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READ ô Down and AcrossA Novel ¾ ❰Reading❯ ➷ Down and AcrossA Novel Author Arvin Ahmadi – Scott Ferdowsi has a track record of uitting Writing the Great American Novel Three chapters His summer internship One week His best friends know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their li Scott Ferdowsi has aIfe ambition is to write crossword puzzles When the bicycle she lends him gets Scott into a high speed chase he knows he's in for the ride of his life Soon Scott finds himself sneaking into bars attempting to pick up girls at the National Zoo and even giving the crossword thing a try all while opening his eyes to fundamental truths about who he is and who he wants to b. Maybe it's because I coincidentally read three books with Persian protagonists in a row but this novel did not move me The writing seems to be at a third of fourth grade level so I was insulted The themes are not left to figure out they are spelled out by the author Teen readers are not dumb The down and across is a cute literary device but it doesn't work The author is a bit lazy writing suddenly repeatedly and things like we laughed tremendously The protagonist is often trying hard to suppress a smile What happened to show don't tell At one point the protagonist describes an office like this It was a cramped and messy spacenay it was a disaster zone What teenager says nayAnd he feels a storm brewing in someone else's eyes How is that possible Especially when he can't see the someoneThis is the story of Scott real name Saaket who runs away from home and a boring research internship while his parents are in Iran for a month to meet his mentor Cecily Mallard Mallard does research on grit and Scott doesn't have any He meets the stereotypical wild child Fiora who takes him on adventures through DC He gets entangled in her affair with her professor and her friendship with a bartender His one night adventure lasts the entire month through a bicycle chase that lands him in the hospital and to a job at the bar Fiora is an avid cruciverbalist and ends up getting one of her crossword puzzles published in the NYT But she has problems So does Trent the bartender So does Mallard The month is full of fun Reading the novel is kind of like watching TV You don't have to thinkThe ending is anti climactic I was angry I read that far Yes Scott changed he was transformed by his one month adventure The fact that he has Persian ancestry that his parents are in Iran has nothing to do with the story There is no discrimination no immigration problems nothing The author could have done better

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Scott Ferdowsi has a track record of uitting Writing the Great American Novel Three chapters His summer internship One week His best friends know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their lives but Down and ePUB #199 Scott can hardly commit to a breakfast cereal let alone a passionWith college applications looming Scott's parents pressure him to get serious a. Official blurb Arvin Ahmadi's voice will be a dynamic entry into YA literature DOWN AND ACROSS is a thrilling game changer that touches on the universal journey of self discovery with a deft hand and riotous humor I really love this spirited story of grit and self discovery where failures are respected as a part of life And the main character Scott is a total charmer and the DC cast of characters all struck me with either wonder or adoration and in one case TOTAL LOATHING omg THIS CHARACTER was THE WORST and you'll know who it was Hope you check out this wonderful debut

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Down and AcrossA NovelNd settle on a career path like engineering or medicine Desperate for help he sneaks off to Washington DC to seek guidance from a famous professor who specializes in grit the psychology of successHe never expects an adventure to unfold out of what was supposed to be a one day visit But that's what Scott gets when he meets Fiora Buchanan a ballsy college student whose l. Visit Stay Bookish for book reviews Crossword Clues Note All bold words with an asterisk is a synonym of the corresponding word in the puzzleThese days it feels like every step I take is setting me up for the rest of my life Across 2 Down and Across is wonderful and I absolutely enjoyed the story and characters3 It's surprising how Ahmadi's words just jump at you and tug at your heartstrings But gosh Scott's search for true grit was so inspiring And his Dad's reaction to Scott running away So touching I almost criedOur lives aren't so different from a crossword puzzle sure But the thing about life is we don't get to draw the grid; we take the rows and columns that we're given Our bodies parents mental issues all that What we do get to do is fill the cells I can live with my downs and acrosses; I accept the larger truths of my life But I don't take the cells so seriously7 I honestly was uncertain where the plot was going and what events would happen next but I was too engaged in Scott's life to care I actually found the story uite fast paced or maybe that was just because I devoured it so easily10 The comical banter between Scott Fiora and Trent was precious Their dynamics were so energetic and entertaining11 Down and Across has a PersianMuslim MC as well as a variety of Christian gay and depressedanxious characters13 I loved how vivid each character was and how each of them had their own idiosyncrasiesFailure isn't permanent Grit is the ability to learn and fail and learn some That ability is fluid not fixed You have the power to change15 Down and Across is a meaningful story fluent in expressing universal feelings and emotion16 The characters are incredibly genuine and for real flawed No one was pretentious except maybe Jeanette and Benji though they were bona fide jerks Scott and Fiora just didn't see that immediatelyYou're obsessed with tomorrow when the only shit you have control over is today right now Down 1 Oh my god Scott Ferdowsi's voice was so delightful and I loved it so much4 I loved the spirit of the book and admired Scott's tenacity and perseverance as he convinced Professor Mallard to show him the secret to success in life5 At first I worried about Fiora's portrayal as spontaneous and adventurous but I shouldn't have because Down and Across' characters are really well grounded and unromanticized In fact Down and Across doesn't have a big epic love story Just an epic journeyNo one fully understands the universe It's incomplete But we care about it anyway We have to persist6 It was so easy to connect with the need to escape from parental and career pressure8 Ahmadi's electrifying voice is perfect for YA His debut novel is refreshing and splendid and gosh I can't wait to read from him9 Filled with smart characters who exude sparkling energy and wit Down and Across is a profoundly fantastic debutTwo steps forward one back Five forward twelve back Left right diagonal down across and right back around the block We're all just trying to keep moving Sometimes we know where we're going and sometimes we get lost But as long as we move we grow12 The way Scott's story tackles life and growth is incredibly sincere and full of heart14 I was grinning so hard as I kept on reading I loved reading about Scott's adventures in DC Most of his interactions and observations were totally hilarious and I laughed a lot Answer Key