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Raised and trained in complete seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a terrible battle destroys all that he knows With no understanding of his life’s purpose and armed with masterful weapons mysteriously beueathed to him by a dead king the young warrior relentlessly pursues his only lead A single elite warrior escaped during the battle and may have knowledge o. I read several reviews of this book before I bought it The interesting thing is that most reviews were strongly positive some all the way to 5 stars On the other hand there were a goodly number of very bad read 1 star ratings There weren't many in the middle Upon reflection I've decided to go 4 stars on it as I enjoyed the book I plan to give a nod to what annoyed some readers as there are some false notes here But as noted on the whole I enjoyed itYou will have seen versions of this protagonist before He's raised from his first memories in a fortress by elite fighters weapons masters and men he knows as the master teachers He is of course trained up onto the perfect weapon That gives rise to one of the complaints about the book The hero can come across as almost a super man at times No one can come close well one person gives him a mild work out to his skill speed or abilityStill that part of the book isn't too bad if you buy into the premise I mean that he is this one of a kind warrior is part of the story so you need to buy into it to follow the author's storyplotFar problematic for me was the effect the protagonist has on femalesthey generally swoon and lose themselves to helpless lust or something This really annoyed some readers as the book went on and on in some few scenes about the guy's sculpted muscles startling face and so onMostly I just found it laughable Instead of bothering me it just caused me a few minutes of oh good grief how silly is this reaction I'd say just see if it bothers youNow as I said I like the book Once you get passed the things mentioned above and if you don't find them deal breakers the book is a fun fast moving story brain candy That's what I've been needing as I have been pretty burned outI can recommend this one with see what you think noteEnjoy

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Free the DarknessF who Rezkin is Free the PDF or and who is responsible for the slaughter at the young man’s home Rezkin must travel across Ashai to find the one man who may hold the clues to his very existence His last orders spoken on the lips of his dying Master were to Kill with conscience and Protect and honor your friends Living in isolation from the outworld under a strict regimen of training and education the young warrior has no understanding of a conscience or friends Determined to adhere to. 43 stars Why How This book is terribleDo you like Mary Sue characters The main character is the mother of all Mary Sues I must have rolled my eyes 100 times He is the best in the world by far at everything Knows how to assume any role in society flawlessly despite zero prior experience in the real world Master of EVERY weapon Knows the exact blueprints by memory of every important building in the known worldthe list goes on and on He fights 15 elite master warriors simultaneously and wins Now anyone who knows anything about fighting knows that no matter how much training or skills you possess you will not survive being so outnumbered Takes over the entire criminal underworld of the known world in a sum total of a few hours EtcetcAll other characters are complete incompetent ninnies especially all of the female characters whose only purpose seems to be to drool and cat fight over Mr Mary SueThe writing is awful The characters shallow The story non existent And the book just ends Poof Nothing resolved or explained No mysteries solved NOTHINGHow does this get such high ratings I cannot comprehend

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Free the Darkness Summary É 2 · ✯ [PDF] ❤ Free the Darkness By Kel Kade ✼ – Raised and trained in complete seclusion at a secret fortress on the edge of the northern wilds of the Kingdom of Ashai a young warrior called Rezkin is unexpectedly thrust into the outworld when a te Raised and trained in complete sHis last orders Rezkin extends his protection to an unlikely assortment of individuals he meets along the way often leading to humorous and poignant incidents As if pursuing an elite warrior across a kingdom figuring out who he is and why everyone he knows is dead and attempting to find these so called friends and protect them is not enough strange things are happening in the kingdom New dangers begin to arise that threaten not only Rezkin and his friends but possibly everyone in Ashai. going to sit on this review for a while mixed feelingsRight so when i read the blurb of this book i expected blood gore blood gore and you know just you know bad assery all through the book i mean first sentence from the book ' Bone Snapped and flesh parted as hot blood spewed out from a jagged wound What i got blood gore and a bad ass hero i'm thinking cross between James Bond and the Terminator What i did not expect a bad ass hero that made all the women in the book want to drop their pants and go take me i'm yours It was uite frankly beyond annoying i mean i know the book hints at sexual innuendo but my lord how is it that the women in this book have no freaking controlWhat i did not get Even a hint of Rezkin's purpose in the book Look there's 483 pages 22 chapters in this book and at the end you still have absolutely no clue like zilch nada zero nothing of who on God's green earth Rezkin really is this is from the blurb what strange things are happening in the kingdom and the new dangers that arise which threathen not only Rezkin and his friends' far as i could tell Rezkin was ontop of everything Totally enjoyable book though but hopefully get not so much of the women with no self control and just plain Rezkin kicking ass