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Free download Crash Ride Power Station #2 ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☄ Crash Ride Power Station #2 Author T. Gephart – Megan Winters had lusted over Troy Harris drummer for international rock band Power Station for years Not being the type of Zone The best friend of his best friend’s girlfriend Cue the reality Ride Power Station PDF #186 show But when she gives him the chance to have a one night no strings good time there was no way he could turn that down Maybe she was right One night and then they could go back to being just friendsBoth of them were delusional Book two of the Power Station series. Another amazing book written by T Gephart So freakin’ HOT Couldn’t put this one down I was just so immersed in the story And Troy Harris was one amazing male specimen He’s gorgeous with a bangin’ body Oh man there’s just something so irresistible about him that Megan Winters loves When he’s around she just can’t think straight Things come out of her mouth that are dirty and naughty And what does he think of her Well she’s beautiful and smart A doctor And with a body like hers he’s constantly re arranging himself But their best friends are a couple and if Troy Harris and Megs don’t work out it could spell trouble for all So they make an arrangement A “sex only” arrangement and whatever happens they won’t let it affect their friendship whatsoever How long though can either one of them keep this up when feelings start getting in the way Wow I just couldn’t put this down Started reading this in the afternoon and was done by 1am It was just that mind blowing Romance and drama at its best Holy crap The chemistry between the two was off the charts HOT Tattoos and piercings just added to the heat It was a funny book too Megs still calling Troy by both first and last name all the time was still hilarious She had some sense of humor The whole idea of sneaking around and secret hook ups just added to the excitement of it all as well And of course there’s still the Power Station guys around with their gorgeous babes Dan is just such a funny dude – potty mouth and all While Ashlyn still is a protector and takes care of her man Some things happened that brought big tears to my eyes Didn’t see that happening But Megs is a brave young woman And like I said smart as hell She knows when she has a good thing and knows when to jump on it as if it could be her lifeline to the future With Troy Harris by her side how can anything be but perfect I loved this book I’m still smiling about it as I write this review after only having finished reading it twelve hours ago I’m just so sad that their story is over however It was one that I was totally looking forward to and I was not disappointed at all There’s just something about this group of guys and their women that is thrilling and desirable And I’m so looking forward to Jace’s story Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long “In his eyes I saw the love I saw his commitment and I hoped he saw the same in mine There was no mistake on what this was there was no misunderstanding on what it could be It was home Mine His Ours” Megs pg 192 The uote below was so profoundly written that I just had to include it in my review and for the short time that Josh was in the story he just made it so much sweet; he genuinely seemed to have such a beautiful soul “There are usually three different types of people who come and get ink One the living canvas For these people their skin is blank pages that they use to tell their story There is no separation between the art and them It’s a part of them as much as an ear or a toe It’s an addiction as well as an expression Two The weekend warrior They go under the needle to earn cool points or to follow trend These are the people who usually get some lame tribal band around their arm or a tramp stamp They get tats that are highly visible and often cheesy I don’t judge but I assume that five to ten years down the track they will be spending time with a laser Three The tortured soul They use the art as therapy to memorialize something or a loved one They mark their skins with tributes and dedications or a connection to something or someone It’s just for them; displayed or not displayed it wouldn’t mean any or less” Josh pg 138

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Megan Winters had Power Station Epub #223 lusted over Troy Harris drummer for international rock band Power Station for years Not being the type of girl who was invited backstage her fantasies had stayed just that fantasies When her best friend unexpectedly starts dating one of the other band members it puts her on a crash course at war with her libido Her soluti. When I first dove into High Strung I was instantly hooked the easy camaraderie between Dan and Troy had me laughing the sisterhood between Megan and Ash unuestionable for a girl like me I understood that bond the love you can have for your friends is fierce closer than family and picking up Crash Ride was like catching up with old mates the absolute ease in which I sunk back into the world of Power Station is a testament to the writer that T Gephart isTo say I adored Dan and Ash would be an understatement but the nervous energy and eager excitement I had to dive into Meg and Troy's world was second to none dropping all other books the moment Crash Ride hit my kindleMegs is the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up self possessed strong career driven focused and yet able to unwind and have fun with friends confidence is sexy and Megs has it all in spades Her obsession with Power Station rocker Troy Harris made her that little bit approachable real Despite dealing with some heavy themes Crash Ride is jam packed with the kind of laughter that I've come to expect from Gephart The attraction between a normal woman and and the out of reach rocker felt so real we've all been there lusted after someone who is pie in the sky out of reach but when Megs best friend becomes involved with Troy's band and best mate suddenly the man of her dirty dirty dreams is in arms reach With a good dose of fun and frivolity and the right balance of heart and soul Crash is the kind of book I love diving into I could tell you about how Megs brash approach to get Troy's attention was both crazy and endearing I could tell you that I adored how Megs is balls to the wall in everything she does how I loved that she let her crazy out I loved that through phone calls text messages and late night hook ups we get to see this relationship bloom I loved that Gephart's words played in my mind like a movie reel and I love that after everything is said and done I'm still calling him Troy Harris The boys from Power Station have uickly captured my heart and are showing no signs of letting go

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Crash Ride Power Station #2On they need to have sex Surely once she had scratched Crash Ride PDFEPUBthat itch and saw the fantasy didn’t live up to the reality she could move on I mean what could possibly go wrongTroy Harris vowed to stay away from Megs The sexy smart and funny blonde left his mind and his body feeling like a pretzel No matter how attracted he was to her she was a no go. 5 Troy Harris StarsI freaking Loved Loved Loved this book I really enjoyed most of the first book in this series but the ending kind of went off the rails so I didn't know if I really wanted to invest the time in the seuel and risk being disappointed againI am so glad I was in the mood to give this book a try it was so good I couldn't put it down I have to say that Troy Harris and Megs are just both such great MC's funny witty all around good people Their story was entertaining and touching I couldn't recommend it