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PDF Å BOOK ארבעה בתים וגעגוע FREE ç [EPUB] ✰ ארבעה בתים וגעגוע By Eshkol Nevo – Gwairsoft.co.uk This heart warming charming and clever first novel dips into the lives of each of the inhabitants of a village in IsraelIt is 1995 and Noa and Amir a student couple have decided to move in togeth48 and is now the home of Jewish immigrants from Kurdistan Not far from the apartment lives a family grieving for their eldest son who was killed in Lebanon The younger brother left behind Yotam forgotten by his parents turns to Amir for support Further down the street Saddi watches the house while he works at a building site He knows that this house is the one from which his family was driven by the Jews when he was a boy and to which his mother Actual rating 45Eshkol Nevo sees through humans clearly This was beautiful subtle and raw and reading felt like being a spectator of the lives of several genuine people for a certain timespan it seemed so real oh my gosh The Israel setting was beautiful it adds so much all books set there have a certain somethingwhat a countryTremendously glad I randomly selected this in the bookshop in Tel Aviv during my visit in February

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Still has a rusty key Despite friendships that develop and lives that become entwined tensions among this melting pot of characters seem to be rising to the surfaceThis enchanting and irresistible novel offers us windows into the characters’ lives Each comes from somewhere different but we gradually see that there’s much about them that’s the same Homesick is a beautiful and moving story about history love family and the true meaning of home Eshkol Nevo's Homesick is a gripping novel set in the political climate of Israel in the 90's Tensions are rising with the war in Lebanon and Rabin's assassination The book follows four main storylines The first one is of Noa and Amir a student couple struggling with moving together for the first time The second story line features Sima and Moshe Noa and Amir's landlords They are a married couple who is at odds about how religion should be incorporated into their children's upbringing Across the street live Yotam and his family Yotam's older and only brother was just killed in action in the war and the entire family is having trouble coping Finally the reader is faced with the story of Tzadek and Arab construction worker who's family was kicked out of the very village he is now working in fifty years agoMy favorite aspect of this book is that most of the characters are emotionally damaged in some way and it represents real life in a very accurate way For example Yotam's dad is a victim of toxic masculinity Several times the narrator states that Yotam's father feels guilty about his son's death but is too afraid to face his emotions Instead of talking about his feelings he buries himself in his work and attempts to ignore almost all his pain Even through the end of the book he does not find a constructive way to deal with his emotional distress He instead relocates his entire family to Australia in order to escape his guilt I found this story and many others like it in the book because it is a departure from the norm Not everything in life really ends up happy Sometimes people get messed up and never truly find their way backMy least favorite aspect of this book is how it handled the storyline of Sima and Moshe They had one short fight about the topic of religion in the beginning of the book and then the subject was almost entirely dropped Both of the characters rarely make an appearance in the second half of the book I enjoyed the storyline and wanted it to develop further but instead the author just forgot about it and left it to ruin This is lazy writing and I really expected from this author because the rest of the book truly is high uality

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ארבעה בתים וגעגועThis heart warming charming and clever first novel dips into the lives of each of the inhabitants of a village in IsraelIt is 1995 and Noa and Amir a student couple have decided to move in together Noa is studying photography in Jerusalem and Amir is a psychology student in Tel Aviv They choose a small apartment in a village in the hills midway between the two cities Originally called El Kastel the village was emptied of its Arab inhabitants in 19 Being in a crappy mood made me a little cynical at times while reading “Homesick” I’ll be discussing this book with my temple Jewish book club soon Jumping right inHere’s some dialogue then I’ll share the cynic siderather snotty side of me “Do you love me Amir?”YesWhy?What do you mean why? I mean what do you love about me?Lots of thingsFor example?For example the way you want I really love the way you walkThe way I walk?Yes uickly like you’re in a hurry to get where you’re goingME WHAT THE F#k?what happens if the girl can’t walk any longer? What a stupid answer what’s wrong with you buster? MORE OF MY SNOTTY THINKING I don’t want to read about a group of men and women who are searching for inner peace who have experienced loss and or hardshipsMy heart wasn’t into this story — but it was MY MOODI didn’t care enough about the character’s psyche Amir and Noa are young students — Amir studying psychology Noa studying photography They moved into an apartment house together between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Sima and Moshe also live in the building with their two small children Moshe’s parents Avram and Gina also live in the building Next door is Yotama young boy whose parents recently loss their son Gidi to the war in Lebanon Saddi is a Palestinian construction worker who lived in that house many years ago He’s keeping a close eye on the house where his family use to live This story is a contemporary comic tragedy story It’ a captivating saga —looking at the intimate lives of people in Israel today Everyone has problems but none of these problems make the 6 o’clock news It’s goodbut I was still a little too crappy to appreciate it fully 35