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Eating his loss of libido will reuire than long whips and iron chains Instead she will be forced to rewire his brain with a mental surgery that will cut deeper than any scalpel Like all radical treatments her unorthodox therapy carries significant risks for both her. I can appreciate the effort the author has put into the novel I understand what she intended to accomplish but did not always succeeded Is it due to a lack of experience or feedback or editing I don’t know it had the potential to be great but it ended to be just an ok story I detected an effort at building the characters but it felt forced I guess it was too intentional There was no fluidity to the story weak scene to scene connection with no underlying elements bringing cohesion to the story line It felt as though the author had a list of scenes she wanted to write about and she built a story and characters around theses scenes However it got a bit better as the story progressedSome of the scenes were exciting succeeding to keep me on the edge It deals with somewhat heavy femdom material and the lack of build up or character relatability made it difficult to let yourself be absorbed by the story It contains sm activities chastity crossdressing humiliation cuckolding and the use of a lot of device of which think were invented for the purposes of the story that put me off some I think the problem with the story and with a lot of stories in the femdom genre is that they are trying to cram everything into one story when one activity or fetish should be able to yield enough material for a full book Keep it simple detailed and build a solid story with characters that have depth vivid physical and emotional descriptions and create anticipation then bring us to the climaxAll in all an ok story entertaining but not great and a bit disappointing There are better stories around

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Alternative TherapyPatient and herself But one outcome is certain Dr Glover will enjoy the greatest power exchange of her life by witnessing another man relinuish all control for a cure she promises to provideThis book depicts graphicextreme scenes of BDSM and power exchange Adults onl. DNF at 38%Review upcoming

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characters Alternative Therapy ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù ➼ [Reading] ➾ Alternative Therapy By Samantha Love ➱ – Dr Glover has reached the pinnacle of her career As a highly sought after sex therapist she's used to dealing with difficult and puzzling cases but when a Dr Glover has reached the pinnacle of her career As a highly sought after sex therapist she's used to dealing with difficult and puzzling cases but when a former high school classmate is referred to her care Dr Glover confronts the greatest challenge of her career Tr. This story is definitely a sexy and steamy contribution to erotic fiction You can tell that the author Samantha Love really took her time in crafting an elaborate and intricate story to go along with some specific fetishes for readers to enjoy Dr Glover is a very deep character and does a great job in her ‘femdom’ role Her portrayal as a doctor also really adds to the sexual scenarios of the story If you like BDSM female domination and are looking for a well written story then this book is going to be great for you