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This is an alternate cover edition for BJEZA On paper Jason has a great life Catharsis Awaken eBook #188 He attends a prestigious private school on scholarship and his parents are reasonably well off Yet life hasn't been easy for Jason He has spent most of high school being tormented by both the students and faculty a. One stars two stars I'm not sure but I'm doing one to counteract all the positivity I did a bunch of research to find the best place to get into the LitRPG genre Yikes This better not be the best it has to offerLet's start with an analogy Your ten year old non prodigy plays through a challenging violin concerto in the privacy of your home in front of family It's a spirited and entertaining rendition but far from professional No one would dare put her on a stage and charge money as if she were a professionalDo you see where this is going Let's take Travis Bagwell's own profession No one would dare try to represent someone in court without the years of necessary legal trainingThat's kind of why it baffles me that people think it's okay to slap up the book they wrote on and charge people money for it This belongs on a personal webpage or in the hands of family and friends or at the very least make it free on Just like any profession the art and craft of writing takes years of practice to get good at It's a lifelong journey A first year creative writing course could use this book for an entire semester as an example of what not to do It shocks me that Bagwell didn't even look up basic things every grade school student learns before hitting publishHere's a few consistent issues that come to mind meaning they weren't typos There are many many Elementary errors Incorrect use of uotation marks Improper punctuation of dialogue Passive voice Excessive adverb use Tense confusion Unnecessary redundancyIntermediate errors Incorrect comma use Flat on the nose dialogue Tells instead of shows Dangling modifiers Excessive unintentional alliteration Lack of motivation or tension to move the story forwardAdvanced errors When showing chooses unimportant or common details Weak or confused characterization Lack of clear value shifts and turning points at the scene level Lack of consideration of prose style bonus points for reflecting mood or actionNow we're professional Doesn't consider how internal and external global shape can contrast to create dramatic tension Underdeveloped voiceI really don't say this to be mean I liked the story Just like the child playing the concerto can be spirited and entertaining this was spirited and entertaining I want to be clear that I'm not saying hire an editor or there's typos as some other reviewers have put it There's an experience gap that has no easy fix other than for Bagwell to hunker down with dozens of books on the craft of writing and slowly start to get these issues under control It takes 10000 hours of practice to get good at anything and writing is no exceptionMy hope is that he's gotten better with future books My guess is that since he's not so embarrassed by this one to make it free or to rewrite it or remove it entirely nothing has changed

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Catharsis Awaken Online #1Nd his parents are never home Frustrated and alone his one escape has always been video games In game he can feel the type of power and freedom he lacks in his day to day life Fortunately a new virtual reality game the first of its kind has just been released which promises the opportunity for an even greater escape O. So I found the beginning at school a bit boring and annoying That silent angry distracted type read teenager frustrates me And I also couldn't be bothered to read those italicized alternative pov chapter intros So boring I actually put the book down but I picked it back up yesterday And then he started playing the game I found myself going back to read all those intros I skipped hehe They were actually uite fun and by the end I was looking forward to them I became uite fond of Robert ; pAnyway for the remainder of the story I was thoroughly entertained as I love chaotic evil MCs By the last chapter I was pretty sure I would give this book 4 stars but I really had no interest in reading the seuel Then the epilogue happened so now I'm off to read book 2

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Catharsis Awaken Online #1 review ´ 3 ✓ [EPUB] ✻ Catharsis Awaken Online #1 By Travis Bagwell – This is an alternate cover edition for B01J0E8Z8A On paper Jason has a great life He attends a prestigious private school on scholarship and his parents are reasonably well off Yet life hasn't been ea This is an alterNce he begins playing Jason uickly finds himself on the path to becoming the game’s villain In the process he also starts to suspect that there is something unusual going on within the game This novel contains graphic violence and language Books don't have ratings but if they did this book would be rated M for Matur. So GOOD 5 StarsI can hardly believe that this is the author's first book I love a good Villain story but this book is so much than that I'm fangirling to much to explain in coherent sentences