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Even the smallest wish can be dangerous That’s why the Collectors are always keeping watchVan has always been an outsider Most people don’t notice him But he notices them And he notices the small trinkets they drop or lose or throw away that’s w. Although he tends to go through life generally unnoticed Van himself is very good at noticing things Little things that other people would never see He finds out one day that he can even see some people whom other normal folks can't and that's where his adventures begin These usually invisible people are Collectors they steal away wishes before the Wish Eaters can get them But Van soon discovers that it's not at all easy to discern which side is the right side in this struggle and that things like good intentions can have disastrous effectsI loved this Schneider Honor Book both for it's excellent and imaginative story but also and especially for how Van is portrayed as a boy who wears hearing aids but how that isn't a major plot point Van is just Van and his hearing aids are a part of how his life works NBD As it should be

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The CollectorsHy his collection is full of treasures Then one day Van notices a girl stealing pennies from a fountain and everything changes He follows the girl Pebble and uncovers an underground world full of wishes and the people who collect them Apparently not a. I launched into this read hoping for the best It had a Secret Keepers vibe about it ala Trenton Lee Stewart I did think the story was clever and uniue at the beginning but I didn't find West to be a riveting story teller and I have to confess boredom by the middle of the story As the book was wrapping up I was trying to ascertain the main message that the author wanted me to take away and for the life of me I couldn't discover what it was There seemed to be no clear purpose or point in the story being told and without a clear purpose my use for a book is fairly eliminated I want to know why I'm being engaged with as a reader I want to know what the author wants me to think about or believe in and I just could not say what the main idea is behind The Collectors West was unclear and vague It definitely feels like a seuel is in the works but for my part I'm not engaged enough to want to seek it out and so I probably won't I can't say that I'm necessarily sorry to have read this particular title but I will say that I'm likely to forget it as not

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The Collectors review ↠ 3 Ð [Reading] ➾ The Collectors By Jacqueline West – Even the smallest wish can be dangerous That’s why the Collectors are always keeping watchVan has always been an outsider Most people don’t notice him But he notices them And he notices the small Even the smallest wish can be dangerous That’s Ll wishes are good and even good wishes often have unintended conseuences and the Collectors have made it their duty to protect us But they aren't the only ones who have their eyes on the world’s wishes and they may not be the good guys after all  . The CollectorsByJacueline WestWhat it's all aboutVan is the young son of a famous opera singer They live wherever his mother sings This makes Van the newest kid in his classwherever they go Van is also deaf and wears hearing aids but there are certain situations where he just does not hear what people are saying Van also likes tiny things He seems to find something odd and uniue wherever he goes He loves looking down for small discarded treasures One day he sees a girl and her suirrelthat would be Pebbles and her suirrel Barnavelt Van can both see them and hear them and this is just not supposed to happen This also marks his entrance into the creepy world of the Collectors Why I wanted to read itI love middle grade books that are mixed with a healthy dose of fantasy This book had that delightful dose What made me truly enjoy this bookI loved this book because of its wondrous mix of good guys bad guys and those that are in between Van gets braver and stronger and that is something he needed The idea of wishes coming true when you feed the Wish Eaters was fun and then just a tiny bit scary Wellactuallya lot scary Wait until you find out what happens when the Wish Eaters are fed Yikes Why you should read it tooMiddle grade readers who love a book about a boy who can become a sort of a hero and who love adventures that take place in dark and kind of creepy placeswill love this book I can’t wait to see what Van does next I received an advance reader’s copy of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss and It was my choice to read it and review it