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Summary ¹ The Mysterious Affair at Styles 107 × [Reading] ➶ The Mysterious Affair at Styles Author Agatha Christie – Zagadochnoe proisshestvie v Stailze – eto samyi pervyi roman Agaty Kristi V etoi knige vyshedshei v 1920 godu chitatel v pervyi raz vstrechaetsia s samym znamenitym syshchikom XX stoleZagadochnoe proisshestvie v Stailze – Affair at PDF #9734 eto samyi pervyi roman Agaty Kristi V etoi knige vyshedshei v godu chitatel v pervyi raz vstrechaetsia s. Dear me Poirot I said with a sigh I think you have explained everything And how wonderful of you to wait until page 230 to finally shed light on all your absurd behavior throughout the book and to justify and the red herrings and narrative padding But of course it could only be so in the classic style of a fiendish murder mystery Why in fact though this is but the first case we have solved together I have no doubt we could do the exact same thing as many as 86 times depending on if you count the smaller casesuite so mon ami Poirot chuckled You make such a reliably dim witted WatsonI looked at Poirot in silent amazement The colossal cheek of the little man Then we drank some tea and he kissed me passionately on the mouth

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Nost prodemonstrirovat svoi deduktivnye sposobnosti i raskryt zagadochnoe prestuplenie otravlenie missis Ingltorp khoziaiki pomestia Stailz opiraias na vsem izvestnye fak. To celebrate completing my 1000th book of the decade I chose Agatha Christie’s first Hercule Poirot mystery novel for this reading slot I am especially proud of this milestone because earlier in the decade when I was working full time there was one month September 2014 where I only read one book and two months where I only read two books May and June 2012Agatha Christie wrote this novel in 1916 and it was first published in the United States by John Lane for 200 per copy in October 1920 It was first published in the United Kingdom by The Bodley Head in January 1921 and could be purchased for seven shillings and sixpence Another historically significant fact is that when Penguin Books first began publishing in 1935 this novel was one of the first 10 books they publishedAgatha Christie did not start out as a Master of the mystery genre but she persisted and went on to solve some difficult literary problems with the genre via her books – literary problems that had even stumped the illustrious Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Specifically the problem with introducing too many clues that end up canceling each other outAnd she knows her Shakespeare The line from 1602’s Hamlet is “Though this be madness yet there is method in it” In this novel one of the residents of the Styles estate asks in reference to Hercule Poirot ”Is he uite mad Mr Hastings” and Hastings replies ”I honestly don’t know Sometimes I feel sure he is as mad as a hatter; and then just as he is at his maddest I find there is method in his madness”For a debut novel this one is excellent It is well thought through the writing is clear and the pace is brisk and entertaining The characters are all interesting too At first I thought I might have to write them all down but instead I just highlighted their first reference in case I needed to look back I never had to – before the story is even a couple of chapters in I knew exactly who all the characters were and what their relationships were to each otherI really had to pay attention while reading this novel There are indeed a plethora of clues Although Hercule Poirot’s busy mind is sifting them out as they appear sorting them into mental cubbyholes and weighing and measuring them it is true that many of them cancel each other out Poirot and Hastings the narrator are working together yet Poirot doesn’t disclose all of his deductions to his friend; he tries to prod him into discovering his own deductions So we have Hastings coming to certain conclusions and Poirot coming to other conclusions There’s an entire ship load of red herrings in this storyI thoroughly enjoyed this story and although I did guess the actual culprit at least once I got there via a different route altogether – and it didn’t stop me from suspecting all the other people in the household of murder either Agatha Christie if you did in fact write this novel as a challenge to present a murder mystery that leaves one guessing until Hercule Poirot points his finger you succeeded with meOne last note while Agatha Christie and her contemporaries helped to open doors for many of today’s mystery writers especially women there were also earlier female mystery writers who opened those doors for Ms Christie and her colleagues I hope to take this journey with Agatha Christie from novice to master and learn about how she accomplished that feat

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The Mysterious Affair at StylesSamym znamenitym syshchikom XX stoletiia usatym belgiitcem erkiulem Puaro a takzhe s ego drugom i pomoshchnikom Gastingsom Imenno zdes Puaro vpervye predostavlena vozmozh. Ok Let's get down to business This is an old fashioned British mystery novel So much information Trying to keep it all straight in my head was extremely difficult My brain was all over the place but that's what makes a good mystery in my opinion This is the first book starring the world famous Hercule Poirot and his friend Hastings Poirot is an eccentric detective from Belgium who fled to England during WWI Hastings is a little on the dramatic side always jumps to the wrong conclusions and never catches on to the hints that Poirot throws his way It definitely helps inject some humor into what would normally be very dour subject matter The first part of this book other than the murder of course is a little slow due to character building so for about the first 100 pages After that Scotland Yard gets involved and that's when things start to get a bit interesting The investigation heats up There are six suspects People start being cleared or becoming suspicious At this point it could be anyone Everyone in this book seems a little shady for one reason or another The servants seem to be the only ones you don't suspect Also this book has a lot of dialogue You have the suspects talking to each other Poirot interviewing people for information and Poirot explaining clues and of course when he reveals everything at the end of the bookI might be a little biased because I love David Suchet as Poirot in the TV show but I really enjoyed this book It kept me guessing and it was intricate and interesting enough to keep my attention If you enjoy an old fashioned mystery but have never read Agatha Christie before this one is a good place to start