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Download The Children's Hour Ebook ↠ 75 pages ì Gwairsoft É ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Children's Hour By Lillian Hellman ❅ – This is a serious and adult play about two women who run a school for girls After a malicious youngster starts a rumour about the two women the rumour sooItates tragedy for the women It is later discovered that the gossip was pure invention but it is too late Irreparable damage has been do I had to read this for my Uni Acting For Stage module in which I am directing and excerpt from this piece I really enjoyed it I'm really excited to get down and do some directing and hopefully we will all do really wellThe play is set in a boarding school for girls where a particularly bratty student starts a viscious rumour about two of the teachersIt provides great social commentary and touches on the themes of LGBT secrecy lies suicide gender and familyA great read

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This is a serious and adult play about two women who run a school for girls After a malicious youngster starts a rumour about the two wo It is 1934 and world is becoming polarized into two factions fascism and communism During the period between the two world wars the United States maintained the stance of isolationism not wanting to become involved in others' conflicts In Europe however people who were regarded as different were already persecuted in the years leading up to World War II It is in this light that New Orleans born Lillian Hellman penned her debut play The Children's Hour about a vicious girl who falsely accused two of her teachers of lesbianism Martha Dobie and Kate Wright had met in college and upon graduation decided to start a boarding school for girls Less than ten years later they had raised enough funds from the wealthy to be self sufficient from their benefactors and were ready to take full ownership of their school Kate was to be married to long time beau Joe Cardin who is also the school's doctor Happy days seemed ahead for the trio who along with the rest of Boston's Brahmin class did not appear to be affected by the depression Before Joe and Kate could enjoy their marriage and honeymoon student Mary Tilford accuses Kate and Martha of engaging in lesbian affairs Mary believed that the teachers had been out to get her and complains to her grandmother school benefactress Mrs Amelia Tilford Mrs Tilford takes the side of her granddaughter the school shuts down and Martha Kate and Joe are ruined Only Mary stands to gain from this situation because she returns to her grandmother's care and once again becomes the spoiled child that she is Throughout history both men and women engaged in endearing same sex friendships Hellman writes of lesbianism long before it was acceptable to discuss homosexual relationships in public Those who were supposed homosexuals were ostracized for the rest of their lives It appears to me that Hellman may have had an inkling of what was occurring on the other side of the Atlantic at the time of production as those not in the aryan race were beginning to lose basic human rights At a time the Great Depression when Americans desired upbeat escapes from everyday bleakness Hellman instead produced a scathing debut play to begin her long illustrious career The Children's Hour is a riveting character study that had me on edge to see what happened to both protagonists and antagonistic characters; which changed with each act By reading classic American plays of the 20th century I glean much about various time periods from these character studies I would be interested in reading of Hellman's works to see if her political stance changes The Children's Hour an intense character study merits a solid four stars

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The Children's HourMen the rumour soon turns into a scandal As the young girl comes to understand the power she wields she sticks by her story which precip Abigail Williams The Crucible is one of the most hateful literary characters I've ever come across she's high up on my top 5 Mary Tilford the little demon may just have kicked Abigail down a notch on my Characters I Hate the Most list Although this is a work of fiction it is scary to think how very possible it is for a bully to intimidate others into spinning a web of lies that can ruin people's personal and professional lives How someone who has always done right by everyone and worked their fingers to the bone for a patch of happiness can end up with nothing If she were real I think I would track Mary down and choke her with my bare hands