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Pájaros en la bocaEm Pássaros na boca volume ue reúne dos melhores contos de Samanta Schweblin é bem patente o seu gosto por criar atmosferas ficcionais onde Pájaros en E. An unsettling disturbing set of short stories Schweblin creates relatable characters with effortless brushes of words only to destroy them by pushing them beyond the borders of humanity The characters become eeire inhuman making some of these stories stink with psychological horrorSchweblin is a bit of a literary Salvador Dali taking people and events bestowing them new forms and dimensionsI found these stories so refreshing puzzling and mesmerising They made my mind work made me shiver think filled me with emotionsA highly recommended thought provoking read

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review Pájaros en la boca ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Pájaros en la boca Author Samanta Schweblin – Em Pássaros na boca volume ue reúne 18 dos melhores contos de Samanta Schweblin é bem patente o seu gosto por criar atmosferas ficcionais onde o fantástico e sobretudo o iO leitor No centro das suas narrativas encontramos freuentemente a exposição crua ou satírica das relações humanas nas nossas sociedades contemporânea. While I liked the taut evocative writing and the gorgeous cover the stories themselves often felt empty to me These stories are absurd and sometimes horrific but horror and absurdity alone are not enough for me There are some really great stories here but not enough to make up for the so so ones

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Pubo fantástico e sobretudo o insólito e o grotesco irrompem com inusitada violência na normalidade do uotidiano deixando à sua mercê as personagens e. The first four stories were creepy masterpieces The rest felt like sketches where Schweblin explores themes that will no doubt be the core of her work as a writer and that recall the everyday dread of Fever Dream the weirdness of family; the impossibility of knowing even those you know best; the way everyday routine can decay unexpectedly into chaos and terror In real life it’s an accident or unexpected illness; in these stories it’s learning your daughter is eating live birds or that the butterfly you just killed wasn’t a butterfly at all The terrors here are metaphorical phantasms but they map onto real life fears and that is what makes these stories powerful rather than just macabre