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CHARACTERS ç A Time of Changes À [Reading] ➿ A Time of Changes By Robert Silverberg – Cover artist A PedroSuponha se uma civilização em ue as pessoas nunca se referem a si próprias porue isso é o pior dos pecados a última das vergonhas Uma cultura em ue ninguém pode dizer eu ou m Cover artist A PedroSuponha se uma Seja os seus pensamentos íntimos A civilização ue se desenvolveu sob o sol verde dourado de Velada Borsthan é egoísta e brutal a linguagem é apenas um disfarce Até ue um terrestre se aproxima de Kinnal A Time eBook #182 Darival. Puritans to the stars Something like that As usual Silverberg delves into a complex issue with realistic characters manages to keep them distant enough that I never manage to care about them This has an interesting premise a belief system of self containment that our main character eventually fights There are elements from many great classics Heart of Darkness The Scarlet Letter others I could appreciate the complex theme the world building tragedy but it never sucked me in He's a great editor a technically accomplished author but I rarely connect with his characters That made his books a slog when I was younger I thought I'd give him another chance Still the same for me though My library has a few other books by him but I doubt I'll bother any time soon Like Frank Herbert's books our interests rarely overlap

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Cover artist A PedroSuponha se uma civilização em ue as pessoas nunca se referem a si próprias porue isso é o pior dos pecados a última das vergonhas Uma cultura em ue ninguém pode dizer eu ou mim Nem pode desnudar a uem uer ue. A Time for Changes by Robert Silverberg is difficult to rate and even difficult to review I can begin by saying that I liked it Silverberg tells a good story he’s a fine writer and his narration draws the reader in Set in the distant future on a planet inhabited by humans for thousands of years but still with the knowledge of far off earth as an anachronistic home we follow the life of Kenal second son of a king in a strictly primogeniture hierarchy The world is also strictly in the grips of a theocratic culture called the Covenant where it is profane vulgar and even blasphemous to use “I” “me” or “myself” and these words are synonymous with the vilified concepts of “self bearing” Here is where Silverberg gets you the psychological sociological setting where people are so ingrained in the idea that they cannot express individuality that the words “I love you” are criminal Kenal discovers a drug a lot like cocaine – or ecstasy scratched from a feral jungle people in the southern continent hmmmm that he becomes addicted to and which ruins his life among this society Published in 1972 and winner of the Nebula Award that year Silverberg creates a tension where the common ideas of sharing and love have been turned upside down and our protagonist struggles with whether he is a drug fiend or a revolutionary cultural messiah

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A Time of ChangesE lhe entrega algo ue é a mais terrível das armas a arma ue provocará a Mudança num mundo como auele o tema o estilo o intenso dramaticismo explicam ue Tempo de Mudança tenha sido distinguido com o tão cobiçado prémio Nébula. This 1971 novel won the Nebula Award and was nominated for the Hugo but I have to confess I found it to be uite underwhelmingRobert Silverberg offers a first person memoir of a future human descended from Earthlings on a far distant planet In his society words like I and me are considered obscenities Burdening others with one's individuality sharing one's self with them is held to be a sin that should be limited whenever possible When he meets a man from Earth with a rare and illegal drug that allows individuals to fuse their consciousnesses the protagonist uestions and ultimately rebels against his culture's taboos and he pays the price for his heresyThe novel has problems First the world building seems poorly thought out If individuality and personal pride and sharing are evil if people must deflect attention from self by saying one instead of I or me why do they have personal names and take pleasure in having namesakes for instance Over and over again when inconsistencies reared their heads it occurred to me that Yevgeny Zamyatin We and George Orwell 1984 offered far sophisticated explorations of how institutions may try to control language and how language in turn affects identity and self perception and they did it half a century before Silverberg wrote thisSecond for the main character's time of changes to have the proper impact the reader should empathize with him in some way and appreciate the depth and drama of his awakening and transformation Instead he's about as unsympathetic as they come flat uninspiring oddly two dimensional and at times genuinely annoying I recognize there was a literary reason for his rambling discussions of his impressive genital size and premature ejaculation issues but I won't miss them that's for certainThird the novel comes across as dated in a way that novels a century older or do not because of Silverberg's handling of the consciousness expanding drug It bears all the hallmarks of a late sixtiesearly seventies flirtation with the counterculture from a safe distance Karin Boye's depiction of a sharing drug in 1940's Kallocain is far nuanced; for that matter Robert Heinlein's exploration of the counterculture in Stranger in a Strange Land published ten years before A Time of Changes is far challengingIn short if I can be forgiven for collapsing my review into LOLcat speech I see what Silverberg's doing there but he's doing it wrong Or to be precise everything this novel attempts has been done better elsewhere by others