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Very ValentineH adored playwright screenwriter documentary filmmaker and New York Times bestselling author of Lucia Lucia Rococo and Big Stone Gap The adventures of an extraordinary and unforgettable woman as she attempts to rescue her family’s struggling shoe busin. On the surface it seems like I would like this book about an Italian American woman learning the family shoemaking business and looking for love However it just wasn't my kind of book There was too much detail about clothing and room decor I don't really care that the eldest daughter was wearing a cream wool pencil skirt a cream cashmere cardigan pearls silver bangles on her wrist and a cream embossed leather shoe with black piping on the vamp Don't care The similies and metaphors also seemed like the author was stretching a lot of times Little Italy looked like ruby and diamond chips in a diamond drop earring HuhMy other main beef was that I never felt invested in the main character She was kind of a twit and she kept talking about how old she was at 33 I didn't care what happened to her and I found myself snorting in disbelief when at the end of the book she said something about how she kept love at a distance Why hadn't we heard anything about this trait before Why did I care so little I guess if I'm going to have some chick lit I want the protagonist and the story to have some humor and sass and chutzpah Otherwise what's the point

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Very Valentine Free download Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ô [Reading] ➷ Very Valentine ➭ Adriana Trigiani – “Sex and the City meets MoonstruckSly sensual and dripping in style”—PeoplePoignant funny warm and red hot Very Valentine is a wonderful treat for Adriana Trigiani fans—a “deligEss and find love at the same time Very Valentine sweeps the reader from the streets of Manhattan to the picturesue hills of la bella Italia Already a national bestseller here is a valentine from the incomparable Trigiani that you can take into your hear. This is my first book by Adriana Trigiani and it won't be my last In fact I can see her uickly skyrocketing to a favorite status This book immersed me right away with the familiar world of New York and the Italian American family but with a depth that I'm not even exposed to I was excited to find out that this is the first in a trilogy because I didn't want it to end

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“Sex and the City meets MoonstruckSly sensual and dripping in style” PeoplePoignant funny warm and red hot Very Valentine is a wonderful treat for Adriana Trigiani fans a “delightful” Boston Globe “romance soaked novel” Marie Claire from muc. I've got two real big bad bones to pick with this book Bone 1 In Rococo Ms Trigiana seems to have made an extremely unfortunate change in writing style moving away from great heart and soul character portrayals and relationships into very detailed descriptions of stuff In Very Valentine this disease of Descriptomania gets way worse and not only fails to advance the story but bogs it down utterly Now a description here and there of a view or outfit might add something to the atmosphere of a novel but the author seemed unable to say Valentine sat down without wasting a paragraph or two of verbiage describing the chair I would love to do the Reader's Digest condensed version of this book since I am sure I could cut the length of the novel to less than half just by trimming away whatever exess fat detracts from the meat of the story This book is for skimming not reading if I actually read all those detailed description of every piece of stuff in the book I'd still be reading it and would have totally lost the essence of the story in the superfluous details The bookcover description lies Ms Trigiani's trademark heart and humor are exactly what Very Valentine is lacking This is by far Trigiani's worst book Ms Trigiani needs to get back to doing what she does best writing about people not stuff and clean out all the useless clutterBone 2 The character portrayal of the protagonist Valentine is extremely lacking which is surprising since it is the very thing Ms Trigiani usually does best She states Valentine is the Funnyone but then writes a novel without giving her any dialogue that demonstrates how she earned that moniker The sister Tess mother father and employee June are all much wittier In general the main character is very lacking in both humor and warmth Although the writer makes a big deal about her being too submissive to her boyfriend he is the only one With everyone else she is as self centered rude bossy and as uncharming as her spoiled rotten nieces Ms Trigiani writes excellent novels about flawed characters but in the other books they have some insight into their flaws and are trying to work through them in order to have satisfying relationships not so Valentine who just plows ahead like she is Miss Perfect Valentine names her brother Alfred the pill but in truth is a way worse pill than he is The tension that spoils several family get togethers is Valentine driven than Alfred driven It doesn't ring true that so many people come to Valentine's aid in this book even though she is so all about me and often treats them like less than dirt She is so rude and inconsiderate to people in Italy especially Gianluca Vechiarelli when the Vechiarelli's were nothing but good to her it is downright cringeworthy In reality people would have just walked away from her in hopes that life would teach her some important lessonsWill I read Brava Valentine Yes in hopes that Ms Trigiana will give Valentine the wit warmth insight and growth that both she and the story desperately need and which made Ms Trigiani's previous books so great Ms Trigiani needs to remember what she once knew instinctively people are way interesting than their stuff