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The Pack Read & Download  4 ↠ ✼ The Pack Epub ✿ Author Tom Pow – Bradley Victor and Floris live with wild dogs on the dark forgotten edge of a devastated city Haunted by memories and abandoned by society they have learned to survive on their own But when Floris is Bradley Victor and Floris live with wild dogs on tHey have learned to survive on their own But when Floris is kidnapped the others must venture into the unknown to save their friend It is a. If you had a friend who had been kidnapped would you try and save themThe adventure book called the pack by Tom Pow to me i thought it was a good book The setting of the book is the invisible city during the Dead time where the city is divided into forbidden territories where gangs and warlords guard and zones The conflict would be person vsperson In the pack three kids BradleyFlorisand Victor live with wild dogs watched by the old womanOne day Floris gets kidnapped so the others go to try and save heron their journey their lives get endangered than once by gangs and warlords who guard thier territories viciouslybut they discover alot of things on their journey to save her I thought the book was good at some points i didnt know what would happen and i wondered how they would survive I liked the suspense it caused when they had trouble with the gangs and warlords The book can make you wonder how they'll survive at tough situations with gangs Another this book did was show what a city with no laws or order would be like it showed how a poor city would be like and how kids like BradleyFlorisand Victor would survive it could make you wonder what you would do in a city like this or what you would do in situations the characters had to face In conclusion overall i thought this book suspenseful and good out of 10 i would give it a 7 out of 10Anyone who likes adventures or stories about survival and saving a friend is who i would reccomend this book to So think about what you would do if you were in situations like this

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Dangerous journey violent gangs walk the streets and corrupt warlords viciously guard their territories But it is also a journey of discover. I enjoyed the writing style and the atmosphere drew me in Suspenseful I found it hard to put downFrom School Library JournalGrade 6 9–In a dystopian future where children are expendable and society is in chaos Bradley Victor Floris and their canine companions fight for survival The children are kept from becoming feral by the stories of the Old Woman who watches out for them stories of a time where humanity wasnt in ruins One night Floris is kidnapped and taken to the Invisible City from which no child ever returns Bradley his dog and Victor set out through the Forbidden Territories which are ruled by vicious warlords to rescue the girl The world depicted in this novel with its cinematic pacing and well drawn characters is brutal The violence is not overly graphic but there are several dogfight scenes that might be disturbing to sensitive readers A thrilling adventure reminiscent of Rodman Philbricks The Last Book in the Universe

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The PackBradley Victor and Floris live with wild dogs on the dark forgotten edge of a devastated city Haunted by memories and abandoned by society t. Just plain didn't like this one I thought it read like a first draft so many sentences seem disjointed and incorrectly constructed And there is rapid overuse of the word for at the beginning of sentences For of course no Zone could contain his appetite for space For when the trucks run out etc It's as though the author wants them to have some dramatic impact but the overuse prevents this from happening Maybe rapid is the wrong word but it's one of those things that you start to notice and then every time it happens again you cringe It's one of those stories that doesn't really explain itself Something has happened to the world there are Zones and Invisible Cities and people shunned by society; but no real reason as to why There is very little world building but things are obviously immensely different The characters don't seem to go by their real names and again there's no real explanation as to why except for Skreech who is feigning life as a boy but everyone else seems to get this big end of chapter moment when they reveal their name Again it's never explained why people are like this Why do they hide their names or give themselves other names Why is that such a big deal Another unexplained plot line is that Bradley can talk to his dog and I'm still yet to figure out if this is just Bradley thinking his dog is replying or if they do have some sort of telepathy going on it's not really explained Or if it is I missed it There's a lot of boring and lengthy discussion between characters that just seem to stop the narrative in its tracksThe novel is interspersed with chapters of random flashbacks that immediately stop the action of the narrative Our protagonist Bradley and his dog have been captured by this street gang of dog fighting kids led by a maniac and we break away for pages and pages about Bradley's life with his family before whatever happened to the world happened They are explained as Bradley's dreams but a character experiencing a dream does not take up an entire chapter Ditto for storytelling As in characters in the narrative sitting down to listen to an Old Woman tell them stories They don't do this once they do it often Again it slows the story to a crawlIt also relies on one of my least favourite narrative tropes where the weak girl in the gang is the one who gets kidnapped and the boy has to save her I get annoyed reading on and on about Bradley's adventure to find and save his friend Floris but I would rather be reading Floris saving herself Maybe that's just meAvoid this one took me forever to finish it Very disappointing I expected a lot from the author with his credentials