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Ebook Ô è Bernardo Atxaga Uusi ääni maailmankirjallisuudessa tarinoiden tarina kertomus kertomisesta – baskikirjailijan omaperäinen viihdyttävä ja älyllinen romaaniTämän kirjan nimi merkitsee ”Obaban tapahtumia”; Obaba on tarunomainen vuoristokylä johon kirjan 26 kertomusta liittyvät Kertomukset ovat itsenäisiä mutta punoutuvat toisiinsa monikerroksiseksi kokonaisuudeksi Henkilöinä tapaamme muiden muassa lemmestä riutuvan opetta Obaba is a place a Basue village Obabakoak means the people and things of Obaba originally written in Basue an almost dead language understood only by a few it was later translated into Spanish where it was received with acclaim in Europe This English version was a translation from the SpanishI felt I could have written this book myself I had also lived in an Obaba during my younger years an obscure town in a small island facing the Pacific Ocean During those times the town had no electricity and we survived the tedium of our very slow lives by stories orally delivered Whether it was morning noon or nighttime you can find groups of men and women huddled in their favorite nook in the town discussing recent events local myths the remembered dead and crazy ideas My uncle Tata Teban my father and his aswang friends all masterful story tellers with seemingly endless tales like those in this book by the simple folks of Obaba

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Obabakoak Ebook ê 369 pages Download ´ Bernardo atxaga ↠ [Read] ➯ Obabakoak Author Bernardo Atxaga – Gwairsoft.co.uk Uusi ääni maailmankirjallisuudessa tarinoiden tarina kertomus kertomisesta – baskikirjailijan omaperäinen viihdyttävä ja älyllinen romaaniTämän kirjan nimi merkitsee ”Obab Jattaren joka tekee kohtalokkaan erehdyksen; pojan jonka isä saa aikuistumaan ovelan juonen avulla; toisen pojan joka muuttuu villikarjuksi; kaksi ystävystä jotka kertovat toisilleen tarinoita pohtien samalla vanhan luokkakuvan herättämää arvoitusta; voiko sisilisko ryömiä ihmisen korvasta sisään ja syödä aivot?Obabakoak on samalla kertaa tuore ja ajaton se on meidän aikamme Decamerone tai Tuhat ja yksi yötä Awhile ago I had read The Accordionist’s Son by Bernardo Atxaga That was uite the story Then I came across this list by the Guardian of the ten best books set in Spain and Obabakoak was on the listhttpswwwtheguardiancomtravel20Obabakoak Those people from Obaba Obaba an imaginary place in the Basue Country Euskal Herria El País VascoAlthough it seems like a collection of short stories it is there is a thin line a very thin that binds them together The book is divided into three sections Infancias childhoods; Nueve palabras en honor del pueblo de Villamediana Nine words in honor of the village of Villamediana; and En busca de la última palabra In search for the final word The stories in Infancias are loosely connected all reveal something missing in the lives of the main characters Esteban Wefell recalls a past love from his time in Hamburg; the revealing letter from the priest Lizardi tells the story of a boy who goes missing at the same time that a wild boar terrorizes the town; the arrival of the train passing every night has two sides of the story as told from two women Katharina and MarieNine words are actually nine stories that tell the one year stay of Martín who stays on the island of Villamediana He in turn learns to appreciate these people in a series of incidents as he learns about himselfBut the vast majority of the book is the third section A young man returns to Obaba in search of the characters in a primary school photo If you look closely a young Ismael is holding a small lizard up to the ear of Albino Marie who after the photo becomes crazy Why did he do this? Did the lizard enter the ear and eat his brain as the author claims? In the search for these old school mates his uncle is invited along who is teaching his nephew the art of story telling There are twenty stories as well as the actual search for the lizard incident Along the way we make the connections to several of the previous stories Things start to fall into placeThe stories are without a doubt very entertaining In fact I often lost myself in the absurdity or the believability of each one As for the meaning of the book I might put forth my own thought it’s all about the act of story telling As readers we love a good story The act of a good writer is to keep us entertained On all accounts Atxaga succeedsThis edition includes several essays by Atxaga that explains Obaba the Basue language and it’s people and a “sort of” autobiography I can certainly say this helps a lot The Basue people are a proud people that during the 20th century faced huge challenges Hitler was allowed to bomb Guernika as Franco saw the Basues as traitors and stopped all teaching in schools of their own language In 1980 Euskal Herria or Basue Country was formed to continue their language and customs by the Spanish people Bernardo Atxaga writes in Basue and translates his own books to Spanish Although the focus of his work is the Basue people his stories are very universalAfter reading two of his books I must say I am very impressed with his work and hope to read A full five stars I can see why that book is on the list

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ObabakoakSen juuret ovat baskien maaperässä ja perinteissä mutta myös muiden maiden kansatarinoissa eurooppalaisessa kirjallisuudessa ja modernissa kirjallisuusteoriassa Atxaga istuttaa omat tarinansa olemassa oleviin tekstilajeihin sekoittaa ja plagioi niitä; hän tarjoaa sekä aitoa lukemisen riemua että työstettävää ajatuksille Hänen teostaan lukiessa tuntuu kuin pääsisi seuraamaan itsensä kirjallisuuden syntymää This book circumvents serious review by containing its own exegesis and by existing from such subtle and deft construction that to explain or examine OBABAKOAK is to take something away from future readers Read this book Seriously read this book I'll write later