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ePub Ä mobi Oogy The Dog Only a Family Could Love ñ 9780446546317 ¿ ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Oogy The Dog Only a Family Could Love By Larry Levin ⚣ – Gwairsoft.co.uk In the bestselling tradition of Rescuing Sprite comes the story of a puppy brought back from the brink of death and the famSleep What would begin as a terrible day suddenly got brighter as the ugliest dog they had ever seen one who was missing an ear and had half his face covered in scar tissue ran up to them and captured their hearts The dog had been used as bait for fighting dogs when he was just a few months old He had been thrown in a cage and left to die until the police rescued him and the st Lufu the Old English word for love is why Larry Levin chose Oogy when the badly disfigured pit bull puppy jumped into his own adopted boys' laps and lives Levin's lufu is profound and we are all so much better off because of Oogy

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In the bestselling tradition of Rescuing Dog Only Kindle #207 Sprite comes the story of Oogy The Epuba puppy brought back from the brink of death and the family The Dog Only PDF #10003 he adopted In Larry Levin and his twin sons Dan and The Dog Only a Family Kindle Noah took their terminally ill cat to the Ard Animal Hospital outside Philadelphia to have the beloved pet put to I really wanted to love this book it had all the traits of a tearjerker abused puppy left for dead by dog fighters rescued by a kind hearted veterinarian's assistant adopted by family and is the most loving dog despite the past abuse And the story is uite touching However I couldn't get past how it was written too many needless details It was like the author read a how to write a memoir book and threw in all the techniues start with foreshadowing then rewind and tell the story incorporate details to make the reader visualize what happened But the details are what made me skim over pages I don't need to know what the coffeemaker sounded like I don't need to know what sound the gauze made when it hit the trash can when you were in the veterinarian's office Just tell the story Also I am a little tired of authors writing lovingly about their dog's misbehavior oh it is so cute when my dog jumps on other peopleclimbs on the tableeats food out of the fridge it is not cute and just because he was abused does not mean you shouldn't provide discipline TRAIN YOUR DOGOverallI liked the concept of this book and by the way the dog is NOT a pit bull apparently but I couldn't get past the way it was written

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Oogy The Dog Only a Family Could LoveAff at Ard Animal Hospital saved his life The Levins whose sons are themselves adopted were unable to resist Oogy's charms and decided to take him home Heartwarming and redemptive Oogy is the story of the people who were determined to rescue this dog against all odds and of the family who took him home named him Oogy an affectionate derivative of ugly and made him one of their o Oogy The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin was not what I expected it to be like I expected a fast paced story of a dog who was abused then adopted into a loving family I'm not saying that the dog wasn't adopted and cared for by a loving family I'm saying that the way it was written made me want to set it down and read another book Oogy is a story about a young dog who was used as a fighting dog He was the bait the beginning of the fight He was hurt severly and left to die He was brought into the vet and they fixed him up and put him up for adoption Nobody thought anyone in their right mind would adopt a dog that had lost and ear and was mangled When Larry Levin and his family walked into the animal hospital to put their cat to sleep they imediatley saw Oogy It was love at first sight They adopted the loving animalThe description makes the book sound oh so appealing to every dog or animal lover The truth is the book is very very detailed They make the story drag on and on The first chapter alone made me want to fall asleep Levin talk in depth about his morning routine and how long the coffee should stay put and how long something it microwaved The point of this story isn't to get to know the author though in a sense maybe it is The story is about the dog Granted you do get to learn a lot about he dog like the fact that he's not actually a pitbull he's a Dogo Argentina That is a rare breed in the United States that is often used for fightingPeople who would like this book are animal lovers If you love reading about animals this book is for you The hope it leaves you with is different from other books If you read Marley Me A Dog's Life or anything like that and liked it I'm sure this book won't dissapoint you Overall Oogy is a book of hope about a loving mangled happy friendly dog