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Free download Needful Remastering Jerna #3 æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free â [Download] ➽ Needful Remastering Jerna #3 By Ann Somerville – Illness in Jerna's family has put his relationship with Ria under massive strain but just as he hopes to rebuild things school bullying thSila comes under attack too Jerna Ria and Sila must put personal needs aside and work together to clear Orlan's name and stop women being killedThis work is a seuel to Games Conseuences and is the third and final book of the Remastering Jerna seriesWords approxima. Slash Readers Alright so my first though upon seeing the cover closely is that I don't think the cover goes at all with the book The knife doesn't appear until the very last couple chapters of the book and the rest not to mention can I say Joker That's what first popped into my head with the makeup Anyway one example of a book that feels like the artist designing the cover had no idea what the book was about Though it does make for a creepy cover This book was not overly creepy truth be toldview spoilerThis story focus on the main characters from the previous novels with Sila making appearance as well as one of Ria's old lovers Orlan Gomici I honestly still can't decide whether I like Orlan or not There are moments where I thought he had hope and others where but then again since I like Jerna and Jerna dislikes Orlan I suppose I was a little biased against himI felt like this book was not uiet as neat as the last two books In some ways this one had a lot parallel's to the second book The first and second books worked well together the third one made the wrongfully accused set up and framed plot feel a little over used I did enjoy the problems and watching Jerna and Ria work through their personal issues and family issues Though I can't believe I'm saying this but I wish there had been a bit spice there a couple of sex scenesStill on the whole the book was not bad and I did read in two days to find out what was going to happen Most of what I said in the terms of the over all for the last book still applies But it was fun If you like the first two books this one is worth reading but then I get hooked on characters and want to read everything that has anything to do with them so shrugs hide spoiler

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Dful Remastering PDFEPUB or father and his children but when Ria's former lover Orlan Gomici turns up his mischief making puts Ria's relationship with Jerna under even stressAnnoyance turns to anxiety when Orlan is suspected of multiple murders and his newest lover. Maybe it was reading it too soon but I had to finish Same as the last I felt compelled to read the series but I didn't enjoy it Again not because of the writing but I didn't care for all of the characters

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Needful Remastering Jerna #3Illness in Jerna's family has put his relationship with Ria under massive strain but just as he hopes to rebuild things school bullying threatens both his older daughter's happiness and his precious time with his lover Ria struggles to understand the needs of a Nee. I really enjoyed this book just as I always do Ann's writing I can understand some of the other reviewers disappointment on it not being like Remastering Jerna but that didn't bother me at all I enjoyed seeing what all my favorite characters were up to I found the lack of sex refreshing It seems almost all mm I read these days throw in gratuitous sex scenes that serve no purpose My only complaint was Jerna being completely unfair to Ria in the first half of the book Even with all that was going on it seemed a disconnect from what we know of his character in the past books Still by the middle that was all resolved And the mystery part was a little predictable but fun to read nonetheless