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summary The Hottie and the Fatty ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub × [Reading] ➿ The Hottie and the Fatty Author Segunda L. – After getting slapped by his girlfriend in front of everyone high school basketball team captain Jared Kippling needed something to vent off stress A fat girl in his class hK What Jared didn't expect was he was going to be caught in an embarrassing moment with her in a locker room get punched by her childhood friend get lost in a forest with her and of course falling in love with her Hottie and the PDF #8608 wasn't part of the plan eith. I really wanted to like this book but I didn't at ALL First I couldn't feel for the characters they had no depth Neither Jared or Samara changed during the book There was no development Second the book description sells the book as a love story between Jared and Samara SPOILER it wasn't at all The ending really sucked it wasn't what I expected or wanted But I will say I liked the story's concept and the theme that everyone deserves love Overall I wish I didn't read it

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After getting and the eBook #9734 slapped by his girlfriend in front of everyone high school basketball team captain Jared Kippling needed something to vent off stress A fat girl in his class happened to be the receiver of his wrath But it turned out this girl was th. Well there's a few hours of my life that I'll never get back Also there will be spoilers in this reviewFirst I want to say that I was entirely put off by the amount of spelling mistakes and grammatically errors I get it there are some in every book you read but the sheer amount in this book was kind of terrifying It very much read like it went from rough draft to ebook without any kind of finishing or editing The characters were dull flat and had absolutely no growth There was no character arc in this book Jared stayed a bastard all the way through and Samara well I probably would have bullied her too if I'm honest They were just bad characters Also this book is sold as if there is some redemption arc for Jared There isn't It's also sold as if there is going to be a relationship between Jared and Samara It doesn't happen Truly this is barely a step above 'My Immortal'

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The Hottie and the FattyE daughter of one of his dad's potential business client Jared's dad offered him a deal befriend fatty and make a good The Hottie PDF or impression on her father in exchange for a Mercedes Benz he had his eyes set on Befriending a fatty Walk in the parkA Jurassic Par. I was surprised I liked it Grammatical errors were an issue People are being too harsh on the reviews of this book however The ugly things the character said were realistic I have heard similar bullying as I was growing up I find it shocking that anyone would pick up a book with this title and think it's going to not have things in it that are not only going to offend but supposed to offend That's the point people He changes slowly throughout the book because of her and she evolves as well That is what makes for good reading The characters are growing up and reaching new depths even the bully who started out pretty shallow at first glance I am unhappy that it is a series and did not even hint that it was until suddenly the book just stops at a point where continuation is necessary