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The WallcreeperGen Vogelbeobachtung Drogen Kinderwunsch Dubstep Sex lästigen kleinen Pflichten Öko Aktivismus und Orten wie Bern Berlin Sachsen Anhalt und dem Balkan überraschende Brücken schlägt ist ein vor unerhörten Einfällen sprühendes komisches kluges mitunter verrücktes freches derbes engagiertes impulsives auch zartes melancholisches Buch Wie der Mauerläufer – flink in einer Art Tarnkleid und schön. I liked its flighty sexy fun for the most part but also found myself against its caprice as ideaart But then once I finished thanks to the end I started thinking about it as a contemporary feminist companion piece to Kenzaburo Oe's A Personal Matter oh it's a moral tale about taking responsibility for yourself and knocked the rating up a bit Franzen blurbed it for the birding and Berlin and those bits the insider info on Germanythereabouts and similes involving angry robins trash birds etc make it singular but the tone is familiar sort of like Grace Paley at her rangiest but shot through with way sexy stuff Insight wisdom and unpredictable turns of phrase and modulations throughout made it easy and enjoyable reading but like a bird in flight it too often felt weightless thanks mostly to incessantly ironic over reliance on exaggerated analogy and the like The eco terrorist action seemed like a little engine to ease the burden of gliding along on language alone A recommended beach read for readers who'd never read a conventional beach read book

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Read The Wallcreeper 107 É ❴Reading❵ ➶ The Wallcreeper Author Nell Zink – Ein hinreißender Roman über Ehe Liebe Treue und Europa Vögel und den Umweltschutz von einer amerikanischen Autorin die seit Jahren in einem kleinen Ort in Brandenburg lebt – einer Entdeckung von Ein hinreißender Roman über Ehe Liebe Treue und Ein hinreißender Roman über Ehe Liebe Treue und Europa Vögel und den Umweltschutz von einer amerikanischen Autorin die seit Jahren in einem kleinen Ort in Brandenburg lebt – einer Entdeckung von Jonathan Franzen Bis hoch hinauf zur New York Times wurde Nell Zink gefeiert als literarische Entdeckung und ihr Roman als Debüt des Jahres in den USABerner Oberland Jahrhundert Dies und das passiert nachd. Reviews the reason people read reviews is to decide for themselves whether or not they should invest the time money and energy into reading a novel This is only my opinion and reflects not on the author personally but on this particular work of fiction I read the New York Times book review of The Wallcreeper AFTER finishing the book What came to my mind was The Emperor's New Clothes But the author the Times the famous blurber all want us to see gilded gold and refined cloth But I'm not among the NYC literati so all I saw was a saggy naked assNell Zink’s writing attempt to hoodwink us into thinking she has created something fresh and new with with patchwork prose dry but flat humor and pretentious bleak levity and the tenor of a challenging post modern voice that defies definition is nothing but shiny keys posing as highbrow literature And frankly I know how to define this type of novel easily enough and it starts with “hype” and “who you know”When I say fresh and new a cliché within its own right I'm doing what the writing fails to do using clichés as devices to point out irony But Zink’s rampant use of clichés throughout the book are not used ironically Examples You can't judge a book by its cover and I refuse to go on fiddling while Rome burns Along with Garbage in garbage out although she redeems this one a little with a tiny new spin If you’re going to use clichés the whole point of their employment is to poke fun at them or double back and rework them Not the case here On page one we get an over the top explanation that given the lack of clarity throughout the whole book now seems rather uaint “I opened the door and put my feet outside threw up and lay down not in the vomit but near it” I'm not sure why we need that spelled out for us This kind of clunky prose riddles the entire book Before the protagonist Tiffany throws up her husband hits a rock in the road It jostles her enough that she has a miscarriage What he actually hit was a bird a wallcreeper He leaves his wife there bleeding to go rescue the bird like any husband would naturally Irony A grim sense of tongue in cheek yes this is who her husband is and foreshadowing of events to come If the latter is true then it's so on the nose it's shudder worthy If it wasn't meant as foreshadowing it's just plain poor storytelling and character developmentThe couple keeps the wallcreeper in their kitchen until the thing starts to molt and basically needs to be set free into the wild make a note set free is a theme Yet the bird the main motif and title of the book gets dropped less than 20% into the story and what happens next is nowhere near a foreshadowing of things to comeAfter they release the