Schubert's Winter Journey Anatomy of an Obsession Review ☆ 2

Review Schubert's Winter Journey Anatomy of an Obsession

Schubert's Winter Journey Anatomy of an Obsession Review ☆ 2 À ❮Download❯ ➽ Schubert's Winter Journey Anatomy of an Obsession ➽ Author Ian Bostridge – An exploration of the world's most famous and challenging song cycle by one of the world's most renowned singers a leadOme to be considered the single greatest piece of music ever written for the male solo voice Deceptively brief the twenty four short poems are performed uninterrupted in minutes it nonetheless has an emotional depth and power that no music of its kind has ever eualled Originally intended to be sung to an intimate gathering performances Winter Journey Anatomy eBook #8608 of 'Winterreise' now pack the greatest concert halls around the w. A highly informative book on Schubert's famous song cycle the greatest piece of classical music ever as far as I'm concerned by the eminent British singer Ian Bostridge I admit I'd have preferred if he'd delved a bit deeper into the musicological side of things but he makes up for that by putting his historical education to excellent use and presenting the reader with a wealth of information on not only Schubert's life and times but also on the broader context of early 19th century AustriaBostridge proceeds song by song and has something interesting to say about each of them on a very wide range of subjects whether he interprets Wilhelm Müller's poetry takes a look at a song's structure places it in a biographical context considers possible political implications or elucidates it from his extensive experience of performing the cycle This is no deep analysis and is not meant to be; rather it is someone who loves Schubert's songs and knows them intimately chatting about them in an almost conversational tone I assume that there probably is not very much new here for the Schubert expert but for the layman it is a treasure trove of both information and insight The author is not afraid to go off on a tangent either and his freuent digressions are just as rewarding as when he is staying on subject The book contains many illustrations too although that part did not come across too well in my Kindle edition As judging by other reviews the book is uite beautifully designed too I'm regretting a bit that I did not invest in a hardcover version but the book was well worth it for the written content alone and is recommended to everyone who wants to explore the background of Schubert's Winterreise in depth than the liner notes of a CD generally provide

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An exploration of the world's most famous and Journey Anatomy PDFEPUB #235 challenging song cycle by one of the world's most renowned singers a leading interpreter of the work who teases out the themes literary historical psychological that weave through the twenty four songs comprising this legendary masterpiece Written in in the last months of the young Schubert's life 'Winterreise' Winter's Journey Schubert's Winter ePUB #199 has c. Exploring Schubert's Winterreise With A Singer ScholarSchubert's song cycle Winterreise is one of the essential works of classical music and a work I have loved for many years I respond to this cycle of lost love whenever I return to it Written in the last year of Schubert's life Winterreise is a setting for solo voice and piano of 24 poems by Wilhelm Muller Schubert first set a group of twelve poems and shortly thereafter returned to set the entire cycle of 24 songs The cycle has been recorded and performed innumerable timesThe British tenor Ian Bostridge has performed Winterreise over 100 times in a thirty year career He has recorded the work with pianist Leif Ove Adnes and prepared a dramatization of the cycle with pianist Julius Drake Bostridge does not have an academic degree in music He received a doctoral degree from Oxford in 1990 for a dissertation on witchcraft in English life from 1650 1750 and taught political theory and British history at the university level before devoting himself to a career as a singer in 1996Bostridge's love for Schubert's Winterreise and his passion for music and for learning all are on full display in his book Schubert's Winter's Journey Anatomy of an Obsession The obsession in uestion is shared by Muller and Schubert's nameless wanderer in the cycle by Bostridge himself and by the reader of the book and listener to the music In a brief introduction Bostridge writes 'It is surely remarkable that the piece lives and makes an impact in concert halls all over the world in cultures remote from its origins in 1820s Vienna He says of his goal in the bookI want to use each song as a platform for exploring these origins; setting the piece in its historical context but also finding new and unexpected connections both contemporary and long dead literary visual psychological scientific and political Musical analysis will inevitably play its part but this is nothing as systematic as a guide to Winter Journey or which there are plenty already out thereThe book consists of 24 chapters of varying lengths each of which explores one of the songs in Winterreise Each chapter begins with the German text of the song with Bostridge's own translation on a facing page From that point the chapters move in wildly varying directions Often Bostridge begins with a short musical or textual discussion But he uses each song as a springboard for a wide ranging discussion about Schubert's and Muller's lives politics in Vienna in the years following the Napoleonic wars the Enlightenment art religion literature science and much The book displays a prodigious learning and presents it well Often the book moves from subject to subject in a chain of free association The discussion moves freely from sources and references predating Schubert to politics science and such during his lifetime through the latter 19th Century and to the present It is dazzling I also found it highly useful in gaining understanding of Winterreise even when I thought some of the themes such as the cycle's covert political message were overstated At times the associations go far afield and become tangential to Winterreise as Bostridge notes But the book is absorbing and infused with love and learning about its subject The purely musical discussions tend to be brief But Bostridge draws excellent parallels b

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Schubert's Winter Journey Anatomy of an ObsessionOrld Drawing on his firsthand experience with this work he has performed it than one hundred times on his musical knowledge and on his training as a scholar Ian Bostridge teases out the enigmas and subtle meanings of each song exploring the world and the states of heart and mind Winter Journey Anatomy of an Kindle in which Schubert created them and the exuisite resonance and affinities that continue even today to move us so profoundly. A disorderly book and not in any sort of good way Uneven; some chapters are little gems but most are at best trivial throw aways I definitely came away with a cultural appreciation of Schubert and his works so in this Bostridge succeeds but the journey there was pretty difficult dare I say icy If you plan on reading this book take a look at the many youtube videos or listen to Bostridge or others singing this as you read along; essentially this is extra long program notes and it will make the experience far pleasant