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CHARACTERS Ú American Hunger ´ [PDF] ✩ American Hunger By Eli Saslow – An eBook shortWinner of the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory ReportingIn this Pulitzer Prize winning collection Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow traveled across the country over the course of a year An eBook shortWinner of the Pulitzer Prize for ExplaNs and the challenges American families senior citizens and children encounter every day in ensuring they have enough and sometimes even anything to eat These unsettling and eye opening stories make for reuired reading providing nuance and understanding to the complex matters of American poverty . HeartbreakingAlthough the articles were written in 2012 and 2013 not much has changed It is true that SNAP benefits were increased to help people during the time of covid 19 What happens after benefits are reduced again So many have lost jobs and need food If you believe that people who receive SNAP benefits are lazy and undeserving please read the last essay of this collection Children should never be without adeuate nutritious food No one should I've been fortunate enough to never need assistance in my adult life When my tax dollars are used to feed people in need I can't imagine a better use of my money


An eBook shortWinner of the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory ReportingIn this Pulitzer Prize winning collection Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow traveled across the country over the course of a year from Florida and Texas to Rhode Island and Tennessee to examine the personal and political implica. When I was in high school one of the teachers showed us a film on hunger in America and it was shocking to me back then but it appeared to be just a section of America that sent hunger Things are far worse now This is another story about people in American not making it For these people there is never enough food jobs or enough money to make ends meet The food they get doesn't last out the month and much of it is what I consider junk food prepackaged foods that cause disease When I was fresh out of high school I moved to Davis CA to be near my high school boy friend who I later married I lived with a couple and took care of their child The woman Jill went to college at UC Davis For two weeks out of the month they would feed me well but the next two weeks money was low I didn’t make enough to buy my own food Months later I ended up getting anemia Luckily I married shortly after But back to prepackaged foods Do you think that the wealthy people are eating prepackaged foods I know many aren't They are eating fresh fruits and vegetables good meats dairy and cheeses and drinking good wines They often have a cook that serves them gourmet meals Well some say “They deserve it; they worked hard for it These welfare people don't want to work and so they deserve prepackaged foods”Those on food stamps need to work yes but the jobs are not always there and if they do find jobs they never pay enough to make ends meet They even have programs that teach them new skills so that they can find work but that doesn't mean that they will get the work because they often don't as there are too many people looking for the same job And how do you get a job without a car How do you find work when you don’t have transportation money It isn't that easy any to get around unless you live in large city like the Bay Area of San Francisco that has great bus service but then you can't afford to live there either Many low paid workers are now living out of the city and have to travel far to get to work Poverty breeds povertyOne woman that the author interviewed goes as far as to unscrew a light bulb in her refrigerator That saves nothing but she doesn't know this Another unscrews every bulb in the house Well Americans lived without electricity in their not so distant past so why not Why not Because people shouldn't have to live like this They could even turn off their hot water and heat Many do It helps even I have a pen pal who lives in snow country and when her husband lost his job he couldn’t get into town to even collect food stamps They spent the winter without heat no propane or wood A year later his boss called him back to work Then there are the long food lines at food pantries and much like the bread lines in the depression era some who stand in line to get food end up with very little since they were at the back of the line hours ago and the food ran out When I worked at a food pantry I saw this every time I was there And what do you say to those that end up with nothing other than I'm sorry Or “Here we do have a bag of cocoa puffs left” When you volunteer at these places you are not allowed to give them money you can only give sympathy This is not an easy volunteer job Now we have a day care center and 6 days a week we pass out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bologna and cheese on white bread—all processed food Then there are potato chips a banana and sometimes homemade soup They can get by on this for a while but in the long run they will end up with illnesses and most of these people are too sick to work The author of this book reports what he sees; he doesn't give solutions I am not sure if there are solutions since being poor is demonized by others as well as criminalized And how do you change people's views I haven't seen it happen and I have tried Not everyone has a heart and many have been too brainwashed to see things as they really areI think that the food stamp program really needs to be changed For one thing I feel that people need food stamps not less but I am also in agreement with ruling out most prepackaged foods The problem right now is that they have to make their food stamps stretch Prepackaged foods while lacking much in nutrition goes farther than real food Everyone know how expensive fruits vegetables meat eggs milk and real cheese areThen we need to bring jobs back to America and not just jobs but good paying ones All of that may not happen and our country is so rigged that people have a very hard time raising themselves out of poverty But in comes help Rep Steve Southerland had a plan to make changes to the welfare system Let’s make these people volunteer for their food for at least 20 hours a week he said Now that isn't really a bad idea except I believe that this volunteer work will be free and if it isn't it will not be eual to a paying job not even an 8 an hour lousy job So now you would have slave labor as if we ever abolished it in the first place and price wise I doubt if these 20 hours will be eual to the food they buy Note Since writing this review I read that teachers in Florida can’t afford to rent a house so they want to build them apartments on the campuses instead of raising their pay

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American HungerTions and repercussions of America's growing food stamp program Saslow shows us the extraordinary impact the arrival of food stamps has each month on a small town's struggling economy the difficult choices our representatives face in implementing this billion program affecting millions of America. It is disturbing I have never been in the position where I worried about having enough food in my refrigerator I never worried that my daughter would have enough It certainly does not mean that this couldn’t happen It sounds exhausting humiliating anxiety provoking and awful to have to always worry about how to have enough food This was an excellent series of essays describing the toil of constant food shortages It especially feels revenant now with Covid 19 causing so much unemployment displacement and severe food shortages There are different answers to how to have better nutritious food available and the long term problems of living on mostly low cost low nutrient junk foods Still I think there are solutions and there is really no such thing as the deserving poor and the undeserving poor All hunger is hunger and is not a way to live We need to find better solutions This book really made me think of how serious this crisis is