Read & Download Main Lines Blood Feasts and Bad Taste A Lester Bangs Reader ☆ eBook ePUB or Kindle PDF

Read & Download Main Lines Blood Feasts and Bad Taste A Lester Bangs Reader

Read & Download Main Lines Blood Feasts and Bad Taste A Lester Bangs Reader ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ä ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Main Lines Blood Feasts and Bad Taste A Lester Bangs Reader By Lester Bangs ✸ – Before his untimely death in 1982Before his untimely Blood Feasts PDF #205 death in Lester Bangs was inarguably the most influential critic of rock and roll Writing in hyper intelligent Benzedrine prose that calls to mind Jack Kerouac and Hunter S Thompson he eschewed all conventional thinking as he discussed everything from Black Sabbath being the first truly Catholic band to Ann. Psychotic Reactions Carburetor Dung made me high I read that book and got high on Bangs’ writing I admit it High as a kite Hooooooooo boy Having read Mainlines blah blah blah etc I’m left feeling like that effect was somewhat in the editing and just maybe where my little head was at at the time And the editing in this one is like getting a bag of weak weed with your last fifty dollars Or forty for you non Cali residents Then mixing it with the dregs of that bag o' killer grass you got last time and hoping for the bestThis isn’t to say Mainlines blah blah blah etc isn’t awesome I mean pretentious and far too long a title but its contents are often awesome There are way too few writers who I find to be “laugh out loud funny” I mean I laugh out loud when I read Bangs’ writing It’s killer It’s daring and wild and fun and explosive It's generally intelligent and enlightening and exhilarating This in an era when “laugh out loud funny” has been reduced to whatever amuses the lowest common denominator and “laugh out loud” has been reduced to “LOL” What’s the point of communicating anyway Bangs has the ability to slay me without resistance He reminds me why communication is important even in abstract I laugh out loud because Bangs is often blindingly insightful occasionally borders on genius and never fails to challenge For better or worse I mean some of it comes off like intentional antagonism which stinks of victim culture if you ask me Being naughty for the sake of attention But so much of it just stands right up and suarely challenges anything tired boring and staid in the world of rock and beyond Anything accepted Any stooge knows the accepted is the first to be challenged I love that he did the piece on Black Sabbath because I love Black Sabbath and before Ozzy became The Prince Of Darkness and all that Sabbath was in my humble opinion trademark symbol the most amazing band in the universe from their first album to their sixthI love that Bangs talks about Mile's wife Betty who's If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up is just stellar Musically anyway Lyrically it don't say too much for womanhood in general The jam on the other hand is so bad ass it's ridiculous I love that Bangs was as confounded by hardcore as the rest of the pack It’s a charming sign of weakness though I do think his politics in the matter were in the right place Hardcore got boring faster than a pep rally didn’t it The Jimmy carterJane Fonda nastiness was horrifying I skimmed that one Looks like Lester wanted to lick some laziness that day What the fck Same with the Cherie Currie fantasy I know he was trying to say something I suppose it's my fault I didn't get itHis piece on hanging out with Hell’s Angels during a gang bang is horrifying too It’s disappointing and sad he was there at all After thinking about it though I wonder if that wasn’t his point that he was an observer sure but also a willing participant active or not Like it's a sort of a confessional I don’t know And what about his use of “nigger” He called himself the “white nigger” all the time He wrote complimentarilycondescendingly of “niggers” pretty regularly But was it meant to be condescending I suppose it was out of some kind of solidarity but there is a sense of racism sexism etc to certain of his writings this in a time when the civil rights movement had come and gone and anyone in the “underground” should have been hip to THAT nuance Is this like punks wearing swastikas An attempt to shock A meager play at showing contempt for the fears of the old guard Is it like Steve Alibini’s too smart to be polite social commentary wrapped in two minute sonic kill fests Marilyn Manson’s existence How did folks of the “African American persuasion” who were into rock and punk and rock punk and punk rock and the “underground” and “the scene” feel when they picked up an issue of Creem and were met with this sht Again I don’t know Regardless if Bangs’ writing at its worst is maybe a pseudo attempt to develop a voice Bangs’ writing at its best is an epiphany At worst it’s five or ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back At best it’s an inspiration That’s just really not bad at all And his ratio’s a full sht ton better than 999% of his “peers” in the rock “journalism” cadre If you ever want a clear cut example of leeches sucking on the ass of anything to provide a living an income you need look no further than rock “journalists” Nasty lazy filthy ignorant scamming scum that lotA favorite moment is bangs’ Nostradamus like prediction of The Stones’ decades long career and the tepid nature it would take on “The Rolling Stones lasting twenty thirty years – what a stupid idea that would be” Congratulations Lester You didn’t live to see how truly BAD the Stones would be and you were right And over FORTY years later at that Hot dogLester is all of us but with a sometimes twist that twist being a passion some of us never feel for anything Whatever he says it's the saying that's the inspiration Long live Lester Bangs

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E Murray’s smoldering sexuality In Mainlines Blood Feasts Main Lines PDFEPUB or Bad Taste fellow rock critic John Morthland has compiled a companion volume to Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung the first now classic collection of Bangs’s work Here are excerpts from an autobiographical piece Bangs wrote as a teenager travel essays and of co. A sober less gonzo collection

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Main Lines Blood Feasts and Bad Taste A Lester Bangs ReaderUrse the music pieces essays and criticism covering everything from titans like Miles Davis Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones Lines Blood Feasts eBook #8608 to esoteric Lines Blood Feasts and Bad eBook #215 musicians like Brian Eno and Captain Beefheart Singularly entertaining this book is an absolute must for anyone interested in the history of rock. I mostly don't like Lester Bangs But there are also a few things about him that I do like The essays about culture in this book ranged from really offensive to kind of interesting And in the ones about music I'm thinking now that I generally enjoy it when he's writing about something he likes is excited about because he has a way of transmitting that excitement and explaining it But I pretty much dislike his rants about things he hates It just gets too snarky and cruel I don't know maybe there were a few bits of that that are funny for me like for example when he referred to Kenny Loggins as a hippie panda I definitely laughed out of a sense of the cuteness of that image than derision for KL but that probably doesn't matter