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Read & Download Nice Girls Just Dont Get It ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì [Read] ➬ Nice Girls Just Dont Get It By Lois P. Frankel – Offering the same brand of practical no holds barred expert advice that made Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office an international million copy bestsellerOffering the same brand of practical no Just Dont ePUB #180 holds barred expert advice that made Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office an international million copy bestseller  Nice Girls Just Don't Get It teaches us the skills we need to turn from a nice girl into a winning woman not just in our careers but in our relationships families and everyday livesHave you ever felt invisible Taken advantage of Reluctant or unable to articulate what you really want If so join the club The nice girls club  Nice girls that's right girls are those  concerned with pleasing Nice Girls eBook #225 others than with addressing their own needs and haven't yet learned how to overcome the childhood messages cultural stereotypes keeping them from getting their voices heard their needs met and the lives they want This book will turn those nice girls into winning women That is women who factor their own needs in with those of others confront those who treat them disrespectfully  maintain healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with appropriate boundaries and as a. I really enjoyed this book It is a great easily digested summary of problematic behaviors that many women have been socialized to have The book not only explains the behaviors but then offers suggestions for how to change them If someone picked up this book having never realized that their behaviors might be undercutting them I'm not sure how effective it would be But for me since these are issues I've been mulling over the past few years it was a great way to take stock of my life and see where I was and wasn't achieving my goals I also highlighted a ton of passagesI appreciated the non accusatory tone that the authors took as well as the fact that they made it clear that they were working against societal pressures and norms not some bogus genetic difference that women have or some other such nonsense

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Result are happier and successful in every area of their life  In Lois Frankel blew the lid off Girls Just Dont ePUB #9734 so many of our long held ideas about gender and success with her bestselling Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office which went on to become such a huge phenomenon the term nice girls has secured a place in our cultural lexicon Here Frankel teams up with negotiation expert Carol Frohlinger to bring this bestselling advice out of the workplace and provide a broader set of skills that any woman whether a CEO or stay at home mom can use to win anywhere with anyonePresented in the straightforward digestible format that helped make Nice Girl's Don't Get the Corner Office an instant hit Frankel and Frohlinger outline seven practical strategies and supporting tactics that every winning woman should know By the time you've finished reading this book you'll be able to• Get your husband to do his half of the household chores without being made to feel like a nag • Stop overextending yourself by taking on all the unpleasant tasks no o. This is a very digestible read the chapters are short and the language is clear I sometimes had trouble keeping track of which tactics went with which main point; I did not always think everything was tied together However the tactics in of themselves seem like mostly sound advice

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Nice Girls Just Dont Get ItNe on your volunteer board or your team at work will go near • Win an argument with your mother in law about who will be hosting Christmas dinner  • Have the courage to send back a meal that isn’t prepared the way you’d ordered it • Confront a colleague who is shirking responsibility or taking credit for your work• Convince a sales person to reduce a fee waive a surcharge or honor a store credit• uestion a doctor’s course or treatment or reuest a second opinion instead of simply going along in order to be a “good” patient• Firmly but politely bow out of an extravagant vacation to celebrate a friend’s birthday that you simply can’t afford–without feeling guilty about it And so much A must read for anyone who's ever felt taken advantage of by a friend or family member unappreciated by a spouse or partner or exploited by a vindictive neighbor or co worker Nice Girls Just Don't Get It offers women the indispensable knowledge and skills to get the things they want the respect they've earned and the success they deserv. Lots of suggestions for dealing with a variety of scenarios make this a book that would be handy to have on hand for reference as various situations arise in life