bird into the wild the wallcreeper is eaten by a hawk miraculously on the very day the couple goes to watch him in his habitat So that very day Not the day they let him out of the kitchen But later Because they could find that particular wallcreeper andugh Disbelief suspension Way too much to ask here To say it was supremely deus ex machina is an understatement I can’t remember how they were able to keep track of it but somehow they do and it gets eaten Foreshadowing again I wish I could say “yes” But no it was and is as meaningless as it sounds which reflects the rest of the book’s trajectory I’m afraid Going back to the beginning here's what Tiffany the protag says after the rock bird vomit bleeding car incident I wasn't pregnant I noticed This seemed totally absurd to me As I said the first lines of the book chronicle this event and her husband acting like no husband or human being would act EVER cared about rescuing the wallcreeper than his bleeding wife I realize the author might have been attempting to use this blasé ironic device to set some sort of post modern bleak tone but to me it felt completely off key and contrivedWithin the first few pages metaphors abound which not for a lack of trying I couldn't fathom I think Zink was hoping readers would skim over them and not think too much on them Kind of like certain poetry that is so obscure the poet hopes the reader believes it’s simply too deep or intellectual for them to grasp so the reader assumes it’s good and just over their heads when in fact it’s simply verbal onanism on a page Here's the first one that caught my eye I clenched my hands into claws and cried like a drift log in heavy surf I’ve never personally heard a drift log in heavy surf I’ve seen it Was she thrashing about Then her husband does something to her that once again no human being would do ever Stephen put his hands on my ears Much later he told me he thought if I couldn't hear myself I might stop He said it reminded him of feedback mounting in an amplifier From the clashing metaphors to her husband acting in completely unrealistic ridiculous ways I found it difficult to suspend my disbelief There are many places where it felt like Zink was trying much too hard I wanted to hear my own whispers in the next room and know that I was thinking of me Then this noggin' scratcher I was raised on art and literature the opiates of the intellectually underprivileged Sopeople who aren’t blessed with intellectuse art and literature to numb the pain ofbeing stupid It almost feels like she’s slighting us her readers implying that if we enjoy art and literature and since this book has been hyped up as a work of literary fiction why thenhm You connect the dots IF you’re not “intellectually underprivileged” that is According to this line I suppose reading Ms Zink’s novel is proof positive that we’re all idiots reading her novel to escape our dearth of intellect I really can’t see any other way to interpret this From page one I went from incredulity to irritation to boredom to incredulity again to laughter because I was still incredulous to relief that I was finished with the book From what I had read I wasn't surprised that the ending left me indifferent The boredom came with the didactic eternally long passages where Stephen the protag's husband starts preaching Zink's authorial intrusion to Tiffany us the reader about his thoughts obviously Zink's obsession on the environment and the European government's policies wrt the environment It was very clear that the author has an information fetish about environmentalism and wild birds I find it ironic that I've heard Jonathan Franzen rail against over didacticism and info fetishes yet he was the person not only instrumental in getting Zink to write this book get it published but he blurbed it as well I loved The Corrections and Freedom so his blurb carried weight for me which is why I bought the book The NYT book reviewer stated that the protag like the wallcreeper wanted to be wild and free This isn't the impression I had Tiffany is an apathetic flat character with no discernible arc throughout the book until the last 5% of the story where she suddenly out of the blue does a complete 180 that I personally didn't see coming in any of the preceding events or internal processes of which there were little of her character It was as sudden a shift as a right angle and utterly unbelievable Tiffany begins and remains throughout the book a leech entirely dependent financially on men because she doesn't want to work She literally has no motivation to do anything Not even sex Nothing Finally in one paragraph less than 5% away from the end of the book she exclaims I refuse to go on fiddling while Rome burns Oh okay Tiff Glad you joined the partyYet even with this “sudden change” in the form of her telling us she’s changing she doesn’t She tells a male character in the book I just need you to save me Now I realize the author was probably trying to be