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The Wedding in White kindle · Paperback ë gwairsoft Û [KINDLE] ✽ The Wedding in White By Diana Palmer – Sweet gentle schoolteacher Natalie Brock's life changed forever when handsome rancher Mack Killain's masterful kisses gave her a tantalizing taste of love Ever since that first awakeningSweet gentle schoolteacher Natalie Brock's life changed forever when handsome rancher Mack Killain's masterful kisses gave her a tantalizing taste of love Ever This was a weird book and I am having trouble rating it The hero was 28 I believe and the heroine was 23 When she was 17 he held her and touched her breasts after her boyfriend was killed in a car accident and she has pretty much loved him ever since He plays hot and cold with her There are some funny lines in the book between the two of them and he was dating a woman named Glenna in the book The heroine had this to say about her “Her name is written in so many phone booths she could ualify as a tourist attraction” I loved that line It is hysterical But I digress So for years they have been dancing around each other and loads of sexual tension He says at one point he says “I haven’t had sex for so long I’m not even sure I remember how” but then he is dating the tarty tart woman so I am not sure if he has been celibate or not I think he has but who knows He loves the heroine of course and she adores his eye patch and hairy chest Did I mention that he had only one eye? I caught myself laughing a couple of times about the look in his 'eye' which was not really nice but it just sounded so weird The sister is a mess and gets jealous of the h because her slutty wannabe boyfriend is flirting with her and so she tell the hero that she saw them making out The hero bans her from his land and their life That was a really sad part for me She has no one to watch her graduate from college because she is an orphan and he publicly calls her a tramp basically in the middle of the town and everyone hears it She decides to move away and gets a new job She is living there through the summer and the H is still an ass He knows since the day the heroine left that she had never kissed the other guy but he didn't go after her He did stop dating the tourist attraction Glenna though which was good and he lost weight The heroine almost gets killed while trying to separate two teenagers from fighting and they H and his family all run to see her and tell her they love her Of course they marry and have an HEA all with his one eye and hairy chest and sexual moves She remains a virgin until their wedding day but he does show her what will happen when they finally do get married There is the DP deflowering scene on their honeymoon in Cancun and they ride off into the sunset Just a strange book all the way around I used to love Diane Palmers but this one kind of got to me Maybe because I am reading it as a mature adult and not a 17 year old girl LOL Oh how times have changed So if you like hairy one eyed commitment phobic heroes this one is for you

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Her and told her so on than one occasion But Mack had taught her the best was worth fighting forand Natalie would not settle for anything less than all his lov One of the best Diana Palmer I have ever read like seriously You guys have to read this book if you're a fan of Diana Palmer or in love guilty Hero Come on

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The Wedding in WhiteSince that first awakening Natalie knew Mack was the only man for her Trouble was the rough edged loner had sworn off marriage especially to an innocent like Men from Medicine Ridge #14 Stars This is a powerfully emotional story of a orphaned woman who from a teen befriends a girl and seems to weave herself into her family Natalie is a true innocent when it comes to romance and men but when it comes to life and knowing what's important she has wisdom in abundance She's been in love with her best friend Vivian's brother since she was a teenager Mack's always had a special place in his life for Natalie even knowing that Natalie loves him he can't bring himself to make a life with her He's vowed never to marry and because of that he's constantly battling his desires He has promised Natalie that when the time was right he'd be the one to show her what love making was all about And now she's 22 and slowly he's awakening her desire and he's awakening feelings in himself that he doesn't want But something happens and Vivian is certain that Natalie has betrayed their trust and Mack pushes Natalie away forbidding her to ever set foot on their ranch againAs mentioned this is a very emotional story The bond between Mack and Natalie is a deep one that grows as Natalie matures In Mack we see a brooding hero who's duty to raising his sister and brothers makes him a loner While Natalie is a spirited woman who knows instinctively how to make the world right for others around her Ms Palmer brought these two to life Their story grabs the heart and holds on