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The Lost GirlsFrom the bestselling author of The Mistake comes a hauntingly powerful story about families and secrets and the dark shadows cast by the pastCurl Curl Sydney January Angie's a looker Or she's going to be She's The Lost PDFEPUB or only fourteen but already heads turn wherever she goes Male heads mainly Jane worships her older. Twelve year old Jane idolized her cousin Angie Angie was fourteen and beautiful She already had that way about her that young teenagers develop; she knew the boys liked her she knew how to turn heads just by moving a certain way Mick Jane’s older brother also thought a lot of his cousin he seemed to be with her continually and that summer in 1978 when Angie came to stay with Jane and Mick for the last two weeks of the holidays was to be the best of their lives The Sydney weather was predictably hot and Jane wanted to spend all of her time with Angie At the beginning of her stay they watched movies together did everything together but then Angie became tired of it and spent time down at the pinball machine with Mick and his friends all male leaving Jane to sulk in silenceBut that last Sunday afternoon disaster struck Angie didn’t return home – no one knew where she was and with the frantic search by police and volunteers the hysteria of Angie’s parents and the terrible feelings of guilt by Jane’s mother and father who was a cop plus Mick who was the last to see her – everything changed When her body was found a few days later their grief was palpable; the horror was immense The tragedy affected everyone in different ways but not one member of the family was ever the same againThirty years later Jane was married to Rob and they had a daughter Jess who was twenty three by this time Jess of course had heard about Angie’s violent death but even though sad it didn’t really mean a lot to her – it happened before she was born after all But with the investigation of a journalist into their past tragedy suddenly there seemed to be secrets where there once was truth Jane wasn’t sure what was happening – her long held views were in danger of shattering Would the terrible pain of the past never go awayI absolutely loved this book It gripped me from the very first page and I found myself thinking about it while not reading it and longing to get back to it The tension the pace and the plot were intense – the twists and turns shocking The ending was brilliant and I was sad when I turned the last pageI have no hesitation in highly recommending this book by Aussie author Wendy James; after loving The Mistake and others by her this one most certainly didn’t disappointWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy to read and review

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Review î The Lost Girls ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB à [Ebook] ➢ The Lost Girls By Wendy James – From the bestselling author of The Mistake comes a hauntingly powerful story about families and secrets and the dark shadows cast by the pastCurl Curl Sydney January 1978Angie's a looker Or she's In And so is her family But whose version of Angie's story – whose version of Angie herself – is the real one And can past wrongs ever be made rightThe shocking truth of Angie's last days will force Jane to uestion everything she once believed Because nothing – not the past or even the present – is as she once imagin. If I could give 6 stars to The Lost Girls I would I was completely taken in by this crime novel with its character driven plot and compelling story that kept me turning the pages Wendy James focuses on what happens to the family members of murdered victims Two young girls are murdered at different times One a knock out; the other homeless and yet their deaths are related in a startling and unconventional manner The novel is full of revealed secrets twists surprises and the intrigues between family generations how they feel and are affected in different ways to the murder This is not your ordinary who dunnit It is the why that is fascinating and how it is written that left me wanting to read of James’ novels

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Cousin Angie She spends her summer vying for Angie's attention Then Angie is murdered Jane and her family are shattered They withdraw into themselves casting a veil of silence over Angie's deathThirty years later a journalist arrives with uestions about the tragic event Jane is relieved to finally talk about her adored cous. This latest release by award winning Australian author Wendy James is an insightful portrayal of love and loss family and friendship and the indelible impact of murder In 1978 a teenage girl is found dead devastating family ties and forever marking her cousins the Griffins Thirty years later journalist Erin Fury arrives asking uestions about the murder and its impact on the family Each of the Griffins are drawn to the attractive and enigmatic Erin As they open their past to her a contrasting picture of Angie emerges Was she the luminescent innocent they remember or someone complex and does that have any bearing on why she was singled out by a killer And Erin has her own reasons for wanting to know what really happened during those lazy summer days in 1978Undoubtedly a crime story The Lost Girls is not of the body on the first page genre James explores the ripples of Angie’s murder and how these shape the lives of those who loved her The disappearance subseuent discovery and aftermath of her death are woven through the narrative in a way that builds tension which later gives way to rising dread as the events of that dreadful day in 1978 take shape Angie’s presence initially wraithlike in what little is revealed of her materialises as Erin delves into the lives of the Griffin family and shakes the past lose And as the true Angie emerges so does the real Erin The use of interview transcripts newspaper articles multiple viewpoints and memories could have made this disjointed but James stitches these together seamlessly allowing a dimensional view of Angie and her life We learn as much about the Griffins – their hopes aspirations and regrets – as we do about Angie and those who prefer a sirens blazing ride to the resolution may not appreciate the depth this gives Angie’s story Family relationships and the choices we make are as much a part of this tale as the why and who of Angie’s murder It is how keenly we come to know this family that makes The Lost Girls such a delight NB This review is based on an ARC provided by Penguin