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Free The Bahamian Pirate kindle é eBook 9780263090598 Ø gwairsoft ↠ [Read] ➵ The Bahamian Pirate By Jane Corrie – Serena did not see any particular harm in pretending to be the granddaughter of nice old Mrs Tonetti But that was before she had crossed swords with the indomitaD Mrs Tonetti But that was before she had crossed swords with the indomitable Jordan Ke The Bahamian Pirate is about Serena Belmont a formerly wealthy society debutante whose father's bad investment choices right before his death have led to straightened financial circumstances for her and her mother However this seems to have escaped her mother's notice as she continues to live high on the hog In order to restore their fortunes momma is pushing Serena to accept marriage with wealthy businessman Roger This isn't an evil mother scenario though; she really does believe Serena will be happy with him eventuallyHowever in order to gain some space and some perspective Serena has taken off for a remote Bahamian island and in the process met the elderly Mrs Tonetti Mrs Tonetti is tired of listening to her frenemy Mrs Simpson brag about her granddaughter's accomplishments and has invented a perfect granddaughter of her own Upon seeing Serena at a local hotel Mrs Tonetti persuades Serena to pose as Miss Tonetti in order to parade her before the rest of the island including its wealthy owner Jordan Kerr The rest of the book is a basic mistaken identity story wherein Jordan knows something about Mrs Tonetti's granddaughter that Serena does not But while such a trope in the hands of a modern romance author might turn into a dumb case of missed misunderstandings it actually works hereThe main reason is that we stay exclusively in Serena's head and never get a glimpse into Jordan's thoughts He's dictatorial autocratic and physically picks up Serena and carries her around bodily when she isn't cooperating but because we're not in his head to hear any stupid self justifications for his behavior we actually sympathize with him a little better Between Mrs Tonetti Jordan Roger and her mother Serena has very little agency in this book No one listens to her or takes her thoughts or desires into account She finds this a little frustrating but is incapable of doing anything about it so she just kind of goes along Even her fleeting thought at the beginning of the book about finding a job is rather idle After all what is a girl like her really ualified for except planning charity parties? But while this fact would have annoyed me to no end in a modern romance here I found it innocent and interesting This after all is what life was like for women prior to women's lib right? We have to assume that she lives happily ever after with her island owning billionaire and it's enough for her If there's any criticism I can level at the book outside of its obvious datedness it's that the romance is resolved too uickly When Serena leaves the island to go back to her real life in New York we turn the page and discover she's in love with Jordan despite no real hints at affection prior to this point And Jordan's discovery that he's in love with her is also uite a surprise though one that's understandable given the complete lack of his perspective in the book Oh there was one kiss that they both clearly found compelling but while a modern romance would have at least thrown in some hate sex this book is utterly chaste In fact there's a uote on the inside cover from the San Francisco Chronicle that states that Harleuin Romances are clean wholesome fictionalways with an upbeat happy ending And clean it is That one kiss is all the physical contact we getThis was a first for me a very old Harleuin title older than I am actually having been published in 1976 The Bahamian Pirate is different in tone style and perspective than any modern romance Having read this one I'm curious about the development of the modern Harleuin and eager to track changes through time by reading a few older books This one was little better than a historical curiosity but it wasn't as terrible as I anticipated Color me intrigued

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Serena did not see any particular harm in pretending to be the granddaughter of nice ol The hero makes a dashing gesture at the end dressing up as his pirate ancestor to sweep heroine from OM’s ship Too bad he was such a rude pig for the entirety of the story that I didn’t care Heroine was not likable either lying and impersonating someone else for the whole time leading on the OM as well She is still officially engaged to OM when she accepts hero’s proposal

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The Bahamian PirateRr Deeply suspicious of the whole thing he was clearly not going to leave Serena in pea Somehow I always feel like I need to take a hot sanitizing shower and burn my clothes in the backyard barrel after reading a Jane Corrie special and it ain't because of the hot and steamy sex scenes Her Heroes remind of the husband in an old Julia Roberts movie called Sleeping with the enemy and the heroine would probably have to fake her own death to finally get away from him They the Hs are a little scary and tick off too many check marks on the Psycosociopath survey The heroine seems to get her HEA but I feel uneasy about her fictional future I just need to ban JC books from my bookshelf but like a moron I keep coming back for Go figure