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Miss Muriel MattersThe Australian actress who became one of London's most famous suffragistsDiscover the most inspiring woman you've never heard of In 1909 a young Australian actress made headlines around the world when she took to the sky over London in an airship emblazoned with the slogan 'Votes for Women' and dropped leaflets over the city Muriel Matters was dubbed 'tha The short version is that Muriel Matters was an Australian actress and acclaimed elocutionist who went to Britain and ended up participating in the suffrage movement in the early 1900s and went on to work with underprivileged children among other things She was also one of the first women in a flying machine and was as far as we can tell  the first person to engage in aerial leafletting she tossed Votes for Women pamphlets over the side of the airship basket She was amazing and this biography captures her wonderfully The longer version is basically going on about some of the other remarkable parts of Matters' life Like chaining herself to the Grille part of the screen that stopped MPs from seeing the women who were in the tiny little room where they could watch parliament Or the things that she endured while on her endless speaking tours such as constant heckling and having eggs and other things thrown at her The stays in prison And her magnificent speeches about suffrage which was not an end in itself for Matters but merely the beginning of women coming to full participation in social life and the fabulous conseuences that would have for society At the moment it's all too tragic to read some of Matters' hopes and dreams for how women would be able to participate once they had the vote Because yes there were some positive changes made in SA for example once women were voting around labour laws and the like But we still see the ways in which women are hampered from full participation and the conseuences of women's voices not being taken seriouslyWainwright who also wrote Sheila has done a remarkable amount of research here Matters has never had a biography written before and I've read uite a few books about English women's fight for suffrage and she has never featured significantly in any of them Matters died a widow and with no children and most of her family gone and overseas so most of her own papers have been lost So there's a huge amount of reconstruction from newspapers from early accounts of the suffrage movement and other such sources to find out what can be found out There are gaps of course in particular around Matters' personal relationships and Wainwright offers speculation but is clear that that's what it isAs to her politics and passions those seem uite clear from her speeches and from where she devoted her energies After becoming disillusioned with parts of the suffrage movement Matters works with striking workers and then eventually becomes one of the first Montessori trained teachers in Britain working with children in slum areas Knowledge of her later life is sketchy because she disappears from public view which is such a shame because surely this woman didn't sit at home fuming after her actions earlier on? It makes me want to encourage everyone to print their emails and keep them in secure vaults so that historians can find them laterThis is an engaging thoughtful and generally lovely look at a fascinating and important woman who was part of a historical struggle that most people know far too little about 

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T daring Australian girl' and the American media declared it to be the world's first aerial protestJust months earlier Muriel had become the first woman to make a speech in the British House of Commons after chaining herself to a brass grille to protest against the segregation of women in the Parliament She went on to become one of the most famous suffrag I found her story very interesting and thought provoking It makes you reflect how much society has changed in 100 years and how there is still so much agitation for continued social change

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Miss Muriel Matters kindle Ê eBook 9780733333736 æ gwairsoft ó ➳ [Read] ➮ Miss Muriel Matters By Robert Wainwright ➾ – Gwairsoft.co.uk The Australian actress who became one of London's most famous suffragistsDiscover the most inspiring woman you've never heard of In 1909 a young AusIsts of her day her skill as an orator drawing crowds in their thousandsSo why is the remarkable Muriel Matters a relative unknown in both Britain and her home country? In Miss Muriel Matters bestselling writer Robert Wainwright discovers an extraordinary woman full of intelligence passion and bravery who fought for women's rights in a world far from eual Um how did I not know about Muriel Matters before reading this book since she came from Adelaide where I am from and still live? Hopefully in this year celebrating women's suffrage in South Australia 125 years there will be some mention of her even though she was a famous suffragist years later in England Great to read the history of this determined woman and suffragist and read how her experiences shaped her story and the world at large