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Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Gary Snyder This present moment That lives on To become Long agoFor his first collection of new poems since his celebrated Danger on This Present MOBI #234 Peaks published in Gary Snyder finds himself ranging over the planet Journeys to the Dolomites to the north shore of Lake Tahoe from Paris and Tuscany to the shrine at Delphi from Santa Fe to Sella Pass Snyder lays out these poems as a map of the last decade Placed side by side they become. A great new book from Gary Snyder showcasing several of the various poetic styles exhibited elsewhere; short pithy poems short seemingly simplistic poems but ones which are actually rather esoteric and finally the rambling prose poems which I find uite charming I've always found Snyder to be a brilliant prose writer and sometimes excellent poet with a very intelligent and sharp mind exhibiting an enormous amount of common sense which many modern urbanites could learn from including myself He won the Pulitzer Prize in the 1970s for Turtle Island a native American name for 'America' and deservedly so The second to last poem in this collection called Go Now about saying farewell to a loved one somebody you have loved most of your life at a funeral just slayed me Absolutely shattered me So sad but beautiful at the same time probably because it reminds me of my mother's funeral last year and the poem sliced back the scars When his poems are clear they are almost perfect with nothing superfluous in each line but are trimmed down to the bare essentials However sometimes I find his poems rather obscure and I felt that Snyder in a similar way to Pound is doing this on purpose as he wants us to put in 'the hard yards' with our study and enjoy the thrill of being in the library flipping through reference books in search of the truth ourselves and along the way discover other truths inadvertently In this sense it's almost like some of these poems are mere signposts to bigger truths which Snyder and for that matter Pound too wishes for us to discover by ourselves Like with Pound the study you put into the work the rewarding it will be Snyder is an incredibly intelligent man exhibiting a poetic mastery on par with Ezra Pound coupled with the spirituality and level headed common sense of Thoreau His writings should be assigned readings in school in my opinion I love the TITLE POEM which closes this collection called This Present MomentThis present momentThat lives onTo BecomeLong ago

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Download ò This Present Moment ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ [PDF / Epub] ⚣ This Present Moment ✈ Gary Snyder – This present moment That lives on To become Long agoFor his first collection of new poems since his celebrated Danger on Peaks published in 2004 Gary Snyder finds himself A path and a trail of complexity and lyrical regard a sort of riprap of the poet’s eighth decade And in the mix are some of the most beautiful domestic poems of his great career poems about his work as a homesteader and householder as a father and husband as a friend and neighbor A centerpiece in this collection is a long poem about the death of his beloved Carole Koda a rich poem of grief and sorrow rare in its steady resolved. His first collection since 2004 this book finds Gary Snyder to be a strong vital poet speaking on nature and spirit The longer poem Go Now written about the death of his wife is a devastating and powerful piece that only increases Snyder's already strong reputation A strong entry in the work of an important American poet

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This Present MomentFocus on a dying wife of a power uneualed in American poetryAs a friend is uoted in one of these new poems I met the other lately in the far back of a bar musicians playing near the window and he sweetly told me “listen to that music The self we hold so dear will soon be gone”Gary Snyder is one of the greatest American poets of the last century and This Present Moment shows his command his broad range and his remarkable coura. Go Now is one of the most real compassionate poems I've ever read Contemplating his wife's death Snyder captures the triple depth of love sorrow and relief with such rooted resonance His verse has the tenacity of one of the gnarly old trees that crop up throughout the book but is imbued with the emotional and spiritual resilience necessary to keep from snappingThis was my first book length experience with Snyder I can't claim to have understood all his references much less how the book sits within his arc as a poet but that didn't keep me from appreciating his mystical awareness of the world around him