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BrekkukotsannállA a vida adulta do jovem Álfgrímur Abandonado pela mãe em Brekkukot uma propriedade rural na periferia de Reykjavík então uma peuena cidade de poucos habitantes e sob o domínio dinamaruês a infância de Álfgrímur decorre de forma idílica entre os trabalhos domésticos na uinta com a avó adoptiva ue recita os rímur e as antigas sagas islandesas a aprendizagem de latim e a audição à noite das histórias dos excêntricos habitantes de Brekkukot Álfgrímur ue so. A gentle comedy set in pre independence Iceland Alfgrimur is abandoned as a baby and is brought up in a run down shack on the outskirts of Reykjavik Passing through the house are a motley bunch of deadbeat lodgers and wacky characters Most intriguing of all is Gardar Holm the son of a neighbour He is a local boy made good overseas as a world renowned singer or is heGardar flits in and out of the boys life during fleeting return trips home almost but not uite giving a concert to his adoring home town One day the saga finally comes to a conclusion as a date for the big concert is set Unwittingly the boy is sucked into the maelstrom and his path for life is setThere is a sense of a country in transition as the old Iceland is changing moving towards independence and with modern industry starting to take hold A whimsical affectionate book amusing rather than laugh out loud funny

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Brekkukotsannáll Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í [PDF / Epub] ★ Brekkukotsannáll By Halldór Laxness – «Os peixes também sabem cantar» é depois de «Gente independente» um dos livros mais significativos e de sucesso na carreira de Halldór Laxness Sem dúvida um dos ue melhor explica aNha um dia tornar se pescador tal como o seu avô vê no entanto todos os seus projectos de futuro serem abalados pelo regresso a casa do Garõar Hólm Famoso cantor lírico orgulho da Islândia a vida de Garõar está porém envolta num misterioso segredo ue caberá a Álfgrímur desvelar ligando para sempre a sua vida à desta estranha personagem Será Garõar a fazer com ue Álfgrímur se apaixone pela música incitando o a alcançar com o canto da sua voz a «Nota Pura?. Halldór Laxness is undoubtedly Iceland's most famous writer The story goes that he was in the middle of writing Brekkukotsannall translated surprisingly as The Fish Can Sing when he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1955 Did this recognition change the way he completed the novel May be maybe not Still reading it with that knowledge in the back of my mind the novel turns for me into much that the intimate portrait of a family a small village community at the turn of the last century and a coming of age story of a young orphan boy Alfgrimur Couched in the narrator's stream of consciousness gracefully integrating the child's view of his world with that of his older reflective self we discover the narratorauthor's insightful musings on tradition and modernity loyalty and betrayal poverty and wealth obscurity and celebrity In his descriptions of people and place Laxness's affecting sense of irony often makes light of the precarious situation in which most of the traditionally minded locals in the village find themselves The closely knit community fishermen former navy men the local priest and the old women who look after them all at the outskirts of what will eventually become Iceland's capital Reykjavik are lovingly portrayed and contrasted with the up and coming wealthier merchant class that threatens the perceived peaceful and harmonious life of the community The latter also represent the pro Danes group as well as the influence of the wider world; a world that will threaten the livelihood of the local fishermen like Bjorn of Brekkukot Alfgrimur's grandfatherYoung Alfgrimur lives in his own words a happy childhood despite the fact that he was abandoned by his mother and left at Brekkukot shortly after birth He is happiest when fishing with his grandfather; closest to the old woman he calls grandmother even though he knows nothing about her Brekkukot an old turf cottage is an unofficial guesthouse where various short or long term visitors are staying some come to die and are buried in the nearby church yard others live out their retirement and others are just transients All share the cramped place and even beds in the midloft; it is the social centre of Alfgrimur's odd familyThe novel starts with a series of short unconnected chapters like vignettes through which the older narrator introduces the odd collection of guests in Brekkukot and some of the neighbours; all of them appear totally normal to young Alfgrimur and fill his notion of his world His and the wider world come together in a way for Alfgrimur at least in the person of Gardar Holm the famous son of the village turned world traveling opera singer He returns from time to time to Reykjavik and surprisingly or maybe not strikes some kind of friendship with young Alfgrimur In turn the boy admires the older man even embarks on teaching himself to sing the funeral hymn as well as Schubert's Der Erlkönig However his idol is not all that he seems to be and Alfgrimur over time learns lessons from their encounters than he realizes for a long timeI must admit that I took uite some time before I was able to engage with the novel and its characters Its richness and beauty only really came together for me after I finished the last page and went back picking out sections and chapters reflecting on the underlying themes of the novel exploring its depth and wisdom

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«Os peixes também sabem cantar» é depois de «Gente independente» um dos livros mais significativos e de sucesso na carreira de Halldór Laxness Sem dúvida um dos ue melhor explica ao seu leitor a Islândia descrevendo através da história de vida do seu jovem protagonista o momento histórico da passagem da sua misteriosa e mágica sociedade ancestral à modernidade dos nossos dias O romance ue se situa em inícios do século XX acompanha a passagem da infância par. Two years after being awarded the Nobel Prize Laxness published this bildungsroman about the young Icelander Álfgrímur whose coming of age at the beginning of the 20th century coincides with the advancement of capitalist modernity in Iceland Abandoned by his mother Álfgrímur grows up with loving fostergrandparents in a cottage named Brekkukot in Reykjavik the Icelandic original of the book is called The Annals of Brekkukot His fostergrandfather Björn works as a fisherman never demanding money for his goods than he needs to survive and lives values like integrity humility and charity without making a show of it A recurring metaphor is the old clock in the living room at Brekkukot that chimes in harmony with the church bell and that seems to tick a four syllable word with emphasis on alternate syllables Eternity But time passes At Brekkukot Björn helps all kinds of people in turmoil and large parts of the book deal with Álfgrímur meeting Icelanders and some foreigners from all walks of life A central character is Garðar Hólm who is allegedly a celebrated singer abroad and returns to Iceland several times is art a calling or a profession is it about happiness or fame is it about truth or beauty People have kept on asking me Álfgrímur recounts did he sing well I reply the world is a song but we do not know wehether it's a good song because we have nothing to compare it with While Álfgrímur is fascinated by the singer he would be content to stay home in Iceland and become a fisherman like Björn but the latter knows that industrialized fishing will change the profession and wants his fosterson to get an education and he is willing to sacrifice the past for his future This is a wonderfully moving tale full of vivid imagery and uirky characters Brekkukot was modeled after the farm Melkot on which Laxness' parents met now a literature landmark in Reykjavik UNESCO's first non English speaking City of Literature Icelandic literature is so unbelievably good Just read Laxness and then Sjón