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Murder in the Oval Library kindle å Audiobook read ¹ [BOOKS] ⚣ Murder in the Oval Library By C.M. Gleason – With the Confederate Army firing on Fort Sumter the Civil War has begunand an invasion of Washington DC from Secessionist Virginia seems imminent As the population evacuates the President is in Who is in turn aided by journalist Sophie Gates and Dr George Hilton And to uinn's chagrin the Southern belle Constance Lemagne insists on being involved in the investigation as well But when Dr Hilton examines the body he makes a startling discovery that overturns all uinns assumptions about the murder With his president at grave risk from without and within uinn must act uickly to catch the White House killer The year is 1861; Lincoln has been inaugurated; the South has started to succeed; the country is on the brink of a civil war Oh and a body is found in the Oval Library of the Whitehouse Abraham Lincoln assigns Adam Speed uinn the task of digging for the truth Sophie Gates an independent reporter writing for the New York Times appoints herself as his assistant Together they will need to put together the pieces of a puzzle that will only become complicated once Washington DC is invaded by the Rebels from the SouthThe story was a fun read and held this reader’s attention for the duration of the book Well worth my time A “Note From The Author” does a good job of helping to connect the story to the historical events in the days immediately following the inauguration What was disappointing was that events discussed in the book could not be verified through Google etc As I have said in earlier reviews the ability to follow up with a bit of independent research is what makes an historical novel particularly interesting The brief essay at the end ties the book to some of that history but it also leaves some uestions unansweredHaving said that I have ordered an earlier title by the same author written with the same characters and similar sitting I do not expect to be disappointedThis review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review The opinions are mine alone

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With the Confederate Army firing on Fort Sumter the Civil War has begunand an invasion of Washington DC from Secessionist Virginia seems imminent As the population evacuates the President is in desperate need of men to defend the capitalLincoln's trusted aide Adam Speed uinn and uinn's old friend from the Bloody Kansas conflict Senator Jim Lane hastily assemble a motley crew of just over a hundred men and garris Thanks to Kensington Books and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest review For those that love a good historical fiction novel then this one is perfect for you This is set in the late 1800’s – Lincoln has just been elected President and the US is in turmoil The country is on the brink of the Civil War with the South beginning to succeed and to make things worse a body is found in the library of the White HouseLincoln assigns Adam uinn to the case He is accompanied by Sophie Gates and Dr George Hilton they try to uickly unravel the mystery with mounting pressure as the Confederates start to cross into Northern territory I really enjoyed that Gleason sprinkled the story with actual historical figures – that added another level of authenticity to the novelI enjoyed the mystery element and the setting I feel like I never really see historical fiction novels about this time period – all the ones lately take place in Victorian England not complaining about that I think I need to go back and read book one to get to know the characters a little better but I would highly recommend picking this series up I also enjoyed the Author’s Note at the end of the book

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Murder in the Oval LibraryOn them in the East Room at the White House itself Dubbed the Frontier Guard these rough and tumble patriots steel themselves for the inevitable attackBut even as dawn breaks with no Rebel strike a single act of violence intrudes within the White House One of the Frontier Guard lies dead in the oval library throat slit ear to ear There is a murderer among themLincoln promptly assigns uinn to deal with the matter Murder in the Oval Library by CM Gleason is the second book in the Lincoln’s White House Mystery series As Lincoln waits for the Confederate Army to begin its attack on Washington DC about a hundred men the Frontier Guard are in the White House awaiting for the attack One of these men is found dead in the Oval Library Is there a murderer among them? President Lincoln knowing he can trust Adam uinn asks him to catch the killer Adam once again uses his friends Sophie Dr Hilton and Miss Lemagne to help him I really enjoyed getting to know the characters better in this second book We learn about their pasts and come to understand them better By far my favorite aspect of the book was the historical elements Author Gleason does a great job of describing events while still caring a story forward I learned so much about the beginnings of the Civil War from this book There were so many things I did not know and I was constantly doing further research to see if it was fact or fiction Gleason describes these events in a way that I could easily picture Washington during this crucial time in our history Washington then is not the Washington we see when we go there now and Gleason did a great job in placing me in the correct Washington We are also shown this time period from the perspective of not only North and South but race and class Murder in the Oval Library is a uick engaging murder mystery Though the setting of the beginning of the Civil War could be heavy the story provides lots of information without weighing down or getting lost in a murder mystery Murder in the Oval Library is the second in a series and I do think it would be beneficial to read the first one first though it isn’t necessary I love to get to know characters really well and so reading the first book gives of that information but it wasn’t necessary to the storylineMy copy of Murder in the Oval Library was provided by Kensington Publishing in exchange for an honest review Thanks