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READ & DOWNLOAD ì Exit Strategy ¶ ❰Reading❯ ➷ Exit Strategy Author Martha Wells – Murderbot wasn’t programmed to care So its decision to help the only human who ever showed it respect must be a system glitch rightHaving traveled the width of the galaxy to unearth details of its o Murderbot wasn’t progrDetails of its own murderous transgressions as well as those of the GrayCris Corporation Murderbot is heading home to help Dr Mensah its former owner protector friend submit evidence. This is novella four in the Murderbot Diaries series It wraps up an overarching storyline but leaves plenty of possibilities to continue following the exploits of the delightful if antisocial and introverted Murderbot I enjoyed the episodic structure of this series but it does pay a price in the form of slow starts Author Wells is forced to cover background events and some repeat worldbuilding in order to catch up new readers or readers who have paused in between novellas Like “Rogue Protocol” “Exit Strategy” takes some time to get into the action The redeeming uality is that the stories are told in first person and Murderbot has a fun snarky dry sense of humor that makes the background and setup less painful than it otherwise might be And once Murderbot arrives at the belly of the beast GrayCris’s Headuarters the story flies Here Murderbot must use all it’s smarts hacking know how and combat skills to rescue Dr Mensah a human that seems to have wiggled their way under Murderbot’s hard exteriorI continued to enjoy watching this non typical hero a part human cyborg that would probably be classified as autistic in our culture Author Wells is clever and conseuently so is Murderbot So we endup with a snarky introvert that is a tactical and technical genius and can kick some serious butt While the deck is continually stacked against our hero you’ll never doubt its ability to outsmart the enemy but this confidence in the outcome doesn’t seem to hinder the excitement of the ride at allI appreciated the ending there is somewhat of a price to pay and there’s a clever tie in to Murderbot’s fascination nay obsession with sci fi soap opera serials on the entertainment feed Wells has already released a full length follow up novel titled “Network Effect” that I look forward to although after binging four Murderbot novellas I might need a short break I’m happy Wells went with a full novel rather a series of smaller novella as I was tiring from the inevitable slow starts Another sluggish start but uickly turns into an action filled romp and a fitting end to a fantastic series with a most memorable main characterbot Four and a half stars for “Exit Strategy”


That could prevent GrayCris from destroying colonists in its never ending uest for profitBut who’s going to believe a SecUnit gone rogueAnd what will become of it when it’s caugh. “I don’t want to be human”Dr Mensah said “That’s not an attitude a lot of humans are going to understand We tend to think that because a bot or a construct looks human its ultimate goal would be to become human”“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” And so my friends we have arrived at the conclusion of Murderbot novella series the four stories that made sure that what seems like every other word out of my mouth over the last week has been ‘Murderbot’ And this conclusion is good Very good Murderbot now has enough dirt on the GrayCris corporation to make it really sting The problem is GrayCris is now aware of his rogue existence and abducted Dr Mensah the person for whom M Bot feels gratitude and friendship and non forced loyalty Plus they are really pissing Murderbot off after all the carnage and the stress he just went through view spoiler “ a SecUnit had come to Milu saved some humans failed to save a human form bot killed the shit out of three combat bots ” hide spoiler

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Exit StrategyMurderbot wasn’t programmed to care So its decision to help the only human who ever showed it respect must be a system glitch rightHaving traveled the width of the galaxy to unearth. I had a complex emotional reaction A whole new burst of neural connections blossomed Oh right I often have complex emotional reactions which I can't easily interpretMurberbot continues its adventures and exploring the learning curve of what it means to be a Murderbot Absolutely solid balance between planning action and dialogue in this installmentIt was very dramatic like something out of a historical adventure serial Also correct in every aspect except for all the facts like something out of a historical adventure serialMy nitpick and damn if Wells wasn't the one to point it out don't do that authors is that there was a part that said 'Bot can't process organics Like no organic material in no waste material out Does Not Compute Unless Wells' organics are plant based then we might have a system This seems like a bit of chemical sophistry as 'Bot does reuire some oxygen now and thenStill it had a perfect resolution all the feels so we'll go with five non robotic starsRe read July 2019 with Dan 20 Still a fun read Read right after Rogue Protocol which gives a greater sense of character development