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review Neversuch House Neversuch House #1 ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Neversuch House Neversuch House #1 Author Elliot Skell – Neversuch House is home to the very unusual Halibut family Spanning generations the Halibuts all live together totally isolated from the Of servantsBut when twelve year old Omnia Halibut sees a hooded figure emerging from the woods by the Wall she can’t help but wonder who the man is and why he is skulking around the House And as Omnia sets out to discover the truth she triggers a chain of events that threatens to dest. Neversuch House A curious location home to the Halibut family who live in a cloistered existence from the world outside Everyone's pretty much fine with that until one day Omnia Halibut finds herself involved in a series of extraordinary events Hear that She's involved in Extraordinary Events You'll hear it several times during the book as the text can't uite resist telling you that there are Extraordinary Events going on and you should pay attention to them because they are Extraordinary Events they're Extraordinary don't you know I can't help but wonder how this was let through the editing process as all it did was make me think of a Series of Unfortunate Events the Lemony Snicket books A comparison is inevitable when the narrator keeps blinking banging on about Extraordinary Events and it's a comparison that sadly Neversuch House tends to lose And that's a shame because this book could have been a lot better The conceit that there's this family which exist uite happily in isolation from the world is ripe for exploration It could have led to something uite dark and intriguing but it doesn't The house itself and the location is splendidly gothic and weird with hidden towers rooms and mysteries everywhere This could lead to so much but unfortunately we're just told about it and left with the distinct impression that this is all building up for a series of seuels So if they do become a series; less of the arch narration and self conscious style please If you're going to be a fairytale or a gothic fairytale or a genre mashup hithertofore unseen; be it wholeheartedly Because I think this is the problem It is as my Northern side would describe it neither nowt nor summit Neversuch House doesn't know what it wants to be There are some glorious moments in it and some very visual moments that are a delight but they're rare In between these moments is a lot of huff a lot of puff and it's in these moments the chapter upon chapter of padding and self gratification that Neversuch House falls right down

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Neversuch House is home to Neversuch House Kindle #216 the very unusual Halibut family Spanning generations the Halibuts all live together totally isolated from the outside world never needing or wanting to step outside the walls of Neversuch with every whim being catered for by a mass. Okumaya başlarken açıkçası bu ne dedim ama okumaya devam ettikçe ilgimi çekmeye başladı ve çok sevdim Çocuklar için çok güzel bir kitap tavsiye ederim;

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Neversuch House Neversuch House #1Roy Neversuch House Neversuch House eBook #8608 foreverFor the House is steeped in secrets secrets that some people want to remain hidden and as Omnia tries to unravel the mysteries of Neversuch House someone is watching her and they will do anything to stop her from revealing the truth. 3 35 stars Brilliant book if you need a gift for someone aged around 8 12 particularly if they like The Series of Unfortunate Events or Coraline Neversuch House is home to the Halibut family all of the Halibut family In fact since being built no Halibut's have ever left and anyone who goes to work at the house is never seen again The main protagonist Omnia Halibut aged 12 and a uater however is about to discover that there is to the oddities of the house and the inhabitants than simple uirks as she discovers that there is a murderer at large I did enjoy this book and there are such charming details within it that for the simple description the book is an interesting and amusing read; for example each member of the Halibut family have an 'obsession' and these obsessions range from hair gel to the shadows formed by the house The downside however is fairly major basically there isn't a huge amount of plot The book freuently states that at some point something 'extraordinary' is about to happen and this never really comes into fruition The set and characters are extraordinary the plot however is remarkably straight forward which makes for great bed time reading but doesn't uite live up to the expectations set up by the narrator I think a lot of this book is set up for the next in the series which I may read if only to discover nooks and crannies of the house and catch glimpses and the strange inhabitants