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Mother Ship summary Ä 8 ç ✭ [PDF] ✪ Mother Ship By Francesca Segal ✺ – ‘Heart wrenching heart warming and heartfelt – Mother Ship is a beautifully crafted warts and all love letter to our wonderful NHS’ Adam Kay author of This is Going to Hurt ‘Our greatest gift ‘Heart wrenching heart warming and heartfelThe folds of the unremarkable’After her identical twin girls were born ten weeks prematurely Francesca Segal finds herself sitting vigil in the ‘mother ship’ of neonatal intensive care all romantic expectations of new parenthood obliterated Her gripping diary of those months combines the tenderness of a love poem with the compulsive pace of a thriller As each day brings a fresh challen. I never normally write reviews but this extraordinary book deserves one It is a rare thing when a writer is able to walk you through such a deeply personal and heart wrenching experience with such elouence that you feel as if you are reading poetry I devoured this book in 2 sittings staying up till the early hours of the morningand now that I am finished I only wish I had taken my time so I could still be reading this story

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Ge for her and her babies Francesca makes a temporary life among a band of mothers who are vivid fearless and inspiring taking care not only of their children but of one anotherMOTHER SHIP is an intimate raucous sublime and electrifying memoir It is a hymn to the sustaining power of women’s friendship and a loving celebration of the two small girls – and their mother – who defy the odd. This story is truly precious I wept and hoped through the entirety of this diary of a mother whose twins were born prematurely and had to fight to survive I wept and hoped for all the mothers in the NICU she wrote about After finishing I found myself desperately trying to Google who they might be because I so wanted everyone to be OK It’s as much a love story about the fragility of motherhood as it is about the beauty of female friendship and the true power of an enduring marriage of euality support and heartI am a loud mouth Reading this I did find myself initially wondering and incredulously reading passages to HS why Francesca wasn’t advocating for her children and why being liked by the doctors felt imperative than demanding a layman’s explanation to understand exactly what was wrong When she describes watching a registrar repeatedly miss her child’s veins when inserting a cannula I said out loud like the prick I can be “I would never let that happen” But that’s me being ignorant really It’s so easy with the myopia of righteousness to believe there is one right way to behave in tough times and I was wrong to initially think that No one knows that pain until you know that pain Francesca is amazing She had her own strength that was expressed in its own way; an endurance I don’t believe I would ever be able to mimic; a calmness of angels; and when needed a voice she found through her female friendships Opening yourself up in this way is why memoirs are always so courageous To go through this and survive is brave to write about it is fearless Francesca and her husband are valiant

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Mother Ship‘Heart wrenching heart warming and heartfelt – Mother Ship is a beautifully crafted warts and all love letter to our wonderful NHS’ Adam Kay author of This is Going to Hurt ‘Our greatest gift to one another is this each woman here has been swept out by a riptide pulled far from the current of normal motherhood Apart and all together in this space our odd craft we are drawn back into. “Our greatest gifts”This is Francesca Segal’s beautifully written and very touching account of her experience of having premature twin baby girls born ten weeks early When she first sees them “They are the furthest from me and the furthest from one another that that have ever been I do not recognise them They are otherworldly in their strangeness and oceanic in their beauty They are half beings in the half light and in an instant my heart shatters and I become half a mother twice”And when Francesca finally gets to hold them “while I am holding one the other is without me” How vividly I remember this bittersweet feeling Mother Ship is a personal story for me having undergone a similar experience some years ago and my empathy was fully engaged throughout I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t have to endure uite so many difficulties as this brave family Huge plot spoiler do not read unless you want to know the outcomeThe tiny babies are termed A lette and B lette for most of the book until such time as Francesca and her husband Gabe felt secure enough to give them their names and we leave them as they depart for home The author pays huge tribute to the medical care and nursing from the NHS and also to the group of new mothers who bond in the NICU’s ‘milking shed’ I must admit I’m a complete sucker for a happy ending and I wept bucketsMy thanks to Chatto Windus for the review copy courtesy of NetGalley