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Cat MouseTo piece together the mystery of how Gary Soneji could have mortally wounded Cross after he was believed to be dead he is summoned to Paris with a postcard from Mr Smith inviting him to a very special killingThe body count is high the tension the highest and the two killers on the loose are watching every move their pursuers make Who is the cat and who is the mouse What and where is the final trap And who survive. I usually find James Patterson a bit ho hum but there is nothing ho hum about Cat and Mouse Alex is once again faced with two psychopaths but this time round they are both masters of the macabre The violence held within is pretty graphic so let your watch word be take careThe things the alpha villain Mr Smith does are particularly gross Who'd want to be a medical examiner Not me There really is a lot going on so there is no time get bored let alone make a cup of coffee This time round author James Patterson decides to show us that Alex Cross is not infallible after all Alex is brutally beaten and shot in his own bedroom The pace is fast and unrelenting and the murders are for the most part pretty grossA few small criticism Mr Smith is revealed just a bit too early for my liking There is no humour The end could have been better and the dialogue between Alex and his loving family and Alex's love interest is still really cringe worthyBut for all that the book deserved 4 stars


REVIEW Cat Mouse 107 ✓ [KINDLE] ✽ Cat Mouse ❁ James Patterson – Alex Cross is back and so is a raging and suicidal Gary Soneji Out of prison and dying from the AIDS virus he contracted there he will get revenge on Cross before he dies In addition we are introduced Alex Cross is back and so is a raging and suicidal Gary Soneji Out oAlex Cross is back and so is a raging and suicidal Gary Soneji Out of prison and dying from the AIDS virus he contracted there he will get revenge on Cross before he dies In addition we are introduced to a new pair of rivals whose paths cross that of Alex and Soneji Thomas Augustine Pierce has been chasing his demon Mr Smith since the savage murder of his fiancee Mr Smith is a uniue monster with actions toward his. It was amazing to return to the corrupt and thrilling world where the policeman psychologist and all around great family man Alex Cross tries to solve insanely complex homicide cases Although often extremely violent and upsetting dealing with the darkest sides of what crimes humans can commit I love reading this series and the majority of the entries are highly addictive Like the other books this is a complete standalone novel although extra layers are added if they are visited consecutively in the correct order If you are new to Patterson's series or like me read my last entry 6 months ago and am now returning to the brutal environment of Washington DC hints and reminders are given regarding past events so the context and past actions are provided without ever dumbing it down too much for the die hard readers To uickly summarise the tale is about 2 world class killers operating an ocean apart One being Gary Soneji infamous murderer and kidnapper from Along Came A Spider and the Jack The Ripper esue Mr Smith who journalists have referred to as an alien Trains and cellars are freuently mentioned regarding Soneji's troubled youth and what is worse is that this genius psychopath after escaping prison now has nothing to lose As for Mr Smith we know nothing about him he is only referred to in passing for the first half of the narrativeAs usual readers follow Alex's 1st person perspective for the majority however other viewpoints such as those of trusted partner Detective John Sampson and the killer Gary Soneji are presented in the 3rd person As the previous books I like the use of this device and I think it works admirably well At all points the reader knows than Alex and I find it intriguing to see how he deduces minute details gets into the minds of a monster and then hopefully solves the crimes In the 3rd uarter of the book Alex is out of action for parts so for the first time in the series another character is entitled to first person privileges The brilliant blonde pony tailed flaunting FBI agent Thomas Pierce He is a great character with a mind that rivals Alex's although he is still emotionally distraught following the murder of his partner at the hands of Mr Smith It is really interesting flowing in the minds of these amazing individuals I like to uestion what I would think or do in the same scenarios that they find themselves freuenting within That is a large part of the fun for me I wonder if a real detective would be able to predict the way the plot progressed the numerous twists and crazy revelations whilst reading this It is an adrenaline pumping thrill ride of a book with turns and twists aplenty One of the revelations however; did seem a little bit too convenient although not predictable something about it doesn't uite fit right with me I thought this revelation was to misguide the reader to then shock when the further truth was revealed I was over thinking and it wasn't that complex I don't think this book it is as unpredictable and intricate as some of Patterson's prior entries I always seem to enjoy these books and generally race through them within a couple of days If you haven't read an Alex Cross novel then you really need to do yourself a favour and start one The action is on par with Die Hard

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Victims so insane so unimaginable that he is thought of as not of the earth Pierce known in the business as St Augustine because of his track record for catching killers and his invaluable status to the FBI and Interpol may even be better than CrossWhen things heat up and Alex is in a near death coma following an attack in his own home Pierce goes to Washington to help with the investigation But just as he begins. Just like Jack and Jill Cat and Mouse forces Alex to take on two murderers again One killer is the Gary Soneji who was introduced to us in the first book Along Came a Spider He's dying from AIDS and wants to go out with a bang Oh and he most definitely wants his revenge on Alex Cross for putting him in jailThen there's Mr Smith who is off kidnapping and killing people in France He basically taunts the police because he calls them when there's a new victim and then later when he tells them where they can find the body Seems like a fun challenge for Alex rightWell yes it was This book was a pretty uick read due to the really short chapters which I really loved because it just makes you consume the book so much uicker Then off course Cat and Mouse definitely delivers some really good twists and turns Alex sort of finds love but I didn't really care about that part I just wanted the murders solved and killers behind bars or deadI saw some stuff coming like how Mr Smith really was and I was so freaking happy that I guessed right and other stuff I had no idea would happened I'm so glad that I got the chance to read this book because I'm loving this series so far I can't wait to dive into the next book