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For the Blood For the Blood #1 Mobi ´ 260 pages ☆ Debbie cassidy ☆ ➵ [Reading] ➷ For the Blood For the Blood #1 By Debbie Cassidy ➪ – Stay alive at all costs No attachments no looking back no emotion The last thing my father gave me was a key No explanationStay alive at all costs No attachments no looking back no emotion The last thing my father gave me was a key No explanation no details just a key The last thing he asked of me was to take the key to a set of co ordinates But survival in a fallen world filled with Feral isn't easy The Fangs and the Claws once upstanding members of society FIVE STARS BECAUSE FUCK YES THIS WAS GOODGaby if you’re reading this thank you for the recommendationUgh where to start I’ll post my initial thoughts below Am I team Tobias? I can’t decideI am certainly TEAM ASHA LOT of Walking Dead vibes but whatever we will roll with itI have to say in the stories where the MC is at first wary of the men that she may hate now but in just the span of however many pages depends on the author they’re gonna be balls deep inside her always has me laughing Such a fun part to read if not slightly annoyingYou may hate them now little Eva BUT SOON ENOUGH their cocks will be THRUSTING into you as you scream your undying love for themAgain laughingIt’s bound to happenBUT NOT IN THIS SHORT BOOKNah we got a slow burner in our hands y’all Ugh The anticipation is killing meBut I’m liking this Eva chick The way this author portrays her CLINGING to her humanity has me remembering to always stay humble in dire times Like at the gym when all of the machines are taken and homie on the suat rack is on his phone for 10 minutes between each setAgain humanity I feel this will be an important theme of this series Upon the what weapon belongs to whoMetal bat with barbs? NEEGAN IS THAT YOU? Again Walking Dead vibes are strongOh this book is so short AND SO GOOD AND I NEED MORE More damnitThe SUSPENCEI can’tI love this bookCLING TO HUMANITY EVAAnd cling onto the men pleaseEvaluation of the menAsh again I am L O V I N G the fact that he has a slight imperfection Mute And yet his message gets across so well with so much emotion Take notes authors Not all men of the harem have to be straight A Perfect with a capital P Logan ah yes the cocky asshole that is actually a teddy bear Predictable but neededJace my opinion is not much right now I need of him He’s the goody one I get it My vote is dick piercings It’s the uiet ones you gotta watch out for Noah bring it onnnnnn beast boy Do with me as you wishhhhhh I love himSo book two is out in Feb I’m betting on Ash getting across the finish line first just saying CANNOTWAIT

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Lf But sometimes the only way to survive is to make attachments Sometimes the only way to live is to accept a dance with death And right now for me the path to survival is in the blood Here’s to hoping it doesn’t kill me The Vampire Diaries meets The Walking Dead in this Post Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy with a slow burn Why Choose roman I don’t usually gravitate towards dystopian books but this time I’m glad I didEven though the reviews were high I still didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did Finished it in a few hours I’m not sure if it was because the story was short or if it was because it was so good I devoured it at hyper speed The better the book the faster I seem to read themLoved the h in this story It was fast pace and action pact from the very beginning#teamAsh all the way

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For the Blood For the Blood #1Are now slave to the virus hunting indiscriminately under a perpetually full moon There is no hope There is no haven Not alone Not until them They are a new breed of monster beasts of both fang and fur Unaffected by the sickness they crave only one thing and it runs through my veins Survive my father said Look out for no one except yourse Surprisingly excellentI went into this thinking it would bore me and I probably a bit finish it I did finish enjoyed it and am about to start the nextThe plot is a little Walking Dead goes to Atlanta CDCish but it works The characters are interesting and the story moved fast Eva is pretty badass Tobias is too boring and will probably die Noah seems focused but I am not sure what else to think about him yet I love Ash and everything single thing about him Logan is an asshole but I think he may be redeemable and they will end up together maybe Jace is the good natured one who laughs and jokes and makes everyone comfortable yet I think he is weak for not helping Eva with Logancan situation but maybe he will also redeem himself somehow