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review Necronomicon The Best Weird Fiction 103 ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Necronomicon The Best Weird Fiction Author H.P. Lovecraft – Originally written for the pulp magazines of the 1920s and 1930s H P Lovecraft's astonishing tales blend elements of horror science fiction and cosmology that are as powerful todHorror science fiction and cosmology that are as powerful today as they were when first published This tome presents Necronomicon. “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear” HP Lovecraft This collection of weird fiction short stories and novellas is slightly inconsistent in terms of uality but it contains so many genuinely original and thoroughly harrowing sinister tales that on the whole I found it a highly enjoyable—and often exuisitely eerie—reading experience That said I’d really only recommend it for hardcore fans of Lovecraft; for everyone else there are far better—by which I really mean far shorter—ways to get acuainted with him At nearly 900 pages this volume is better suited to those who’ve already explored his famous stories although you’ll find all of his most popular works here too and they are incredibly fun to revisit If you’re also interested in delving deeper into his oeuvre in dwelling amongst “all the snarling chaos and grinning fear that lurk behind life” you will find much to savor here Lovecraft was a very dark very strange little monkeyList of StoriesNight GauntsDagonThe Statement of Randolph CarterThe Doom The Came to SarnathThe Cats of Ulthar The Nameless CityHerbert West ReanimatorThe Music of Erich ZannThe Lurking FearThe HoundThe Rats in the WallsUnder the PyramidsThe UnnamableIn the VaultThe OutsiderThe Horror at Red HookThe Colour Out of SpacePickman’s ModelThe Call of CthulhuCool Air The Shunned HouseThe Silver KeyThe Dunwich HorrorThe Whisperer in DarknessThe Strange High House in the MistThe Dreams in the Witch HouseFrom BeyondThrough the Gates of the Silver KeyAt the Mountains of MadnessThe Shadow Over InnsmouthThe Shadow Out of TimeThe Haunter of the DarkThe Thing on the DoorstepThe Case of Charles Dexter WardThe Dream uest of Unknown KadathTo a DreamerAfterword A Gentleman of Providence by Stephen Jones personal favorite

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The Epuboriginal versions of many of his most harrowing stories including the complete Cthulhu Mythos cycle in order of publicati. You know I picked this up because I'd been told it gathered the Cthulhu mythos stories Actually we start off with some of his early horror work Cool Air The rats in the Walls etc Later on we do get into the Cthulhu stories These are as always with Lovecraft reliably horrific and very well writtenEnjoy

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Necronomicon The Best Weird FictionOriginally written for Best Weird eBook #180 the pulp magazines of the s and s H P Lovecraft's astonishing tales blend elements of. Lovecraft has to be broken down into his constituent parts in order to be comprehensible 1 Man2 Mythographer 3 Writer The man by far is easily the most reprehensible and unforgivable This may take a little explanation for those unfamiliar with the man and the writer Firstly HPL believed in a crude Social DarwinismEugenics married to a virulent racismxenophobia and a despicable classism When reading Necronomicon or any of his works all of these elements become impossible to ignore and are virtually shouted from the pagesscreens It is popular to dismiss these beliefs as being a part of the society he was raised in Of course he was raised in a racist classist xenophobic time as well as a time when Social Darwinism and especially eugenics were very popularamongst intellectuals Still other writers came out of such belief systems and their work was not penetrated by hate in the manner that HPL's work is There is something almost infantile about this which raises the specter of a facile Freudian reading of the man's character The latter would not be very useful because it is culturally limited and scientifically invalid It is enough to say that hate drives much of HPL's work and it makes this of limited value The writer is another level that needs to be looked at because it suggests the same infantile and superficial understanding of the world as well Firstly there is very limited character development; the attitude of HPL to women is at best ambivalent; exposition is shaky and HPL had a tin ear for dialogue The prose is almost exclusively purple even for his creaky gothic constructions No writer or reader will find anything at this level to learn from HPL The only element of HPL's writing worth the reader's attention is that he may be the first HorrorScience Fantasy writer to leave the big bad alive and well and man's position relative to this as tenuous The last element of HPL that should be looked at is his myth Here is the one place where HPL shines His creation of an ante diluvian world of races not human on earth and others that came from off of earth is fascinating and worthy of study Given the amount of fiction and 'fan fiction' which his 'Cthulian' mythos has generated HPL remains a significant presence in the world of genre fiction and yes there is a difference between genre and literature For this reason and this reason alone HPL remains a writer worth revisiting However the reader needs to be prepared for the moral vacuity and hate which they will encounter in the work of HPL Not to mention the horrific writing which is often responsible for some of the worst published writing I have ever come across Rating 3 out of 5 stars Not recommended for morally sensitive readersor aesthetically inclined ones either