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Why Arent They Shouting? Free read Ì 104 ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Why Arent They Shouting? ✐ Author Kevin Rodgers – Gwairsoft.co.uk When Kevin Rodgers embarked on his career in finance dealing rooms were filled with clamouring traders and gesticulating salesmen Nearly three decades later the feverish bustle has goneFX from their VaR or who struggle to recall precisely how Monte Carlo pricing operates But it’s also an account of thirty years of seismic change that raises a deeply worrying uestion Could it be that the technology that has transformed banking – and that continues to do so – is actually making it ever unstabl. A good readWell researched and argued if a little dry Given the insane times I was hoping for something a little revealing There was certainly plenty of material at DB to make a good movie

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When Kevin Rodgers embarked on his career in finance dealing rooms were filled with clamouring traders and gesticulating salesmen Nearly three decades later the feverish bustle has gone and the loudest noise you’re likely to hear is Why Arent Kindle the gentle tapping of keyboards Why Aren’t They Shouting is a. Let’s skip the preliminaries Kevin’s book is the best I’ve read on many levels1 If my mom and dad ever need to know what I spent my youth doing on trading floors across Frankfurt London and New York this is now the best book in print finally eclipsing Michael Lewis’ original classic Liar’s Poker No buckets of guacamole here just the facts expertly and humorously but never condescendingly laid out2 If you want a sober primer on the history of all major financial screw ups from 1990 onward except maybe for the Internet bubble again this is the best in print because it’s perhaps the first time an active trader has discussed them all in one book “Why Aren’t they Shouting” brings the perspective that can only come with having had to deal with all of them personally the ERM crisis of 1992 the Emerging Markets LTCM crisis of 1997 98 and the financial crisis of 2008 093 If it’s the sundry scandals you want to understand about that’s covered too Kevin explains extremely well what happened with LIBOR and what happened with the FX fixings scandal and here we’re talking 100% “horse’s mouth” level of understanding as he was running the FX business for the #1 player Deutsche Bank when that scandal brokeAway from all that the book is MASSIVELY accessible You do not need to have studied finance to read it Small caveat I actually don’t have terribly much time for Kevin’s writing style He makes up for that with anecdotes from the trading floor that had me literally laughing by myself as I was reading the book Like for example when the cocky trader was asked to bid aggressively A total classicFinally there’s an attempt here at a general theme The big idea is that computers have acted as a catalyst for many of these crises because they have lubricated our slow march toward complexity which in turn has been found impossible to manage He even hazards a prediction that computers will succeed where many regulators have failed in enabling the disruption of the “too complex to fail” dinosaursMuch as I work in the algorithmic space I don’t totally buy this “big theme” but Kevin NOT a drummer for a top 40 act which he’d led us all to believe during his career but hey I can now follow his suggestion from page 4 and google it has packed this epigram to his career with so much solid judgement and wisdom there was actually no need for an over arching theme The attempt at providing one is a welcome bonus

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Why Arent They ShoutingVery personal often wryly amusing chronicle of this silent revolution that takes us from the days of phone calls hand signals and alpha males to a world of microwave communications complex derivatives and computer geeks In addition it’s a masterclass in how modern banking works for those who don’t know their spot. Really really love it and appreciate how Rodgers describe ho every crisis in his tenure built If you wanna know how technology affecting money market or financial currency market you have to read it This book is an eual of The Big Short Michael Lewis in FX market