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The Wolf Gift doc ☆ Paperback ì [EPUB] ✻ The Wolf Gift ❀ Anne Rice – MAN OR MONSTERAnne Rice reinvented the vampire legendDiscover what she's done with the werewolf mythAfter a brutal attack Reuben finds himself changing His hair is longer his skin is sensitive and her MAN OR MONSTERAnne Rice reinvented the vampHear things he never could beforeNow he must confront the beast within him or lose himself completely Stopped reading for good I don't stop reading a book very often but I hated the writing especially the inconsistency of the narrator's tone Hated I didn't expect to dislike it so much

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MAN OR MONSTERAnne Rice reinvented the vampire legendDiscover what she's done with the werewolf mythAf Originally I gave The Wolf Gift four stars because I did like its story and it was fun to read despite a few boring parts and many infodumps but there's a reason I'm giving The Wolf Gift three stars which I will explain later on in this review Pros of The Wolf Gift 1 First off I loved the descriptions of the Nideck house They really painted an image in my head of this big elegant house overlooking the sea 2 Marin County was one of the main settings in The Wolf Gift I loved seeing names and places I'm familiar with in this book such as the Muir Woods and Mount Tam 3 The uniue take Anne Rice had on the werewolf making it different than the werewolf story we all know where the person turns into a werewolf every full moon and rampages everything in sight 4 The descriptions of change in Reuben the change in his sight hearing and smell and also how how Reuben dealt with becoming a werewolf and used it to become a and I use this term loosely hero 5 The mystery There's not much I can say about the mystery of The Wolf Gift but what I can say is get ready for some twists later on in the story Cons of The Wolf Gift 1 There's icky humanwerewolf sex going on in this book And not just one scene There's also sex scenes where he's not a werewolf but he's not single either2 Corny poetic sayings such as Yet it terrified him that he might surrender his conscious soul to the heart of the beast pumping withinYou've got to be kidding me The beast pumping within 3 Really The Man Wolf That's what you choose to call yourself I cringed every time I read that along with the word orgasmic How can a bestselling and well respected author use the word orgasmic countless times in one book I think she forgot she isn't writing one of her erotic books 4 The ending was disappointing especially considering the huge build up throughout the whole book but eventually we are all let down and left with an ending like That5 The characters in the book really just weren't good Yes Reuben's brother is a priest but don't worry That doesn't make any difference in the book Here I was hoping there would be an inner struggle in Reuben's brother between fighting for what he believes in in Christianity or letting Reuben go around doing whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants There was none of that Reuben's brother was surprisingly accepting of everything his brother did which really was a shock to me Then there's Reuben's mother who's a doctor Do I care No Did she make a difference in the book Hardly any This con ties in with my last con because my last albeit biggest con in the book is Reuben And here is the major reason I gave The Wolf Gift three stars instead of the original four After finishing The Wolf Gift I reflected on the four star rating and thought of something that turned me off in the book And the one thing I could come up with that really got to me is Reuben At the end of the first chapter Reuben has sex with a woman named Marchent And no that is not a spoiler because it happens so early in the book like I said the ending of chapter one This happens within what One maybe two hours of them two even knowing each other And to make it worse Reuben has a girlfriend Oh joy But this isn't the first time he cheats on his girlfriend Oh no it's not The second time he has sex with the girl within minutes of meeting her and goes into detail of his erection and whatnot it's even disgusting because he's a werewolf at this moment but then he tries coming up with excuses on why it was acceptable to cheat on his girlfriend twice the reasons being that his girlfriend cheating on him so it's okay which extremely turned me off Also when describing himself Reuben says he is and I uote a liar monster killer beast An abomination'' Well I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way but the character of Reuben really made me enjoy the book less than I would have if he was a little Hmmm What's the word Likable Yes likable However if you choose to read this book and you aren't bothered by Reuben I think you will end up enjoying it

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The Wolf GiftTer a brutal attack Reuben finds himself changing His hair is longer his skin is sensitive and her can I feel like there was a good book in here somewhere She had a plot with a beginning middle and end Well the plot arch ended and the antagonist was resolved and then the book went on for another 100 pages just talking about the history of this wolf gift It was so long Anne put a lot and I mean a lot of theology discussion in here that wasn't very relevant to the story It simply bogged it down Where was her editor The middle part of the book that had the actual story was a decent story Anne's books always had a streak of theology in them but I don't remember them bogging down the story so much It seems to me that since she did her Jesus series the theology in her stories got out of controlThe story is about the wolf gift or Anne's story of a werewolf The change is not tied to the moon and of course they only like to kill evil people She has upped their power to god like status like she did in the Vampire chronicles and she has tried to make them very sexy It did NOT land sexy with me It became bestiality and it just grossed me out I didn't find the wolf people sexy in any way but Anne tried to make them that way These Man wolves were having sex with people and it bothered me I was thinking it felt so pointless I don't think they needed to be so overpowered They can heal most any wound and run too fast to see basically I have read most of Anne's works and maybe she was an author I needed in my 20s but the last few stories I have read I haven't been the biggest fan of This book became somewhat of a slog for me at times I enjoyed the beginning to middle and then I just couldn't wait for the thing to end