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PDF ✓ BOOK A Long Desire î ❮Download❯ ➾ A Long Desire ➹ Author Evan S. Connell – Gwairsoft.co.uk A Long Desire is about man's constant yearnings throughout legend and history to attain the unattainable Always grasping at the stars just out of reach chasing the rainbow for that pot of gold looking A Long Desire is abouRainbow for that pot of gold looking for that lost city that must be just over the next hil This is an excellent overview on some of the greatest obsessions that have possessed mankind over the centuries which usually involved huge loss of life genocide and the attempted attainment of vast personal wealth and celebrity so sadly it can be said how little we have actually changed as a species

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Unattainable Always grasping at the stars just out of reach chasing the A Long eBook #224 Everyone who loves to read history should own this book and its companion THE WHITE LANTERN Both are collections of historical essays dealing with a wide range of topics They are written with a joy of learning that cannot be hidden The author is a master of language who brings an ironic tone to these works He explores both big stories like Antarctic explorations and the Spanish conuest of Central and South America He also delves into the smaller stories the ones often relegated to footnotes and asides like the stories of the scholars who translated cuneiform and Minoan or the studies of the AlchemistsThirty five years ago I bought these books on a whim from the uality Paperback Book Club and have reread them often as the decades passed They have been a joy Treat yourselves to these treasures

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A Long DesireA Long Desire is about man's constant yearnings throughout legend and history to attain the Evan Connell is one of my favorite authors having read his novels Mrs Bridge then Mr Bridge followed by his history of Custer in Son of the Morning Star and how Custer wound up having his golden locks shorn at the the Battle of the Little Big HornA Long Desire is a pleasant easy read of the history of man's longing to explore search and uench his intellectual thirst through actionIn a series of essays he begins by discussing Richard Halliburton the explorer and ends with the philosopher Paracelsus In between I found out whether or not Prester John” existed—perhaps Readers who study a lot of history have come across this legend and Connell comes closest to discovering who he really was as he does with many such typesTo the Indies The Sea Must Have an Endynge sic El Dorado and Seven Cities” deal with Europe’s discovery of the Western Hemisphere while searching for the Eastern Hemisphere The last essay deals with alchemy and Paracelsus and his complicated personalityThis is the kind of tangential obliue random and to some trivial information that is good to spout at cocktail parties or friendly bars at about the middle of the second round so’s you don’t get a punch blind side because Floyd thinks you’re making fun of him Or if you’re the uieter type you can lead the conversation to the fact that while Coronado was looking for a city—or seven cities filled with gold it was right there in Arkansas but it was black gold about a mile or so underground in a place called El Dorado pronounced el dorayda by localsConnell has an easy going approach in practically all his writing and if you are interested in the arcane aspects dealing with the time periods that he treats then I would recommend that you try reading A Long Desire