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Mobi Divine Phoenix Divine Creek Ranch #10

Mobi é Divine Phoenix Divine Creek Ranch #10 319 pages Download ¸ Heather rainier æ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Divine Phoenix Divine Creek Ranch #10 Author Heather Rainier – Every woman wants a fairy tale ending but Lily Valentine has given up on that Other women may getMove on from it In an effort to remake herself Lily unintentionally does harm than goodAs Lily Valentine rises from the ashes of her former life jealousy is sparked and danger comes calling Will Clay and Del be able to save her when her old life tries to reclaim her 35 star readI enjoy this series by Heather Rainier She writes full length menage fiction with real people involved Ok yes the guys are super protective and always know what or who they want but that's all part if the fantasyIn this story we meet Lily who has been abused mentally and physically by her husband He's described as a sadistic bastard and he really is Over the years Lily has lost herself and after walking in on her husband having sex with another woman she makes a breakWhat I loved about this story is we see the damage that's been done and just how much effort will go into reclaiming her life Lily had her dad and 2 amazing guys helping her out but its so easy to see why so many women stay with abusive partners So with little money and uite a bit of physical damage we see Lily work to gain control and the author does a great job showing the everyday struggle this would involveSadly Ms Rainier still can't seem to get a flow going with her love scenes What should be steamy and exciting somehow isn't The mechanical descriptions are there but the rhythm isn't Knowing they all love each other helps but the issue remains

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Gles with his craft wondering if his best work is behind himMortally ill Lily flees to Divine barreling headlong into Clay’s life from the distant past Clay’s brother Del returns from a lengthy deployment suffering from deep trauma of his own at a loss for how to Def one of the better of the Siren Publishing authors I’ve read The relationships actually develop over a reasonable period of time instead of less than 24 hours And a decent # of pages not just over a hundred

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Divine Phoenix Divine Creek Ranch #10Every woman wants a fairy tale ending but Lily Valentine has given up on that Other women may get their happily ever after but what she lives is like a nightmare Admitted loner Clay Cook has heard all the stereotypes about artists and even lived some of them He strug OK Heather you did it again hit a grand slam right out of the literary park Those of us who have read all the Divine Creek books are delighted to meet again some of the characters who have populated previous novels and especially fine that bachelor and master jeweler Clay Cook has finally met his match in Lily Valentine A wonderful story that embraces the experience of a woman caught in a destructive and abusive marriage for 12 years whose life force her feisty and charming persona has been beaten judged criticized crushed right out of her so that her old pal Clay Cook a man who together with his brother Del were Lily's best childhood friends It is now 26 years later and he barely recognizes her Not only is Lily struggling to regain the fullness of herself again and reclaim her future but Del is back from the horror of war in Afghanistan and carrying a whole load of PTSD working himself nearly to death in the hopes that he can have just one full night of rest without the insomnia and nighmares This is a book that never backs away from the fears and hopes the hurts and wounds that cruel and inhumane people foist upon one another whether it be on the battlefields of the Middle East or through the words and actions of a cruel psychotic spouse or the judgmental accusations and piercing criticism of a religious bigot It is a menage love story to be sure but it is told with sensitivity and caring with persons filling out the field of characters that are authentic and full of life whose humorous and kind acceptance of Lily when she was most vulnerable was an important ingredient in her restoration And of course there's the loving hot and sensual careful and gentle at times and at others it is seasoned with unbearable and not to be inhibited passion It's another wonderful story about those counter culture citizens of Divine Texas and it's not to be missed