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Nocilla Lab review Ý E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ ➼ [Reading] ➾ Nocilla Lab By Agustín Fernández Mallo ➱ – El desastre de Chiang Mai durante un viaje a Tailandia fue la azarosa oportunidad para ue Agustín Fernández Mallo volcara en un relato tripartito sus experiencias con esa cosa tan extraEr un hombre contra sí mismo en un final original y sorprendente Como un demiurgo disfrazado de DJ ficcional Agustín Fernández Mallo transforma cuanto encuentra a su paso en una nueva realidad la creada por su mesa de mezclas convirtiendo lo paradójico de la existencia en una verdadera poética Pura física elementa. As you can tell by the star rating I really didn't get on with this I have honestly no idea what I or anybody else is meant to get from the experience of reading this novel The narrator who is on some level the author is unlikable He is made incandescently furious by an overweight woman who complains about his girlfriend's smoking for some bizarre aesthetic reason and constantly talks about his girlfriend's physical appearanceThe first and largest part of the book is written stream of consciousness with no paragraphs or full stops despite the writing clearly including phrases that call out for both of them This makes reading it unnecessarily tiring Nothing much happens in it detail is revealed aching slowly and I don't understand why using non standard punctuation is meant improve my experience of the book It is vaguely hinted that this is to increase the reader's understanding of the importance of gaps and silence when consuming literature but if there is than this it is obliue to meThe second part of the book is written grammatically Be warned what follows is technically spoilers but this book doesn't have a plot to speak of In book's second part the author meets an older version of himself himself from the future Who knows in a former prison turned tax dodging eco resort and gradually goes completely insane with the imagery of the book becoming increasingly dreamlikeThere are various low uality photographs and the book ends with a short section of graphic novelI have recently been making a conscious effort to broaden my reading including various books which are literary or even experimental This was entirely a bridge too far I am aware that lot of art reuires effort to appreciate but the effort that this would have reuired from feels frankly arrogant on the part of the author There was nothing to intrigue me or grip me in the book and anything that seemed like it might be interesting didn't go anywhere and neither were there characters that I was sympathetic towardsFor me worth reading if you are convinced that all conventional literature is boring and samey So for me not worth reading

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A inuietante donde un hombre y una mujer buscan poner en marcha el Proyecto una excusa para hurgar en sus sueños y en su propia relación Un certero relato del arte de crear de escribir de imaginar El trayecto acaba en una antigua prisión en la ue un hombre se enfrenta a otro con el suspense y la tensión de un thrill. An Italian restaurant – which in Italy set off a new wave of trendy experimental cooking finally opens a branch in LondonI decide to visitThe antipasto course is a Nutella sandwichFor the second I am served a Ferrero RocherThe main course – the culmination of the meal – may be brilliant and a review on Suaremeal says it is albeit by a critic well known to be biased in favour of restaurants interpreting food from non English speaking chefs; however based on the first two courses my appetite and appreciation for the chef has already been ruined and I cannot finish the meal or share my thoughts on SuaremealMy Nutella themed review of Nocilla DreamhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowMy Ferrero Rocher themed review of Nocilla ExperiencehttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowA review of Nocilla LabhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowNB – Nocilla is a Spanish version of Nutella

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Nocilla LabEl desastre de Chiang Mai durante un viaje a Tailandia fue la azarosa oportunidad para ue Agustín Fernández Mallo volcara en un relato tripartito sus experiencias con esa cosa tan extraña llamada Mundo Nocilla Lab es el cierre lógico y multidisciplinar del Proyecto Nocilla Una road movie autorreferencial y visionari. A Poorly Constructed Novel with Photos Drawings a Graphic Novel and a Video And Some Really Amazing SexismCaveat emptor this is not a positive review Perhaps it's true as the Paris Review says that the Nocilla trilogy has catapulted Mallo to the forefront of his generation Twitter line for the essay by Thomas Bunstead Feb 4 2019 but in that case nearly any injection of the novel with a large dose of Robert Smithson Situationism Dadaism poetry science appropriation collage and uotes and cut and paste technology often anachronistic images almost always pixelated and comic books would have done the sameFirst A some remarks on the book's use of photographs drawings a graphic novel and an associated video I read this book in connection with the writingwithimagescom project because it has so many visual elements After that some negative things B the book's construction and C its really surprising sexismThis review is of the new English translation put out by Fitzcarraldo Editions I also want to be clear that Fitzcarraldo