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Summary Faust Eine Tragödie ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [BOOKS] ✮ Faust Eine Tragödie By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – Wielki uczony wciąż spragniony wiedzy o sensie istnienia zawiera pakt z diabłem Chce absolutnego poznania i doskonałego szczęścia jeśli zazna chwili o której powie Sprawdzić wiarę Fausta pozwolił mu sam BógFaust to dzieło życia Goethego dramat o możliwościach ludzkiego poznania i sensie istnienia świat. Dear friend all theory is gray and green the golden tree of lifeWhat else to say Towering as an archetype akin to Hamlet the Inferno and White Whale this tale of pact has been absorbed into a our cultural bones like an isotope It is telling to consider that I listened to Tavener while reading this I recently gave Pandora a spin but found that I owned Schnittke than was afforded by mystation but if I leave such will I miss those Penn Station adsI will say that I should've read my Norton critical edition well actually my wife's copy the one I bought for her in Columbus Ohio ten years ago I went with a standard Penguin copy and I'm sure many of the historic references were lost for me No one should consider that I regard Faust as emblematic of power politics in the US or a possible Brexit across the water I'm too feeble for such extrapolation

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Chwili o której powie „trwaj jesteś piękna” szatan będzie mógł wziąć jego duszę do piekła Mefistofeles ochoczo zgadza się na to wszak. Preface NotesChronologyIntroductionTranslator's NoteThe Writing of 'Faust'Further Reading Faust Part I Notes

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Faust Eine TragödieWielki uczony wciąż spragniony wiedzy o sensie istnienia zawiera pakt z diabłem Chce absolutnego poznania i doskonałego szczęścia jeśli zazna. First impression Goethe could write his tuckus off Rarely have I encountered prose that commingles in such bounty the trifecta of being at once gorgeous to the eye imbued with passion and saturated with depth and meaning Faust has all three and I was pulled into the seductive narrative from the momentous opening wonderfully titled “Prologue from Heaven” through the final dramatic climax I must briefly pause here to add a ualifier to my comments which relate to the version I experienced and not to my enjoyment of it Audiblecom usually a professional high uality purveyor pulled a bit of a bamboozle on me in this case I acuired the “unabridged” reading by full cast which came in at 4 hours in length Now that is just about right for Part 1 of Faust and so I thought I was in for a treat as I listened along with my own copy of the novel Turns out much to my chagrin that the 4 hours was an “adaptation” of both Parts 1 and 2 Thus as wonderful as the experience was I did not get a chance to absorb all of the detail and nuances of the storyI plan to read the complete Faust Parts 1 and 2 in the future and will share my thoughts on the work as a whole at that time End sad story pause So God like a lonely parent maybe in need of a hug allows Satan to throw a temptation Faust’s way to prove that the man is still “of the flock” in a scaled down boil free version of the Book of Job As my introductory uote illustrates Faust is a brilliant scholar who has completed a study of all the world’s knowledge and I thought I read a lot and yet feels no wiser for the accomplishment Feeling that there is to existence than rote knowledge of the past which echoes Goethe’s own belief in the primacy of emotion over reason Faust longs for deeper meaning and understanding that is hidden from him He becomes depressed and contemplating suicide Goethe’s non subtle hint that Faust’s faith is than a tad shaky allow the Devil access to himFaust is visited by Mephistopheles and offered a life of hedonistic excess and earthly pleasures as a means of gaining greater understanding of the universe Faust who apparently had never watched any episodes of The Twilight Zone foolishly agrees and bargains away his soul Faust will die and the Devil will win if Faust can ever be made to be “content” with a moment in his life If ever I lie down in sloth and base inaction Then let that moment be my end If by your false cajolery You lull me into self sufficiency If any pleasure you can give Deludes me let me cease to live I offer you this wager From here the two take flight literary on a world wind tour of debauchery and debauchery “Let's plunge ourselves into the roar of time the whirl of accident; may pain and pleasure success and failure shift as they will it's only action that can make a man”Soon after this we are introduced to Gretchen the other main player in this tragedy whose relationship with Faust will explore key issues of faith and redemption It was this relationship that I thought received the shortest shrift in the adaptation that I listened to so I will leave further thoughts on this until I have experienced the complete work The language is gorgeous and drips emotion on almost every line Some might think this falls too far into the realm of melodrama but I loved it and found it vigorous and passionate The end is wonderful with the necessary uestions answered but certain larger ueries left for us to contemplate A wonderful experience abridged though it may have been and one that I strongly encourage everyone to read 40 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDPS I didn’t have a place to slide this into my review but I wanted to share one last uote from the story this one from the devil He and Faust have begun their tour of vice and come across a coven of witches who don’t recognize the Prince of Lies Do you know me now Skinny cadaverous bitch do you know your lord and master Why don't I Smash you to pieces tell me why You and your ape familiars Must I teach You some respect for my red doublet What Is this cock's feather eh My face have I been hiding it You learn your place Old hag Am I to name myself or not Good good stuff