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DOC ò READER Claiming His Hidden Heir FREE ë ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Claiming His Hidden Heir By Carol Marinelli ✪ – “Did you forget to tell me about my baby?”He won’t be denied his heirButtoned up PA Cecelia Andrews’s resignation released her secret raw desire for her demanding playboy boss Luka “Did you forget to tell me about my baby?”He won’t be denied his heirButtoned up PA Cecelia Andrews’s resignation released her secret raw desire This novel was the antithesis of romance It was horrible with MC's I loathed a hastily structured storyline and if that's not bad enough it was poorly written Now I know that Carol Marinelli has talent because she's written some wonderful novels in the past so it's mind boggling to realize that she's the author of this This is the second novel from this month's HP lineup that's a total disaster for me personally The other one is Kostas's Convenient Bride However my problem with Lucy Monroe's novel had only been with the storyline and characters because Lucy's novel was well written in terms of style and structure etc Carol Marinelli hardly even uses descriptive prose in this novel There is so much focus on direct speechdialogue vs prose that she might as well have written a play Most of the prose is not descriptive but entirely narrative summations of what the MC's are thinking Whatever happened to a few beautiful paragraphs of descriptive prose now and again ?The next item on my personal list of complaints is The MC's are BOTH totally unlikable The heroine is wishy washy with no real personality and she has a fiance to whom she's emotionally unfaithful I don't want to read a romance novel where the heroine gives pity sex to her fiance while fantasizing about the H She had known that she had to end her engagement the night she had come back from the museum and while being intimate with Gordon had found herself imagining Luka instead It had been the best orgasm of her life That brings me to the next complaint why the hell does the heroine's fiance have to be an unattractive boring skinny and pallid guy while the H gets to bang a lot of sexy supermodels ? That's just so pathetic As for the H this guy used to be a gigolo She closed her eyes and then his mouth moved down her stomach ‘Am I getting the full Luka Kargas treatment?’ she asked There was a moment of arrested silence while he paused his mouth hovering over her stomach What she didn’t know was that in Luka’s world the tables had turned many years ago He no longer went down on women His start had been sex and Luka had long ago perfected his routine But now that his wealth exceeded theirs Well he paid for their favoursI don't now about other readers but I am nauseated just thinking that the H used to perform oral sex on women for money Former gigolos and prostitutes are NOT my idea of ideal MC's in a romance novel I don't know what Carol Marinelli was thinking of when she drafted this specific story but it seemed as if she just didn't care enough to give it her full attention This is my symbolic interpretation of how Carol M went about the process of writing this novelOther writers whose books I enjoy like Lynne Graham Jennie Lucas Heidi Rice Kate Hewitt among many probably approach their craft like thisAs for me well I needed to clear my head and do some serious relaxing after the mind numbing horror of this excuse for a romance novelI would not have bothered to skim through this romance novel after reading the horrible reviews it got but the problem I had was I already had a copy of the book in my possession Yes I am the dumb asshole who got the book before reviews came out That's the only reason I am doing this review because I usually just heed negative reviews of books and move on to better books I'm not one to waste my time building up a bookshelf of crappy books I have little time to dwell on negativity since reading is a hobby I love Once in a blue moon however I will come across a book I absolutely hate like this and the one by Lucy Monroe and then I will write my review on it if I think my concerns are justifiable I take no pleasure from writing negative reviews because I know that authors are humans too and have feelings that can be hurt by what readers say That's why I usually refrain from reading crap because I won't have to write about it in a review In this case like I said the book was already in my possession so I felt honour bound to write a review on it I am not writing off Carol Marinelli because I've read some good books from her in the past and I really hope she uses the feedback on this novel in a positive way I do know however that I won't be rushing to get a new book by her until after I've read other readers' reviews Right now there are only a handful of HP authors whose novels I will get before seeing other reviews I also have a complaint about the HPMills and Boon editors they really need to stop including chick lit stories in the Harleuin PresentsMills and Boon Modern category This was another novel this month that seems to be akin to chick lit The other novel was Kostas's Convenient Bride Create a category for chick lit I don't even know or want to know if there's an existing chick lit category but if there is then I am doubly peeved that these 2 novels found their way into the HPMB Modern lineup

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Let coldhearted Luka make her daughter feel unwanted But when Luka uncovers her deceit there’s no escaping the conseuences of her passionate surrende No just no This does not even deserve 1 star at all I cannot believe this is a Carol Marinelli or a Harleuin read This book has absolutely no place in Harleuin Presents and shame on those who placed it there because it is not safe contemporary or what we expect from HP books The story plot was awful and the characters just plain despicable A Hero who was a paid Gigolo and a heroine who contemplates abortion and sleeps with a Fiancee while fantasizing about the Hero? While I thank you NetGalley for giving me this free read I am so very grateful that I didn't spend my hard earned money to pay for it If this is the direction Harleuin is going you are going to loose many loyal customers like me

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Claiming His Hidden HeirFor her demanding playboy boss Luka Kargas One year after his callous dismissal Cecelia’s hiding an even greater secret their daughter She’ll never Even if Esther's review is not convincing enough to pass this book Ivy H's will destroy the little hope of ever wanting to get close to it