Editions are a spectacular press and the translation here strikes me as pitch perfectA The visual elementsThis third and final volume of the Nocilla trilogy has three parts I Automatic Search Engine II Automatic Engine and III Engine Parts I think it may be truer to the reading experience to divide it in six1 Automatic Search Engine which is an 80 page run on sentence Not a single sentence as I wrote about Mathias Enard's Crossing the Zone Not incidentally both are translated in Fitzcarraldo Editions and Enard has contributed to the tidal swells of praise of the Nocilla trilogy2 Automatic Engine which is 44 numbered sections interrupted by3 Eight pages of photographs with words that have supposedly been typed on them4 The first part of Engine Parts which is set in monospace type as if it has been typed5 The second part of Engine Parts which is a self contained graphic novel6 There is also a video project named in the book in Notes and Credits two pages after the end of the novel It is on the author's website fernandezmallomegustaleercom and on Vimeo at vimeocom6897147I put it this way because these visual interruptions are important in the reading experience than the three titled parts Images are crucial in the book and yet they are extremely carelessly done To justify that I need to make three myopic criticismsA single image of a page of the narrator's notebook appears by itself on p 84 There are several other references to the notebook but no other illustrations even though there are other passages that could make good use of reproductions such as the measurements of the prison on pp 105 108 The picture in uestion is the plan of a campsite Inexplicably names of the parts of the campsite are printed not drawn on the sketch; apparently readers aren't meant to ask themselves how that happenedThe Eight pages of photographs are introduced in the narrative just preceding them pp 127 29 they are pictures the narrator took and then printed out and put into his typewriter But they're clearly pictures that have been scanned and lettered in an image processing app the text is white on black and too neat to be a typewriter Again readers are not expected to be looking that closelyThe short graphic novel at the end of the book has tiny print too small to read comfortably indicating it was drawn much larger and that the reduction wasn't anticipatedThese are small points but they go to a systemic issue Fernandez Mallo expects readers to think mainly about his text and to look only carelessly and uickly at his images That is why it can make sense to divide the book in three parts despite the surprising and anomalous presence of photographs and a graphic novelB The narrativeThere's a good summary of the major parts of this book on Goodreads written by Paul Fulcher However I can't agree that the combination of elements adds up to a wonderful mix After Automatic Search Engine the 80 page run on sentence the book is exceptionally carelessly assembled Automatic Search Engine owes something to Bernhard Beckett Enard and others; it's seamless and tightly recursive The following narrative of numbered sections Automatic Engine follows suit in a fragmented manner All this is ruminative self reflective and largely plotless in the manner of any number of postmodern writers including Krasznahorkai and Vila Matas who appears in the graphic novelBut the book suddenly veers aside on p 118 when it is revealed that the owner of a hotel has the same name as the author From that moment onward it reads like genre fiction Sometimes it's like detective fiction the narrator searches the hotel or crime fiction the narrator knifes his namesake or Poe the hotel become mysterious and sinister or even King roots from the other side of the Earth push up through the garden I don't mind collages of manners and influences but these are not managed allusions The pages feel improvised and they come across as a failure of imagination It takes concentration and a steady purpose to write 80 pages of continuous monologue It's relatively easy to make up new mysteries and inexplicable events every couple pages I don't think this is postmodern collage at all; I think it's a lapse in energy and resources The short graphic novel isn't the fascinating turn into the visual world that it might have been it's simply pasted on The book is badly constructed and it doesn't represent our contemporary digital age which is infinitely aware of the visual and of different media C The sexismI have difficulty understanding why the reviews I've seen don't mention the book's endemic sexism The narrator has a female companion through most of the book At one point he says she's brilliant and she says great things but she's only uoted three or four times and most of those sentences include the word fuck The narrator spends his days writing he's working on the novel we're reading but we have almost no idea what she does all day except swim and smoke When the narrator spends time with people we're told she doesn't speak We're told over and over all the way to the very end of the novel that she bought a bikini with daisies on the breasts We're told over and over that she bought new knickers every day Piles of her knickers turn up in unexpected places There must be fifty or references to themThis is head shaking endemic rooted unconscious unironic sexism If it were at all self aware in any capacity I might want to defend it What makes it disastrous is the continuous distraction of the fact that the implied author thinks all's well