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A Leap of Faith Lexi #2LationshipOn her first international tour as Power Station’s publicist A Leap PDFEPUB or and Alex’s official girlfriend Lexi is initiated into the crazy lifestyle of life of a rock starDespite all the pressure Lexi realises that their relationship is worth fighting for and s. This is the second book in the Lexi series and continues almost immediately on from the first book A Twist of FateYou know how the second book in a trilogy can often be slow and maybe even a bit frustrating because you’re thinking to yourself “Come on Move along faster please” Well this was not the case in this book probably because so much happensYes it IS different For one thing I think there is less angst and WTF moments; but there is a lot of those Awwww moments You know the ones where you feel like your melting that is when you’re not insanely jealous There is also humour I had lots of LOL moments; moments that made me send uotes to a friend because I was laughing so much There were also those moments when I was mentally High Five ing Lexi I love that girlAlthough Lexi and Alex’s journey is not a smooth one Did you really think it would be; it was one full of love and VERY hot sex I don’t think I mentioned that in my review of A Twist of Faith Yes there was hot sex in the first book but not as much as this oneWe don’t see much of the other characters because this IS their story but they do make appearances How could they not Each one of them has an important part to play but you do see of the men in Power Station; another VERY good thingI thought I had seen the last of the “bimbo with a bad boob job”; otherwise known as Marcy but she makes than one appearance in A Leap of Faith I probably shouldn't say this but she makes me think of a girl called Marcy who I went to high school that was full of herself as well Maybe that was because the author’s characters seem real instead of fictional characters that I would never meet in real lifeAnd then we zoom back to Melbourne to meet Lexi’s family It seems Lexi was NOT exaggerating You need to read that for yourself but just don’t thrown your reading device across the room They’re not worth itTo sum it up this was another great book written by T Gephart When I read a book I want to feel engaged I want to feel emotion and I want to finish a book thinking “I wish this story wasn't finished” Fortunately it’s not The third and final book in the series is out early 2014 and I have a novella to look forward to as well I believe that one comes out on the 10 DecemberI gave A Leap of Faith 5 out of 5 starsWritten by Karen from Confessions of a Bookaholic

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A Leap of Faith Lexi #2 free read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ [Reading] ➶ A Leap of Faith Lexi #2 ➬ T. Gephart – Gwairsoft.co.uk Lexi is in uncharted territory as her steady relationship with Alex develops Their passion shows no signs of waning but the road is by no means easy While Lexi loves AleHe no longer wants to be alone In order for her to move forward with Alex she needs to reconcile her past and exorcise some demons Leap of Faith Kindle #180 that she thought were best forgottenIs their love strong enough to survive the tests that family distance and time provide. Going back and moving forwardA Leap of Faith was than I was expecting it was deeper darker The author took my fluffy rockstar fairytale and turned it into something realWhat Alex loves about Lexi is that she's A strong independent woman that speaks her mind A Pissed off Lexi turns him on When he asks her Are you mad it's like foreplay and her anger dies when she sees the lust in his eyes That's my signal to swoon and start fanning myself I know that soon buttons will be flying zippers un zipping and shredded undergarments will be flung across the room No worries though his impatience turns her on He just offers to write her a check to replace them She must have a very impressive clothing allowance wink winkI love their sexting and playful banter I just knew they were made for each other It broke my heart that Lexi let her demons destroy their growing relationship She thought that if she didn't call it a relationship then it wouldn't be one But she was wrong She was just in denial She came to a crossroads and had to decide what she wanted to keep the mosther baggageor her rockstar If she let him into her heart she would have to let go of the past and become that dreaded wordgirlfriend If not she could keep her hangups and insecurities her fear and loneliness I tried to counsel her I told her to get her head out of her ass because if she didn't want him there were millions of BBB's who didAnd then IT happenedsigh I was not expecting it My heart took a beating and I fell even in love with Alex Not just because he's a beautiful rock god with a sexy half smile Not just because he writes heart wrenching song lyrics that make me melt Not just because he is willing to fight for his friends and family It's because he has a bigand an even bigger heart And when his heart was broken mine was toosigh I fell hard Not just for Alex but the other band members too I want to hang out with them play pool do a drive by and some landscaping I'm digging the chicks too I wanna join them for a girl's night and talk about the boys I'm totally invested in this amazing series and I can't wait to move on to the next installment See ya there

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Lexi is in uncharted territory as her of Faith PDF #198 steady relationship with Alex develops Their passion shows no signs of waning but the road is by no means easy While Lexi loves Alex she struggles to retain her individual identity while being a partner in a high profile re. Freaking loved it as much as the first one My mind was blown towards the end and I never saw those things happening Once again there were so many good and funny times between the group As much as Dan is a typical grade A moron rock star you gotta love him and his silliness there's always one in a band I love how Lexi has grown and is developing a really strong relationship with Alex Marcy well you just wanna laugh and push her off a cliff at the same time Lexi's family well they all can go down the cliff after Marcy but a good story isn't complete without moronic characters It makes you love the good ones even and keeps you very interested I really don't wanna wait till Feb for the next one that's too long of a wait especially with that ending 3 Alex n Lexi 3