ironic and humorous but it can't be ironic if it's the actual truth The man to whom Tiffany is speaking says to her “you can live in Dessau rent free if you redecorate I’ll pay for the materials Isn't that what women want” Oh yeah that’s what all women want free rent and carte blanche to redecorate So ultimately her earth shattering epiphany that she suddenly wants to do something with her life does not preclude her continued financial dependence on men This isn't a woman craving freedom I'm sorry Even with the male character's feeble attempt to make it okay by telling her she'd be doing him a favor by living rent free in his house is presented it feels like the author is protesting too much She knows the speech about Tiffany “doing him the favor” is bogus but needs it to seem like Tiffany is contributingsomething ANYTHING to the world even though it demands ZERO effort action or motivation on her part and the reuirement includes her apathetic agreement to suat for free in some guy’s house while continuing to breathe in and out every day Wow makes me tired just thinking about it Bottom line At the end Tiffany is still as helpless and dependent as ever Meanwhile the NYT reviewer courted the feminists by writing we not only plunder our resources in an effort to 'breed and feed' but allow ourselves especially if we are female to be similarly plundered physically emotionally spiritually creatively Oh do “we” Speak for yourself The key words here are allow ourselves What woman with any self respect allows this I certainly don’t But too many women according to the NYT writer How is this book anything but a reflection of the victim mentality that many people not just women live by to avoid taking responsibility for themselves If someone allows themselves to be “plundered” the onus rests on the shoulders of the individual and no one else And Nell Zink writes a character all too willing to be plundered who continues to be plundered and then expects us to root for her when she takes an initiative that most people in today's world take when they reach the age of eighteen The final nail in this book's coffin for me was when after over 85% give or take of the book goes without mentioning the wallcreeper Tiffany is called by the man who is rescuing her for the third time a butterfly among the birds although I am grateful we finally got a metaphor that's coherent butterflychange I am never sold on the fact that her entire personality hopes goals and dreams etc change on a dime Tiffany retorts Do you mean I remind you of the wallcreeper Oh oh PLEASE No This felt so forced it was almost embarrassing to read it After reading over 90% again give or take of the book the wallcreeper forgotten after 15% of it and then the man to whom she speaks not even knowing about the event with the wallcreeper or in fact about wild birds at all mind you drops this bomb It felt like a desperate wild attempt to bring the motif back to the forefront in the most contrived way In conclusion to me a novel is not a platform to proclaim your beliefs and causes to the world It isn't about pretension and self indulgence It's about the reader your audience As an author you have a sacred duty to them They give you time money and their energy Authors are supposed to give the reader us food for thought the soul heart let the clichés roll in But this book felt like birdseed tossed down to a starving crowd by a handful of misanthropic literati aristocrats But because people like Franzen and the NYT book reviewer endorse the book readers who don't know will buy it and read it and because of the mindset of people like Zink believing we are too “intellectually underprivileged” to get it many will and have proclaimed it a “literary marvel” They will pretend they see the Emperor's fine new clothes What the reviewer and Franzen have done with endorsing this book is lose all credibility for me as arbiters of taste I am a hungry reader always searching for an author who writes with heart and an earnest desire to weave a compelling tale But it doesn't feel like Nell Zink wrote this story for me or for anyone else She wrote it utterly for herself and it left me and others who are hungry for a rich fulfilling story unfed

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Em das Auto den Felsen geschrammt hat Tiffany ist nicht mehr schwanger Stephen fängt na ja den wunderbarsten Vogel überhaupt – flink in einer Art Tarnkleid und schön – so einen hat er zum allerersten Mal gesichtet Und der Mauerläufer der Mauerläufer macht TwiiDer Mauerläufer ein rasant erzählter Entwicklungs und Eheroman der zwischen scheinbar weit auseinanderliegenden Themen wie Seitensprün. Wow this is one weird fucked up compelling funny angry sexy twisted intellectual little book I don't know how she managed to get it published in today's world it's so offbeat and unclassifiable but I'm excited that she did I couldn't really put it down Really interested to see what Zink does next too