculine whatever that means On pg 71 there is a laughable scene where he's undressing the wound on her head and she wishes he were undressing a very different part of her body Hilarious She can't stop her wanton thoughts which is too bad because he is out of her league Does no female literary character have any sense of self worth any I'm no poster child for self esteem but I never thought a guy was out of my league If anything I thought the opposite ha haAnyway there's a mutual attraction Michael wonders how it's possible Nicole is not involved with anyone because of course it's UNTHINKABLE that a reasonably attractive woman wouldn't have a man attached to her If she did have a boyfriend Michael concludes he must be an idiot on pg 34 because why else would this imaginary boyfriend let Nicole attend a wedding on her own I'm sure she would have asked permission or risked a black eye perhaps Now that Nicole's life is no longer in danger Michael seems to be regretting his decision to save her He yells at her about his privacy and storms off whenever he gets a chance even knocking pictures off the wall while doing so and not bothering to pick them up because even though he's 260 years old he's still prone to childish rages apparently Hey Michael if you didn't want Nicole in your house you should have just left her in the snow to die Or at least made a better attempt at hospitality As for Nicole she gets rightly upset about his rudeness but what did she expect Run of the house She should stop trying locked doors and bemoaning the choice of food and be glad she's alive because really it was pretty stupid of her to attempt a mountain pass with a coming storm in the first place no matter what the hotel clerk saidOf course Nicole begins to have suspicions about Michael and comes to the conclusion he's a vampire after less than two days and with scant evidence She decides he NEVER eats or drinks since she hasn't witnessed him doing so in LESS THAN TWO DAYS Also him not having a water glass in the bathroom apparently warrants suspicion Well she sees his fangs and red eyes but thinks that's impossible I wish characters would stop doubting themselves and own up to what they see Anyway she does find his stash of human blood conveniently labeled Human Blood because evidently the supplier deals in animal blood as wellThis review is going to go on forever if I keep on like this Let me just list a few annoying things both characters are ridiculously talented and highly accomplished at their various talents and the book seems like a venue to showcase how awesome Michael is; Nicole silently uestions everything including the lack of a glass in the bathroom; there is a scene where Michael talks about watching Nicole sleep and WHAT THE HELL IS WITH ALL THE WATCHING THE GIRL SLEEP SCENES IN BOOKS THESE DAYS And how is it exciting or gratifying to do so Jeez; Michael has a boring and predictable backstory and the same characteristics as every vampire ever yet we are still treated to several pages of a uestion and answer session between him and Nicole; she apparently went to some crazy college where even undergrads celebrated students who flunked tests and dropped out; lastly there was a mountain lion attack AND THEN RIGHT AWAY A SECOND ONELastly again where is this guy's mythical housekeeper Better uestion why does he even have a housekeeper He creates mess and trouble for himself by employing one since he has to shop for food to keep up appearances and put dishes in the sink every now and then I know men are messy but how much mess can a single vampire make Surely he can clean up after himself Perhaps he wastes all his energy making his horses run super fastWhewPS Self loathing is a turn off Not to mention tired and frustrating as a character trait Also I don't care how luxurious your stupid comforter is

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NocturneWhen Nicole Whitcomb’s car runs off a Colorado mountain road during a blinding snowstorm she is saved from death by a handsome fascinating and enigmatic stranger Snowbound with him for days in his beautiful home high in the Rockies she finds herself powerfully attracted yet mystified by him filling her with app. Sometimes I add books to TBR cuz a reviewer I don't like trash them ☺☺Not nocturne One of my lovely GR friends the wonderful Michelle says it's a good book and now I NEEDaimsthrows to top of 30 ft TBR pile