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How long can she resist this gorgeous Greek tycoon? Theo Atrides is wealthy powerful and successful Leandra has no intention of being h Oh yeah I read this one a while back and wrote a scathing review which is now gone Thank you very much Goodreads I've had this happen a handful of times and thought I might have been confused But not this time This one was too memorable to forgetHero was cringeworthy Especially after the things he said to her when he thought she might be pregnant with his childI was so scarred I never read another HP by Julia James Not my cuppa

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The Greek Tycoon's MistressIs next conuest But when they are forced to spend a week together on his private island Theo decides to do whatever it takes to make Le I usually enjoy Julia JamesJust didn't like this one Hero left me completely cold Heroine was an idiot As an aside hero Theo also belongs in prison1 Theo tries to get rid of heroine his cousin's mistress so his cousin can be forced to marry some poor pathetic Greek girl I was so sad for that girl Of course hero is too busy sleeping around himself to fulfill any family obligation2 Theo was moralistic and self righteousI'm very tired of seeing this in a hero who sleeps with a lot of women it just doesn't fit He's ironically very disparaging about sexual perversionsmaybe he should evaluate whether his method of using many many women oh wow one at a time providing them jewels and then discarding them without feeling a thing for them is a sexual perversion? Then he's all ok with gay people Totally doesn't fit the jerk walking around through most of the book Last ditch attempt to redeem him fell flat 3 Theo is also a criminal Yes his grandfather kidnapped heroine but 1 he thinks he has the right to keep heroine on an island against her will unless she agrees to sign away her right to complain about the kidnapping and give up her relationship with his cousin in exchange for 100000 and 2 he tells her he will just hold on to her passport while he leaves her in Athens for a pregnancy testmor kidnapping4 Heroine is an idiot Seriously she's supposed to be intelligent and an actress but she A throws the check back at hero even though his plan was to take her back and have his lawyer draw up papers for her to sign Umm smile and say sure get back to London and THEN tell hero to stuff it You've been kidnappedyou say whatever you have to so you can get off the island B has unprotected sex with the hero Since she's a virgin with zero explanation of why she'd be so inexperienced when she's perfectly normal and healthy she also doesn't know how babies are made and thinks since her period is coming in a few weeks she surely must be safe She learned has a university degree but knows nothing about ovulation?? And she knows hero has slept with tons of women but they are rich actresses and opera singers so of course there is no possibility of STDs? C thinks she's in love with hero even though he's a total jerk to her and isn't such a great guy in general What's to love? Clear case of sexual attraction being mistaken for love I almost laughed when after being insulting and verbally abusive he was seducing her and says he's only going to make her feel good from here on out Famous last wordsD when in Athens for pregnancy test he says he's keeping her passport and plans to continue to hold her captive No objection from heroine apparently she's still shell shocked from learning how babies are made Did she even try to phone the police? How about the embassy? This felt like a jumble of obvious tropes and just didn't work

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kindle õ The Greek Tycoon's Mistress Paperback ✓ gwairsoft ½ [BOOKS] ✯ The Greek Tycoon's Mistress By Julia James – How long can she resist this gorgeous Greek tycoon? Theo Atrides is wealthy powerful and successful Leandra has no intention of being his next conuest But when theA surrender Faced with his relentless plan of seduction she finds the challenge of resisting the gorgeous Greek playboy too much to bea I was fairly disappointed with this one I get that being kidnapped and held hostage by a sexy billionaire can be well sexy I didn't find this one much sexy I guess that comes down the the characters They annoyed meTheo was cold and completely without emotions There just was no getting under his skin or into his head at least not beyond the I don't trust women issues he hadLeandra was whiny and completely closed off for an unexpected adventure Sure it was an initial shock and the way she was taken was creepy I get that But once Theo explained the how the who and the why why not take it as a treat? An unexpected vacation all expenses paid Sun nice weather blue skies lovely house and private beach with clear water as far as you can see color me lucky and keep me stranded for a monthNormally I love these books the Harleuin Tycoon's always keep me entertained for a few hours Not this one I was skimming parts of this one to finish as uickly as possible