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Triangle Review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [BOOKS] ✮ Triangle ✰ Teri White – Three men drawn inexorably together by fear by need; they form the Triangle — Mac He's a small time gambler a big time loser a hood on the fringes of the Mob He's also Johnny's keeper — SCtions in life eating ice cream watching television and doing what Mac tells him to do Lately that's been killing peopleDay by day the three men move closer together until the triangle is comple. Review can be read at It's About The Book No plot No redemption No pointMy goodness Well I have to say that if you are a hard core grammar nazi you might really appreciate this book If there is a single grammatical error I missed it in my constant attempts to make any sense of this book I must have started and stopped this story a dozen times waiting for a plot to develop It never did The rest of this review might have spoilers than I would normally include but I don’t really expect many readers will want this bookThis story begins just after the massacre of an entire village in Vietnam making it too recent to be historical and too retro to be contemporary The blurb does a descent job of explaining the plot except for one thing“But when Mac loses control of his killing machine Johnny’s repressed fury will be unleashed on the world”It didn’t happen that way Mac the planner made a mistake He didn’t find out that a second person would be in the apartment with the target Johnny did his job like he had always been toldhe killed them both leaving no witnesses Johnny was never a “killing machine” he just did whatever Mac asked him to do But the second person in that apartment was an undercover cop bringing in the third character in the “triangle” Simon the partner of the murdered cop Simon becomes so obsessed with finding the killer of his partner that he loses everythinghis job his wife and his familyMac Johnny and Simon are the triangle An alcoholic gambler with no self control who stayed in trouble turning a PTSD sufferer with no ability to make moral judgements into a willing and compliant killer being hunted by a former cop who is so obsessed that he gave up every single important part of his life for the hunt Mental illness times three I like a dark read and knew from the blurb that this one would be very dark I expect in those darker stories to find redemption at some point Redemption never came just three lives spiraling out of control in the most depressing wayNo plot No redemption No point I can’t recommend this book to anyone

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Three men drawn inexorably together by fear by need they form the Triangle Mac He's a small time gambler a big time loser a hood on the fringes of the Mob He's also Johnny's keeper Simon A. This book was offered to me by the publisher in hopes I might write a review It’s apparently a reissue of a book originally published in 1982 Kudos to Open Road Media for resurrecting some of these titles I gave it a couple of pages and was hooked It was excellent It could be described as part meditation on friendship part noir novel a la Jim Thomson or James Cain part police procedural but all about obsessionAlexander McCarthy “Mac” grew up in an orphanage so when his patrol stumbled across a shell shocked kid who had been witness to and perhaps participated in the massacre at Tan Pret “Johnny” it became difficult to abandon the kid who now obviously had latched onto and needed Mac’s companyNow out of the army Johnny can’t survive on his own and is very protective of Mac who has a terrible gambling problem and finds himself owing thousands to the mob Johnny kills two of the them after they beat up MacBut the boss knows who did it and Johnny are forced to become hitmen for the mob One of the men killed happens to be an undercover copIn part two Simon the dead cop’s partner vows to find the killer of his friend Simon’s euology for his dead friend is amazing He becomes obsessed with it to the point where it starts to destroy his marriage and his life Everything takes a backseat to his obsession at finding the killerThe third part brings them all together But it’s not what you think One thing to remember “There are no good guys”

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TriangleSan Francisco cop he has sworn to avenge the murder of his partner His search takes him across the country and back again until he steps into hell in a Los Angeles hallwayJohnny He has three fun. This novel has a strong beginning yet it falters in the middle as the narrative gets bogged down with repetitive and mundane scenes