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Free download I Am Number Four 107 Ó ➝ [Epub] ❦ I Am Number Four By Pittacus Lore ➧ – NOUSsommes parmi vousNOUSvous regardons lire ceciNOUSsommes dans votre ville votre villageNOUSvivons dans l’anonymatNOUSattendons le jour oùNOUSnous retrouveronsNOUSlutterons jusu’au bout SiNOUSl NOUSsommes parmi vousNOUSvouOr retrouveronsNOUSlutterons jusu’au bout SiNOUSl’emportonsNOUSserons sauvés etVOUSle serez aussiSI NOUS PERDONS TOUT EST PERDUTROIS SONT DÉJÀ MORTSJe suisNUM. I AM NUMBER FOUR is actually number four million if you consider the predecessors it is based upon Meaning We've been here before About a bazillion timesLet's take stock aliens on Earth disguised as Earthlings In fact your neighbor may be a Lorien the good guy planet of concern here and the haberdasher way to blend in may be a Mogadarian the bad guy aliens who are hunting Lorien types to the death Novel idea ehSo our protagonist is on his 5398th alias It's steady now John Smith John Doe must have been taken He is what's called a Garde and will get special powers when he hits puberty I got a cheap Timex These powers are called Legacies Special powers are uite the thing in fantasy YA these days They go by different names they borrow shamelessly from Marvel Comics and they're viral Speaking of viral at 440 pages and at Gate #1 of a projected 6 this book is both too long and too predictable to be extended into a series Do we blame Harry Potter for this pernicious YA fad The conceit you see is that Mogadarians can only kill the Lorien types in order Conveniently enough Numbers 1 2 and 3 have been killed before chapter the first This means gasp hold on to your seats action from the get go as John Smith and his protector called Cepans here move to a small Ohio town to blend inBlending in defined fall in love with a gorgeous surprise girl named Sarah Draw the attention and ire of a surprise bully named Mark who happens to also be the captain surprise of the football surprise team and Sarah's ex boyfriend surprise Get in a fight with Mark and accidentally display your super powers which are supposed to be kept under wraps for fear of attracting Mogadarian attention remember one of them could be the janitor the principal or even the candlestick makerThat's the sort of goings on you'll get in this book Characterization You might as well hunt polar bear in the Everglades Description and mood Try finding fine china at Walmart But oddly the book will be a big hit with many young readers especially of the reluctant variety because it's all about plot PeriodAs is often the case with genre reads in YA I'm torn here The book's style is choppy and the author's ability to write action scenes filled with inconsistencies and gaps It's predictable It's one dimensional But it is what it is and I know a lot of kids will be snapping it up in my classroom this fall and liking it too Does that mean they have bad taste Not at all It means they like action It means they like plot It means they are Pittacus Lore's target audience and I should be sure to get this book in their hands

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ÉRO UATREIllustration de couverture d’après l’affiche du film Numéro uatre © DreamWorks II Distribution Co LLCWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Internation. Rating Clarification 45 Stars There is always hope Don’t give up hope just yet It’s the last thing to go When you have lost hope you have lost everything So when you think all is lost when all is dire and bleak there is always hopeWow Just wow Have I ever loved an alien invasion This book was no pun intended OUTOFTHISWORLDOkay it’s official I’m an alien fan and all this business about invasions them possibly living among us alternate life forms out there other planets sure why the heck not So there you have it a solid 45 stars in my book Oh who am I kidding I pictured Alex Prettyface as #4 throughout the ENTIRE novel and it was actually uite lovely Grant it the story isn’t bad either ^^ It’s really uite good and action packed which kept me up past midnight but so worth it So if my review is a ramble that’s because of lack of sleepWell let me try and give you a rundown of this book and when I tell you you’ll probably think “Oh no she’d truly lost it” Well I don’t care I like bizarre at times and slap a Prettyface image in my head and yup that’s my kind of journeyJohn and Henri have spent the last 10 years moving from town to town and keeping to themselves Anonymity is key to their survival so staying under the radar and on the move might just buy them time but the inevitable is about to occur John is what is known as #4 Numbers 1 through 3 have already been found and klled in that order and he’s the next of nine children and nine Cepan who were chosen to leave their planet and go to Earth to live hopefully survive and one day come back to restore to their beautiful planet They escaped to Earth when the Mogadorians invaded and destroyed their planet Loric Then they were followed and the final annihilation is in progress to destroy the last remaining Loriens In this latest move to Paradise Ohio John’s attempt to settle into small town life proves impossible and to top it off Sarah crosses his path and he begins to wonder if returning to Loric is what he truly desires and how far can one stretch the boundaries of love between a human and what he is insert lurves struck sigh I really liked the relationship between Sarah and #4 She never had a clue what he was and you can tell how much he wanted to be honest with her and drop his guard in the hopes he could find someone to trust and love His feelings were genuine and his consistent actions showed how much he cared I’ve never felt this way about anyone before Like I’m floating on air when we’re together and I dread the times when we’re apart like now despite having just spent the last couple of hours with her Sarah gives some purpose to our running and hiding a reason that transcends mere survival A reason to win And to know that I may be putting her life in danger by being with her – well it terrifies meI loved his snarky moments when in his own way he was trying to be honest with Sarah about what he really was and you can tell how much he wanted to trust her She smiles “What happened anyway I was worried about you”I say “Would you believe it if I told you I was an alien”“I know they’re picking on you because of me” She saysI reply “They’re just lucky I didn’t use my superpowers and throw them into the next county”Overall their relationship was believable and beauteous and I looked forward to reading about their times together Their final moments at the end of the book were perfectly done I won’t include any spoilers but let’s just say it was done rightI loveloveloved the concepts that were infused in this story about legacies inherit

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I Am Number FourNOUSsommes parmi vousNOUSvous regardons lire ceciNOUSsommes dans votre ville votre villageNOUSvivons dans l’anonymatNOUSattendons le jour oùNOUSnous I Am PDFEPUB. This book is so strange and awful it's hard to explain exactly why I dislike it Thank God this book didn't live up to its hype like Twilight did At least I hope it didn't because I don't really hear much about this one I couldn't get past chapter nine It was such a bloody bore I decided to give it time for me to find that little spark But no Now here are the problems1 Lore can't use the word and in the proper way Which seems like it's not a big of a deal but it is He randomly places it and tries to get his readers to understand his reading and it's uite awful 2 The characters are all bland and pathetic John seems to have a false sense of bravado Henri makes me want to bang my head against the wall And don't get me started on Sarah The characters are so emotionless No depth 3 Lore tends to forget the most significant details regarding his plot It's like OH I FORGOT TO MENTION WHAT MY POWERS ARE OH WAIT MY NAME IS 4 His writing is dull and boring in every possible way It reminds me of Fitzgerald's writing