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Night on Terror Island review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Night on Terror Island By Philip Caveney ➲ – It's the scariest movie ever—and they're stuck in it An adventure thriller for young film fansKip's dad owns the Paramount an old fashioned cinema that is strugglingIt's the scariest movie ever and they're stuck in it An adventure thriller for young film fansKip's dad owns the Paramount an old fashioned cinema that is struggling to survive But when the new projectionist Mr Lazarus arrives very old and a bit magical he sets up his euipment and suddenly the images seem brighter and sharper and business. Phil cut his writing teeth on adults from the mid 70's to the 90's and then due to a fluke of parentinghis daughter aprolific reader wanting to rad his tuffsaid can I and he said NOand then he wrote a chapter for her and she wanted Darke stuff and then he went on and did 2 and 3 Devlins and then after seeing a load of ilms he ratesloves he had a mega moment Mr Lazarus who is 122 and yet still sprightly and not a vampire comes to stckport and relights the love of the silver screen for Kip and his family Suddenly the cinema makes money and the films are so upto date Mr L has an ulterior motive though he wants a piece of film history and his Enigma device allows Kip and others to enter the filsm on show It is ALL too real inside the screen adn peril aplenty happens Phil uses his inimitable style and panache and love of celluloid to great extent and is up for 3 Awards at LAST he actually was runner up to Matt Haig and Shadow Forest for Srfton super Reads a cuppla years back too

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Improves drastically But one day Kip and his friend are watching Terror Island a scary adventure set on Night on ePUB #199 an island full of saber toothed tigers and hungry cavemen when Kip's little sister Rose appears on screen Kip runs up to the projection room and confronts Mr Lazarus who demonstrates the Lazarus Enigma a device that can. I'm a bit disappointed right now The beginning was slow and it took almost 100 pages until they even reached the island It was unrealistic and right now I'm tired of killer NeanderthalsI didn't really care for any of the charactersI liked that Philip Caveney wasn't afraid of killing his charactersIt was funny sometimes and I liked that he mixed the scary story with some funny comments from the characterI didn't love the book but it was okay Review in Swedish

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Night on Terror IslandProject things and people into the world of the movie itself When you're in the film everything is real Real bullets real swords real monsters But beware if you don't get out by the time the closing credits roll you'll be trapped in the film forever Can Kip get to Rose before the saber toothed tigers And if he can how is he going to get bac. Once I'd found it again and finished it I thought that this was a good book for younger kids who like uick reads with lots of action and suspense together with a bit of sci fifantsy thrown in I uite liked the characters as they were interesting enough and the story carried you along fairly uickly It wasn't the most brilliant book i've read but I will definitely recommend this series to my younger readers who perhaps like the Jack Stalwart series and want something new to try