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review The Bookish Life of Nina HillA Novel

The Bookish Life of Nina HillA Novel review Ä 3 ↠ ➱ [Read] ➬ The Bookish Life of Nina HillA Novel By Abbi Waxman ➼ – The only child of a single mother Nina has her life just as she wants it a job in a bookstore a kick butt trivia team a world class planner and a cat named Phil If she sometiD They all live close by They're all or mostly all excited to meet her She'll have to Speak To Strangers It's a disaster And as if that wasn't enough Tom her trivia nemesis has Bookish Life of PDF #199 turned out to be cute funny and deeply interested in getting to know her Doesn't Bookish Life of Nina HillA PDFEPUBhe realize what a terrible idea that isNina considers her options Completely change her name and appearance Too drastic pl. Buddy read badge from For Love Of A Book 💕I wasn’t sure about this book but one of my groups is doing a buddy read so I got it from the library I’m going to buy this book now This book made me laugh love and cry Favorites list peeps Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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Us she likes her hair Flee to a deserted island Hard pass see coffee Hide in a corner Bookish Life of Nina HillA PDFEPUBof her apartment and rock back and forth Already doing itIt's time for Nina to come out of her comfortable shell but she isn't convinced real life could ever live up to fiction It's going to take a brand new family a persistent suitor and the combined effects of ice cream and trivia to make her turn her own fresh page. 35 stars I have to round up since I love making lists and of course I’m bookishThe truth is that many of us are like Nina Hill and live bookish lives We might not be as uirky and maybe not as smart I know I’m not but there’s so much about the bookish part that’s relatable and that’s what made this made light and lovely and even though predictable read so much fun Oh I rolled my eyes a few time when it was a bit too cute But overall even knowing that I could tell you how it was going to end I couldn’t help but root for Nina the whole way Nina prefers to be alone and preferably reading but she’s not exactly a recluse She has friends plays team trivia runs book clubs and has her dream job in a bookstore She’s a planner maybe OCD and when she has free time it’s not really free since that’s when she reads I definitely get that She has no real family to speak of except Louise the nanny who raised her Her mother for all intents and purposes abandoned her and while they are in touch they see each other rarely She doesn’t know who her father is That is until she is named in his will and family takes on a whole new meaning And of course she meets someone Can she find room in her schedule or importantly her life for her new half siblings nieces and nephews This is that feel good summer book I was looking for light but not too light full of heart and a character who will touch the heart of many book lovers She did mineI received an advanced copy of this book from Berkley through Edelweiss

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The Bookish Life of Nina HillA NovelThe only child Life of Kindle #213 of a single mother Nina has her life just as she wants it a job in a bookstore a kick butt trivia team a world class planner and a cat named Phil If she sometimes suspects there might be to life than reading she just shrugs and picks up a The Bookish eBook #244 new book When the father Nina never knew existed suddenly dies leaving behind innumerable sisters brothers nieces and nephews Nina is horrifie. Abbi Waxman's creation the book obsessed 29 year old Nina Lee Hill was an absolute joy for me to spend time with particularly with the mass of literary and cultural references littered throughout this wonderful piece of contemporary fiction with all its comic humour Set in the offbeat district of Larchmont LA Nina works at the independent bookstore Knights established in the 1940s It's the best fit for Nina an OCD over planner so Monica from Friends is obviously her favourite character Nina is smart sarcastic socially awkward and anxious for whom spontaneity and the unexpected throws her for a loop Books are at the top of the list in her 5 perfect things they are medication sanctuary and the source of all good things nothing has yet proven her wrong and it's little wonder libraries are her idea of heaven Her mom is a famous photographer and free spirit she has never known her father and she was bought up and loved by her nanny Louise and Khalil Gibran's The Prophet has the most apt saying that defines her 'You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts' as she lives her life in her off the wall and exciting fictional universe Amidst her busy tightly scheduled life of Trivia nights with her team Book 'Em Danno numerous book clubs and reading that are her weapons of self defence Nina's life has an almighty spanner thrown in it She discovers a father she never knew about has just died she is in his will and is struck numb when she realises she has a huge and disparate family right on her doorstep Then there is Tom a member of another Trivia team a whizz on the subject of sport Nina's weakest area annoying really not a suitable boyfriend for her after all he is not a reader butshe just cannot stop thinking about him Nina struggles to accommodate the idea that life is what happens whilst she has been busy making other plans and overcome her personal intrinsic belief that 'Books are safer than other people' Neil Gaiman Waxman writes a gloriously funny novel with a raft of fantastic characters that lit up my life as I read it Nina is endearing a sharp cookie who can wax lyrical on the most obscure of subjects her brain is a veritable encylopaedia of facts and knowledge it's just her emotional side that is a challenge and which she needs to work on This is for all those book worms out there especially for those for whom books are one of the most perfect elements in an imperfect world and for anyone else who enjoys well written contemporary fiction with oodles of warmth Many thanks to Headline for an ARC